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Woman African Dating Marriage

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An Ugly African Woman Has Somehow Managed To Win Miss Helsinki – Return Of Kings. When you hear the words Finland or Scandinavia, what’s the first images that pop into your head? My guess would be vikings, blistering cold, and some of the blondest hair and bluest eyes in the world. Studies typically show that 8.

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Finland have blonde hair. And when you hear the words beauty pageant, you probably think of beauty (obviously), elegance and grace. With that being said, I present to you the winner of Miss Helsinki 2. Sephora Ikalaba. She’s the one in the middle.

Take a second to comprehend how she won the beauty pageant for the capital of Finland. This pageant has been all over the place. Forums are talking about this, but it’s all speculation. News outlets are conveniently omitting anything about the situation in the name of being politically correct. On top of that, many of the sources are in Finnish, and Google Translate isn’t always the sharpest tool in the shed. So let’s start with the facts that can be verified. It’s pretty well- known (and obvious) that Ikalaba is of Nigerian descent originally, and has immigrated to Finland.

Her Finnish citizenship level, and when she migrated to Finland is very much up in the air. Aml In Adults. It seems she did at least learn Finnish from looking at her Instagram account, but until the pageant winners publish some sort of biography about her that’s up in the air, too.

The Obvious. Let’s start with this: I’ll wager that the vast majority of men are not going to find her attractive. She just lacks any and all of the feminine beauty that have always embodied what a beauty pageant is all about. For example, Russian girls have this in spades. Of course, people are rushing to defend her. The leftist- type thinkers are all up in arms, crying that she’s beautiful inside and out. They say it’s hurtful that people are saying that she looks like a monkey who had her head caved in by a shovel, and then stomped on. I’ll let you be the judge: WYB?

This Tweet below went viral, and pretty much sums up my thoughts on the matter. I think the majority of men can look at these picture and surmise that: Miss Ikalaba doesn’t represent the Scandinavian look that is so well- known throughout the world; i. Look at the featured image on this post—7 out of the 1. She is definitely not the most beautiful of the contestants.

Picture – 1st place in Miss Helsinki. Picture – 4th place in Miss Helsinki. We aren’t even allowed to win our own beauty pageants pic. BDPJM— Girls of Europa (@Girls. Of. Europa) January 7, 2.

In the interest of being objective, I do realize that a pageant isn’t solely based on physical looks alone. Sex Dating In Columbus New Mexico. There are other things that come into play: charity work, accomplishments, plans to make a difference in the world, etc.

What Has Sephora Ikalaba Accomplished? Again, the media is leaving things out. They claim that beauty pageants are about more than beauty—the accomplishments and personal side of the competition have just as much pull. Except, it seems that Miss Ikalaba hasn’t really accomplished much of anything in her life. Despite scanning through the first five pages of Google and translating every page, the most I’ve pieced together is than she has an Instagram where she shows off some fitness gear. People can claim that beauty isn’t skin deep all they want. They can claim that it wasn’t in the name of being politically correct.

That Ikalaba had done some great things off of the runway. But to that I’d argue—why aren’t those accomplishments being reported? They can’t say that escaping her home country and migrating to Europe is much of an accomplishment, as Europe lets just about everybody in.

Surely if she had these accomplishments they’d be front and center, as a front for why she won Miss Helsinki. As an excuse that she didn’t win just for the sake of being politically correct and diversity. Childhood Trauma In Adults With Social Anxiety Disorder. It’s painstakingly obvious that the lack of information on any personal accomplishments means that she likely doesn’t have them to begin with. Prior Precedent. A few years ago, Miss Japan was won by a “Hafu”; i. That girl though, was ethnically Japanese. She grew up in Tokyo, had a Japanese name, and was immersed in the culture.

On top of it, Miss Japan was at least cute and accomplished (she had a full- time job as an elephant trainer, for starters). I can look at the gallery of Miss Japan contestants from her winning year and think that she at least looks somewhat Japanese.

Take a look for yourself and see if you can figure out who won: The Miss Japan 2. She seems to resemble Thai women more so than Japanese, but it’s not as drastic as Miss Helsinki. It seems that Miss Japan set a dangerous precedent. It was the start of fully embracing diversity in beauty pageants, across the board. It went from having a mixed winner in Japan to having a dark- skinned immigrant representing the most blonde haired/blue eyed country in the world. Quite the jump. Is There A Line? I grew up in a state (California) that’s fixated on diversity.

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