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Top Substance Abuse Quizzes, Trivia, Questions & Answers. Substance/drug abuse is a patterned use of a drug in which the user consumes the drug with methods or in amounts which are harmful to themselves or to others. Any person who uses a drug for a purpose that it is not meant for is said to be abusing the drug. Did you know that the cause of substance abuse is impossible to know? This is because there is not just one cause. What is known is that substance abuse and addiction run in families. Can you name a few drugs that are most commonly abused?

Are you able to tell whether someone is a drug addict? Is there any remedy for drug addicts? Some of these quizzes can help you know more about substance abuse.

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Printable Bible Trivia Questions - Group 1. Question Cardε Expert Scriptorian: Do "Scriptorian" without multiple choice.γ Scriptorian (Adults). How did Moses heal the bitter waters of Marah?

World Trivia Questions For Adults

Exodus 1. 5: 2. 5)a. He poured olive oil in themb. He washed himself in them 7 timesc. He cast a tree into themd. He touched them with his rod. Correct Answer: c. He cast a tree into themλ Scholar (Adults).

Whose name was changed to "Abraham"? Genesis 1. 7: 5)a. Rahabb. Abelc. Abramd. Ham. Correct Answer: c.

Abramπ Believer (Ages 1. Which woman of the Bible gave birth to Jesus?

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Best Substance abuse Quizzes - Take or Create Substance abuse Quizzes & Trivia. Test yourself with substance abuse quizzes, trivia, questions and answers! Here are a ton of thought provoking and difficult to answer would you rather questions. Find out more about others or just find out more about yourself!

Magdalab. Maryc. Margaretd. Martha. Correct Answer: b. Maryν Young Believer (Ages 5- 1. Who got thrown into a den of lions but didn’t get hurt? Danielb. Harryc. Andrewd. Kyle. Correct Answer: a. Daniel. Question Cardε Expert Scriptorian: Do "Scriptorian" without multiple choice.γ Scriptorian (Adults).

Typically, a trivia night's organizers provide some kind of refreshments, but most people bring munchies of their own too. Typically, the top few teams win cash or. Test your Halloween knowledge and learn something new with these Halloween trivia questions. Plus printable Halloween trivia question and answer sheets! Jurassic Park (1993) Trivia on IMDb: Cameos, Mistakes, Spoilers and more.

What did God send to feed the murmuring children of Israel? Exodus 1. 6: 1. 3- 1. Deer and fishb. Bread and quailc. Corn and barleyd. Wheat and seeds. Correct Answer: b.

Bread and quailλ Scholar (Adults). What was the token of the covenant between Abraham and God? Genesis 1. 7: 1. 1)a.

Circumcisionb. Sacramentsc. Tithesd. Burnt sacrifice. Correct Answer: a. Circumcisionπ Believer (Ages 1.

What was the name of Moses' sister? Naamahb. Phoebec.

Miriamd. Jemima. Correct Answer: c. Miriamν Young Believer (Ages 5- 1. What did Noah tell the people to do?

Correct Answer: b. Question Cardε Expert Scriptorian: Do "Scriptorian" without multiple choice.γ Scriptorian (Adults). What did the children of Israel call the bread? Exodus 1. 6: 1. 5)a.

Onanib. Mannac. Kafeshd. Rama. Correct Answer: b. Mannaλ Scholar (Adults). What would happen to those in Abraham's family who broke the covenant with the Lord? Genesis 1. 7: 1. 4)a.

They would be killedb. They would be unable to bear childrenc. They would become like Cain's childrend. They would be cut off from the Lord's people. Best Adults Only Resorts In Puerto Vallarta.

Correct Answer: d. They would be cut off from the Lord's peopleπ Believer (Ages 1. Which woman of the Bible was the world's first mother? Jezebelb. Evec. Gaead. Sarah. Correct Answer: b.

Eveν Young Believer (Ages 5- 1. Why was Daniel put into the lion's den? Correct Answer: b. Question Cardε Expert Scriptorian: Do "Scriptorian" without multiple choice.γ Scriptorian (Adults). What brought forth water when Moses struck it? Exodus 1. 7: 6)a.

A pitb. A rockc. A treed. Adults With Learning Disabilities And Epilepsy. A pot. Correct Answer: b. A rockλ Scholar (Adults).

Whom did the Lord rename "Sarah"? Adults Getting Their High School Diploma. Genesis 1. 7: 1. 5)a. Rebeccab. Rachelc.

Saraid. Hagar. Correct Answer: c. Saraiπ Believer (Ages 1.

Who was NOT sterile before she gave birth? Michalb. Elisabethc. Manoah's Wifed. Hannah. Correct Answer: a. Michalν Young Believer (Ages 5- 1. What did God say He would do because the people wouldn't listen to Noah? Correct Answer: b.

Question Cardε Expert Scriptorian: Do "Scriptorian" without multiple choice.γ Scriptorian (Adults). The army of Joshua (the children of Israel) prevailed against the army of Amalek as long as: (Exodus 1.

Israel had the bread in their pockets. Israelite flag was standing. Moses' hands were upheld. Correct Answer: d. Moses' hands were upheld.λ Scholar (Adults). When the Lord told Abraham that his wife would have a child, what was his reaction?

Genesis 1. 7: 1. 6- 1. He faintedb. He laughedc. He criedd. He ran to his wife and told her.

Correct Answer: b. He laughedπ Believer (Ages 1. Which woman tried to kill Elijah after he put the prophets of Baal to death? Eveb. Estherc. Jezebeld. Delilah. Correct Answer: c. Jezebelν Young Believer (Ages 5- 1.

What king made the law against praying? King Dariusb. King Bobc. King Henry the Eighthd. King Cole. Correct Answer: a.

King Darius. Question Cardε Expert Scriptorian: Do "Scriptorian" without multiple choice.γ Scriptorian (Adults). Whose idea was it that Moses should delegate his responsibilities as leader of Israel?

Exodus 1. 8: 1. 5- 2. Joshuab. Zipporahc. Jethrod. Aaron. Correct Answer: c.

Jethroλ Scholar (Adults). What was the name of Sarah's son? Genesis 1. 7: 1. 9)a. Jacobb. Abrahamc. Isaacd. Ishmael. Correct Answer: c. Isaacπ Believer (Ages 1. Who was NOT sterile before she gave birth?

Rebekahb. Leahc. Racheld. Sarah. Correct Answer: b. Leahν Young Believer (Ages 5- 1. How did God tell Noah that he could escape God's punishment? Correct Answer: a. Question Cardε Expert Scriptorian: Do "Scriptorian" without multiple choice.γ Scriptorian (Adults).

The Lord covenanted: "If ye will obey my voice indeed and keep my covenant, then ye shall be a __________ __________ unto me above all people; " (Exodus 1. Correct Answer: c. Scholar (Adults). Which of Abraham's sons did the Lord establish His covenant with? Genesis 1. 7: 2. 1)a.

Jacobb. Josephc. Ishmaeld. Isaac. Correct Answer: d. Isaacπ Believer (Ages 1.

Which woman had her name changed by God to Sarah? Ruthb. Rebekahc. Zipporahd. Sarai. Correct Answer: d. Saraiν Young Believer (Ages 5- 1. Why did the king make a law against praying? Bad men, who didn't like Daniel, tricked himb.

He had a bad dreamc. Elmo told him tod. Because he was sick. Correct Answer: a.

Fun Trivia and Quiz Questions with Answers by Adele Cosgrove- Bray. This fun list is suitable for all age groups and can be used for pub quizzes, parties, social clubs, or schools. A variety of subjects will be covered, so everyone can join in with the fun. Feel free to print this page. We start with ten ice- breaker questions. Answers will be found in italics following each question.

Brain Games Brain Games for Adults. In order for you to stay mentally fit you need to do some mental stimulation. Brain games can provide that stimulation through challenges. Studies have shown that doing puzzles, playing games or simply learning a new language can build neural networks in the brain, also it's suggested that there is an association between keeping cognitively active (playing games, solving puzzles ..), and a decreased risk of Alzheimer's disease. The following activities could keep you cognitively active, so you may want to give them a try, here is a list of some of them: Memory Games: Helps you not only test your memory but might also improve it, because this memory game stimulates many areas in your brain responsible for storing and retrieving information. You will be having fun while keeping fit, this memory game is one of the classics but its effect is immense. Also you will be able to learn some tricks and techniques that will help you memorize effortlessly and efficiently.

Puzzles: they come in a variety of forms, from traditional crosswords and logic puzzles to word and number play. Solving a puzzle requires you to think, process, and learn, and that's the fun part. You will find some cool puzzles here, try to read our articles before playing, so that you can get the most out of it.

Brain Training: It's believed that exercising your brain is essential if you want to stop it from slowly deteriorating. Our brains need to be stimulated and challenged through ongoing learning in the same way as our bodies need to be kept fit. This page provides some brain training tips and a very nice game to play too! Optical Illusions: you will see here some literally "unbelievable" images that are considered some of the best physiological and cognitive optical illusions. Probably you will find out that "what you see" is not always "what you get". Our brain sometimes plays tricks on us, the fact of which opens many questions, such as, do we really see our world and our universe the way it really is, or is it all an illusion? Riddles: they are statements or questions having a double or veiled meaning.

A riddle is of two types: enigmas, which are problems generally expressed in metaphorical or allegorical language that require ingenuity and careful thinking to find their solution, and conundrums, which are questions relying for their effects on punning in either the question or the answer. You will find about 1. Enjoy!! Trivia: an expression used to refer to "answering quiz questions".

This page will help any person who is interested in knowledge, you will be able to find questions that might help you in your daily life, or just for fun, either way, it's a great way to seek knowledge. Strategy Games: these types of games are dedicated to teach long term planning of actions designed to achieve a particular goal, in other words, learn how to be able to think ahead, while taking into consideration all possibilities. Smartest Person in the World: There could be smarter people out there that no one even knows about, kids who are very smart but no one would value their mental abilities and eventually their high intelligence becomes dormant, also individuals so smart that they don't even need someone to know how smart they are, or they simply don't wish to bring attention to themselves either for fear of being alienated, picked on or exploited. Meet the big brains!

IQ Test: the intelligence quotient is a number meant to measure people's cognitive abilities (intelligence) in relation to their age group. An I. Q between 9. What's yours? Note that this is not a definitive indication to your intelligence level, but only a method to have some educated fun. Learning a New Language: Well, believe it or not but many studies have shown that learning a new language can improve your memory, your thinking and the overall brain performance. Becoming bilingual or even by simply improving your speaking and comprehension skills in your native language has enormous benefits.

The most important thing a person inherits is the ability to learn a language. The best way to benefit from exercises is to play for example 3. We tend to benefit more from training if it's done regularly because we learn new things constantly, those new things need to be stored, retained and retrieved from time to time, otherwise they soon become forgotten. You may ask yourself, why do we play games? We humans are curious about our surrounding and environment, playing games that engage and challenge our curiosity makes us feel more aware of our brain power, and that in itself gives us a sensation unmatched in other activities. Games usually seek out stimuli just slightly more complex than their preferred level of stimulation, and eventually games provide that sort of stimulation. They also help the mind develop by teaching cooperation and competition, exploration and invention.

They encourage us to devise strategies for victory but also accept losses and learn from them.