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Alaska Points of Interest Cool Locations and Viewpoints. Worthington Glacier is found along Thompson Pass, 2. Valdez. Thompson Pass holds the honor of being the snowiest place in the state: During the peak winter of 1. It still gets plenty today, which keeps this 4- mile glacier from retreating as much as others. You can do a two- mile hike here along a sometimes treacherously narrow ridge, or you can also just do a short, paved hike to a viewing platform.

Directions: Take the Glenn Hwy to the Richardson Hwy. Worthington Glacier State Recreation Site is located at milepost 2. Richardson Hwy. Distance: 2. Valdez, 3. 28 miles from Anchorage. Drive Time: 4. 5 minutes from Valdez, 5 hrs from Anchorage. Explore Time: 1- 4 hours.

Shadowlands Haunted Places Index - Wisconsin. In. Wisconsin. Warning.

Any places listed in the Haunted Places requires. Many of the places are patrolled by. Antigo - Mc. Millan hotel - the Mc.

Millan. hotel was built in 1. Mc. Millan had killed him. Vivian. hotel. the owner gave us a tour of the hotel and a little history of. Appleton - Appleton. Curling Club - It is said by the owners of the. It is. also believed that it is the ghost of an old customer.

Chairs and. glasses have also been known to be knocked over in the pub. Appleton - Dairy Queen - Once a bar stood in this location. Ontop of the bar is now a dairy queen. Workers of the dairy queen talk. Appleton - Huntley. Elementary - There was a kid named "Marky" who. Mob in the late 2.

Whittier Adults School Painter Ave

He had a. screaming fit about the color purple, and has apparently been spotted. There have. been stories in the paper about him, nevertheless he remains a ghost to.

Neighbors won't go near his old house, because he's said to still live. Every once in a while he's seen at night throwing. Mob bosses. that he used to work for. Appleton - Old Catholic.

Cemetery - Visitors claim that they have seen. Appleton - Secura. Insurance Company - about 1. Secura Building was on their current land there was. Well stories say that a little girl who was with her parents on.

· List of General Educational Development Test Centers, sorted by county name. Sheriff's Department. Provided generally through the sheriff's station that took the report approximately one week after incident. Traffic accident reports may take.

Our Word of the Year choice serves as a symbol of each year’s most meaningful events and lookup trends. It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and. Work and jobs in Whittier: detailed stats about occupations, industries, unemployment, workers, commute. Average climate in Whittier, California. Alameda Adult School: 401 Pacific AVE (entrance in the rear) Alameda Albany Adult School: 601 San Gabriel Ave Albany Anderson Adult School.

People say that to this very day on certain nights if you walk by the. Argonne - Old Argonne. Grade School - Back in the 1. When he school finally. January 2. 00. 6 Update: The school was condemned in the. Low Grade Glioma In Adults. Ashippun - Ashippun School.

Ashipunn, Wisconsin on Hwy O. School had an eerie feel when going by and playground had creepy feel. Was curious if any known activity at this School.

Ashland - Northland. College - Memorial Hall (women’s dormitory)- Reports of ghost of a college girl who allegedly. June 2. 00. 5 Update - The girl does not. Some on campus theorize her. Also, there is talk of a. Memorial. It is known, however, that he does not like Pagans, or anyone. Witchcraft. Black handprints are constantly found in the.

B Banners. For approval to hang temporary banner signs— Current Planning Division (562) 916-1201. Banquet Halls. See Meeting Rooms entry. (Note: Consumption of. 9781552466124 1552466124 All the Poems of John Robert Colombo, John Robert Colombo 9781593107093 1593107099 With Christ in the School of Prayer, Andrew Murray. Help in finding attorneys, therapists, educational consultants, psychologists, diagnosticians, health care providers, tutors, coaches, and advocates for children with.

Ashland - Rinehart Theater. There have been many reports of footsteps. During a performance cast. A. director said that she saw the ghost standing in the middle of the.

She could see the body but no. Another time cast members arrived to the theatre to find. Aztalan - (Lake Mills) - . Aztalan State park - This is a very active. Many people have a very uneasy feeling here, like they. Many divers have had strange things happen.

There is a book out on the. Baraboo - Highway 1. Many travelers on this highway have reported seeing a. He has black hair and a beard.

If they pass him by they are sure to see him again about a mile later. If anyone stops to pick him up, he disappears and is not seen again.

Bayfield - Michigan Island. Lighthouse - The Lighthouse on Michigan Island is. It is said that. during every bad storm, the door slams twice, even if it is firmly. Beaver Dam - beaver dam. Theater - one night in the Theater a. Theater and made a nuse and hung.

Beloit - Beloit Turner. School - In this building late at night when. But during the day and when people are present. Beloit - The Manor - People have reported loud crashing noises coming from.

People have reported seeing an old woman looking out the. People have reported that a little girl has been seen floating. Workers have reported upstairs when you look in the. Beloit - Mc. Neel Middle. School - In the backroom of the stage where all. Mc. Neel was built who haunts it.

One of the worst. Theatre teacher Ms. Franze was sleeping on the.

The ghost also writes in the mirror hanging on the wall and slams. There's a chalkboard in the room on which 6. It's very quiet back there and there's.

Ceiling. tiles also fall down but only if someone had been standing there just. This has happened on many occasions. Beloit - The Trestles on. Riverside - Every night at midnight if you stand. It is reported that you will see a. Boltonville - 7 Bridge.

Road - Supposedly haunted by a women who was. Somehow her house caught on.

When you drive down this road you can still see her cats running. February 2. 00. 4 addition: Also there is a story that the lady jogging. Boltonville - Jay. Seven Bridges Road" - There is a section.

Jay road which goes thru a swamp. The area is always very dark and. In the winter months this part is closed due to flooding and.

The history is that apparently a woman was jogging down Jay road. A drunk driver, either didn't see. Swimming Lessons Adults North London here. If you travel. this length of the road you will see there is no shoulder.)Her body was.

Whether the incident was reported to the police. Persons. who have traveled "Seven Bridges" have reported seeing a haze appear. She will. jog down the road in front of your vehicle for about fifty feet, before.

Some have had her. Reports. also say if you go down this same length during the day vehicles(which. And that she is. trying to stop people so that her body may be put to it's "proper. You could not mistake this pert of Jay road, on the brightest. February 2. 00. 4 correction: The stop sign on the corner.

Shadowlands Haunted Places Index - California. San Marcos - Harmony. Grove/Elfin Forest Heavily Guarded - NO TRESSPASSING - Once to be an insane asylum. Reports of seeing a white.

Apparitions of Native American. There is also believed to be a circle of.

San Marcos - Questhaven - The ghosts of former inhabitants have been spotted on. San Miguel - San Miguel. Mission - It has been said and even that a. Apparently. they went there to hide from men who were drunk and attempting to rob.

Unfortunately they did not get away, and were indeed. They have been said to relive the incident often. San Miguel - San Miguel. Mission - Adobe Compound - Purchased from the. Mexican government by John Reed, the adobe compound was turned into an. In 1. 84. 8, a gang of English pirates raided the inn due to a rumor. When the raid was complete.

The treasure was never found, their ghosts are said. San Rafael - Dominican. University - There is a ghost dubbed 'blue boy'. Some students say they have seen. Sanger - Acacia St.

In the mid 1. 90. When the. boy took off with the pie the farmer chased the boy to a developing. Acacia" The boy was shot and killed while begging for.

Acacia. People who have taken. Sanger - Centerville - . Snake Road - The street is called Channel, the. Snake. Road." On top of that, it is close to a fast flowing river, Kings. River. An apparition of a woman searching for her 2 daughters has been.

Sanger - Hobbs Grove - This is a popular place during Halloween when they. Halloween. It seems the ghosts come out during the perfect time! If you. decide to go to these activities during Halloween, make sure it's a.

Santa Ana - Costa Mesa. High School- There is a ghost of a man that died. Santa Ana - Euclid corner. Harzard - Popular to all of people around that. This place has a lot of different. Others said that the place used to be Indian cemetery so there are. Santa Ana - Fairhaven.

Cemetery Mausoleum - Lower Level - In the lower. Occasionally the. UPDATE: "baby wall" no longer exists. Apparently. the crypts have been moved (or disbursed), and a closed- circuit.

Santa Ana - Ralph's. CO. - The boiler room is a very active. Santa Ana - Santa Ana High. School - A young teenage actress, named Alice. Act. She was in the balcony. It is said that if you go to the Attic of the.

Once you go in there is no one there. Lead actors and actresses have. Act is about to start there is A "good.

Santa Ana - Sports. Authority - Sightings of a little girl wandering. According to employees they have heard her giggling. Apparently in the early 7. Now she walks the store and. Santa Barbara - La Cumbre. Theatre - A student by the name of.

Edwin was killed in the theatre in the 1. Students have sited him. The sand bag that killed him.

Santa Barbara - Lompoc - . Lompoc Furniture on H St - The second floor of. A woman has been seen by many store.

There are a series of. The area is accessible; the back room to the right of the landing has. Santa Clara - Agnews.

Insane Asylum - Built around 1. Workers have witnessed. December 2. 00. 3 Update: Agnews developmental center was. SUN Microsystems Santa Clara. Campus. Information about the site can be found rsconst. Santa Clara - Blood Tavern. In the north valley Baptist church, there was.

Their spirits have inhabited this church since the late. There have been sightings of pentagrams on the. Witnesses have seen apparitions of. You can sometimes feel the children hitting you to get out. Santa Clara - Merced - HWY. Gilroy to Los Banos - Pacheo Pass "The Green Man " - There are many stories of the horrible things that.

Pacheco Pass between Gilroy and the Casa de Fruta. Casa de Frusta and just before you go up the pass to the.

San Luis Reservoir, there is a man that is spotted by travelers while. The man was always in a black cape. He is always floating just above the ground next to the southbound. Santa Clara - Paramount's. Great America - There have been stories of a.

The ghost of a. ten- year- old boy who was killed on an amusement park ride haunts the. Santa Clara - Paramount's.

Great America - Big Arcade & Drop Zone - There is a story of a man that haunts the big arcade. Security would see a man on the cameras but when. Santa Clara - Paramount's.

Great America - IMAX theatre - there. Santa Clara - Paramount's. Great America - Paramount Theater - . Santa Clara - Paramount's.

Great America - Roast Beef Shop - There. Every night at exactly 1. Santa Clara - Santa Clara. University - Students passing by the cemetery. O'Connor building swinging open and shut. In the bell tower reports of.

Jesuits are seen praying. Santa Clara - Sun. Microsystems - February 2/2.

PM, there were three Phone technicians working in one of the buildings. Two men and a woman. They were running new phone lines into a phone. Their was a door next to the closet. The woman heard a noise. Their was a little girl with her arms opened (as to.

When the guys looked back to see what the heck was going on, they saw. Immediately, they took off running. The Building's. power was off & just the two guy's had flash lights.

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