Why Marijuana Should Be Legal For Adults

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  • In healthy but reckless teens and young adults, it is frighteningly easy to consume a lethal dose of alcohol, but it is essentially impossible to do so with marijuana. Further, alcohol causes severe.

10 Reasons Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized

The latest national survey by the Pew Research Center, conducted March 25-29 among 1,500 adults. Why Should Marijuana Be Legal? Voices of Supporters. The share of Americans who favor legalizing the use of marijuana continues to increase. Today, 57% of U.S. adults say the use of marijuana should be made legal, while 37% say it should be illegal. A decade ago, opinion on legalizing marijuana was nearly the reverse –.

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Why Americans Support or Oppose Legalizing Marijuana. April 1. 4, 2. 01. In Their Own Words: Supporters and Opponents of Legalization Public opinion about legalizing marijuana, while little changed in the past few years, has undergone a dramatic long- term shift. A new survey finds that 5.

As recently as 2. Millennials (currently 1. But across all generations –except for the Silent Generation (ages 7. The latest national survey by the Pew Research Center, conducted March 2. Among the public overall, 3. By contrast, 3. 5% say they oppose legalization and have always felt that way; just 7% have changed their minds from supporting to opposing legalization.

When asked, in their own words, why they favor or oppose legalizing marijuana, people on opposite sides of the issue offer very different perspectives. But a common theme is the danger posed by marijuana: Supporters of legalization mention its perceived health benefits, or see it as no more dangerous than other drugs. To opponents, it is a dangerous drug, one that inflicts damage on people and society more generally.

The most frequently cited reasons for supporting the legalization of marijuana are its medicinal benefits (4. With four states and Washington, D. C. having passed measures to permit the use of marijuana for personal use, 2.

About one- in- ten (1. The most frequently mentioned reason why people oppose legalization is that marijuana generally hurts society and is bad for individuals (4.

And while many supporters of legalization say that marijuana is less dangerous than other drugs, 3. They point to the dangers of marijuana, including the possibility of abuse and addiction. About one- in- five opponents of legalization (1. A small share of opponents (7%) say that while the recreational use of marijuana should be illegal, they do not object to legalizing medical marijuana.

Current Opinion on Legalizing Marijuana. The pattern of opinion about legalizing marijuana has changed little in recent years. Beyond the wide generation gap in support for legalization, there continue to be demographic and partisan differences. Majorities of blacks (5. Hispanics. Men (5.

Nearly six- in- ten Democrats (5. That compares with just 3. Republicans. Both parties are ideologically divided over legalizing marijuana.

Conservative Republicans oppose legalizing marijuana by roughly two- to- one (6. Republicans are divided (4. Among Democrats, 7. Democrats. Views of Legalizing Marijuana, 1. This interactive shows public opinion on legalizing marijuana since 1. Explore trends by gender, generation, and partisanship. See trends by: Overall.

Gender. Generation. Party IDPercent saying marijuana should be made legal: Source: Gallup, General Social Survey and Pew Research Center. Embed this: < iframe id="pew. Element('script'); s. Resizer. min. js'; s. State; try{i. Frame.

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The new survey also finds that as some states have legalized marijuana – placing them at odds with the federal prohibition against marijuana – a majority of Americans (5. Views on federal enforcement of marijuana laws are unchanged since the question was first asked two years ago. In contrast to overall attitudes about the legal use of marijuana, there are only modest differences in views across partisan groups: 6. Democrats and 5. 4% of Republicans say that the federal government should not enforce federal marijuana laws in states that allow its use. A substantial majority of those who say marijuana should be legal (7. Among those who think marijuana should be illegal, 5.

Concerns About Marijuana Use. While most Americans support legalizing marijuana, there are concerns about public use of the drug, if it were to become legal.

Overall, 6. 2% say that if marijuana were legal it would bother them if people used it in public; just 3. Adhd Sleep Problems Adults here. Like overall views of legalizing marijuana, these views have changed little in recent years. There is less concern about the possibility of a marijuana- related business opening legally in people’s own neighborhood: 5.

And just 1. 5% say they would be bothered if people used marijuana in their own homes; 8. As might be expected, there are sharp differences in these concerns between people who favor and oppose legalizing marijuana. A large majority of opponents of marijuana legalization (8. On the other hand, a majority of opponents of legalization (6. And while 7. 7% of those who oppose legalizing marijuana say, if it were legal, they would be bothered if a store or business selling marijuana opened in their neighborhood, just 1.

About Half Say They Have Tried Marijuana. Overall, 4. 9% say they have ever tried marijuana, while 5.