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Sister Obituaries 2. To view wake and funeral services of recently deceased Sisters, go to https: //portal. On Demand” tab to find the service you wish to view. Sister Stephana Garvey, OP, died Dec. Professed in 1. 94. St. Robert, Shorewood, WI; Queen of Peace, Madison, WI; St.

Barnabas, Chicago; St. Thomas Aquinas, Milwaukee; St. Peter, Oshkosh, WI; St. Philip the Apostle, Northfield, IL; Incarnation, Minneapolis; St. Vincent Ferrer, River Forest, IL; and Catholic Consolidated, Lock Haven, PA.

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She served as religious education coordinator at SS. Faith, Hope, and Charity, Winnetka, IL, and volunteered working with small children at Holy Cross Hospital, Fort Lauderdale, FL, and the Rose K. Goedert Center for Early Childhood Educationat Dominican University, River Forest, IL.

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May she rest in peace. Click here to send a memorial online. Sister John Eudes Courtney, OP, died Dec. Professed in 1. 94. English in the following schools: Holy Trinity, Bloomington, IL; Bethlehem Academy, Faribault, MN; St.

Catherine, Anaconda, MT; Cathedral, Omaha, NE; Visitation, Chicago; Freeport Aquin, Freeport, IL; Dominican, Whitefish Bay, WI; St. Cecilia, Nashville, TN; and Boylan, Rockford, IL. She served as a community organizer and in prison ministry in Chicago; as librarian at Christendom College, Triangle, VA; and as pastoral minister at St. Francis of Assisi, Triangle, VA.

Sr. John Eudes taught religion at Owensboro Catholic High School, Owensboro, KY, and ministered in the transportation department at the Motherhouse, Sinsinawa, WI. Sr. John Eudes was inspiration for the character of Mary Clancy in the book Life with Mother Superior by Jane Trahey and the 1. The Trouble with Angels, starring Hayley Mills as Mary Clancy.

Trahey and Sr. John Eudes—then known as Mary—were high school friends at Providence High School, Chicago. May she rest in peace. Click here to send a memorial online.

Sister Mary Clemente Davlin, OP, died Dec. Professed in 1. 95. English at Edgewood College, Madison, WI, and as professor of English at Rosary College/Dominican University, River Forest, IL, where she also directed the Rosary- in- London program, London, England. She published many articles and books: A Game of Heuene: Word Play and the Meaning of Piers Plowman B, The Place of God in Piers Plowman and Medieval Art, and A Journey into Love: Meditating with Piers Plowman. Sr. Mary Clemente taught at Aquinas Dominican High School and Du Sable High School and ministered as an English tutor at Malcolm X College, Chicago. She played the violin with the Oak Park Symphony for over 4. May she rest in peace.

Click here to send a memorial online. Sister Brideen Fohey, OP, died Dec. Troubles Du Comportement Autiste Adulte. Professed in 1. 95. SS. Faith, Hope, and Charity, Winnetka, IL; St. Mary, Cheyenne, WY, where she was also organist; Holy Rosary, Minneapolis; St. Joseph, Sioux Falls, SD, where she was also organist; St.

James, Rockford, IL, where she was also organist; St. Cajetan, Chicago; St. Joseph, Baraboo, WI; Sacred Heart, Reedsburg, WI; St. Mary, Portage, WI; St. Cecilia,Wisconsin Dells, WI; St. Jerome, Columbus, WI; St.

Mary, Dixon, IL; Edgewood College, Madison, WI; Sagrada Art Studio, Albuquerque, NM; University of Regina Conservatory of Music, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada; in the Zion, IL, area; and in the Kenosha, WI, area, including St. Thomas Aquinas Parish. She ministered at St. Dominic Villa, Dubuque, IA, as liturgist, nurse aide, and support staff. Sr. Brideen served as pastoral associate at St. Patrick Parish, Ottawa, IL, and St. Michael Parish, South Sioux City, NE; music accompanist at Dominican High School, Whitefish Bay, WI; liturgist at the Motherhouse, Sinsinawa, WI; and hospital chaplain in the Kenosha, WI, area.

May she rest in peace. Click here to send a memorial online. Sister Margaret Muellenmeister (Terza), OP, died Nov. Professed in 1. 94. Holy Rosary, Minneapolis; Visitation, Chicago; St. Mary, Appleton, WI; Sacred Heart, Reedsburg, WI; Our Lady of Mercy, Bronx, NY; St. Dennis, Madison, WI; and Incarnation, Minneapolis.

Sr. Margaret served in the culinary arts at Trinity High School, River Forest, IL; St. Dominic Villa, Dubuque, IA; St. Mary Convent, Cheyenne, WY; and the Dominican Motherhouse, Sinsinawa, WI. She ministered as a parish visitor at Holy Rosary Parish, Minneapolis; St. Joseph Parish, Sioux Falls, SD; St. Andrew Parish, Pendleton, OR; St.

Ann Cathedral Parish, Great Falls, MT; Christ the King Parish, Sioux Falls, SD; and St. Rose of Lima Parish, Milwaukee. Sr. Margaret served in family care in Wausau, WI, and as support staff at the Motherhouse, Sinsinawa. May she rest in peace.

Click here to send a memorial online. Sister Josette Pahl, OP, died Oct. Professed in 1. 93. St. Giles, Oak Park, IL; St. Mary, Portage, WI; Our Lady of Mercy, Bronx, NY; Holy Family, Whitefish Bay, WI; Visitation, Kewanee, IL; St. Jarlath, Chicago; St. Malachy, Geneseo, IL; St.

Gall, Milwaukee; Sacred Heart, Faribault, MN; Annunciation, Minneapolis; Nativity BVM, Menominee, IL, where she was also principal; and St. Joseph Cathedral, Sioux Falls, SD. Top 10 Halloween Costumes For Adults.

Native English Tutor Wonderland - Agency of private English tutor and native English teacher in Hong Kong. Cambridge qualified (CELTA) TEFL English tutor, international news reporter, (see published articles below) editor, political commentator,(scroll down for example below) children's' author, (EPH and Lexibook) voice- over artist. Formerly TVB Pearl copywriter channel announcer, ATV news reader and TDM Satellite Channel programme host as well as a voiceover artist (corporate video and television commercials).

Teaching in Hong Kong on and off since 1. British Council. Reported for the BBC CNN (see proof below) South China Morning Post and the Financial Times and many other media organizations from from Hong Kong, ( see articles below)  from Taiwan, Macau, China Singapore, East Timor, Pakistan Afghanistan and Ireland. Writing two books about my war reporting scoops in East Timor in 1. Pakistan and Afghanistan after 9. Author of 1. 2 kids' books mostly fiction in print since 2. Educational Publishing House.

Hong Kong, S. E Asia Canada and UK)I am Co- author of the Little Star stories  published in six languages by Lexibook in Paris. Specialize in teaching news writing , essays, preparation for secondary boarding school in UK, presentations, marketing materials, oral skills, listening as well as voice coaching and on camera skills for video and television. Unless otherwise requested I make custom classes according to the students needs, therefor my first lesson is usually student evaluation for needs and weaknesses and personality profiling. I use real texts or create realistic texts and situations and provide proof reading and editing correction and writing tuition only at the level of the student. As I know I can benefit some students more than others I am selective about who I teach.

Born and raised in England from Irish parents, a doctor and university lecturer both privately educated in leading schools, I am the fifth generation in my family to attend university. I went to Worth, a prestigious Catholic boarding school taught by Oxford and Cambridge graduates, followed by University of Paris for my bachelor's in psychoanalysis and philosophy. I have a very smooth, neutral, clear BBC, Oxford English (AKA Queens English) pronunciation easily understood, coming from my parents, schools as well as television training and experience. Here pasted below are a few examples of my work in journalism. My last newspaper column. Interviews with senior political party leaders New Party Regina Ip  Suk- yee and Civic Party Audrey Eu Yuet- mee. Official letter of support for my work for BBC and CNN from the President of East Timor, Nobel Peace Prize winner, Dr Jose Ramos Horta. Cover of my photo exhibition catalogue an official mevnt at the handover of Macau to China abd the Independence Day of East Timor when the territory became the 2.

Century's first new country. HK OBSERVER A PAN- QUAGMIRE. ROBERT THURSDAY, MAY 1. State leader Zhang Dejiang’s visit here is about Hong Kong’s finance and acumen to revive the Silk Road and reaching out to the community – both potentially very positive as it moves the city to a better bargaining position vis- a- vis the central authorities and may just break the ice between the pan- democratic camp and Beijing. That last matter is a sine qua non to move forward in the relationships between Hong Kong and the Chinese government and the legislature and the executive. This is because, unless the quagmire of non- cooperation between pan- dem lawmakers and the chief executive is not successfully overcome, both business and the community at large will continue to suffer. A historic moment is upon us; a Chinese state leader meets senior pan- democrats for the first time with the support of 1.

Zhang not to support the Chief Executive’s reelection, and to insist that the democratic reform process be restarted. How can such a turnaround have been achieved? From a point of virtually no relationship to potentially the beginnings of a working relationship between what at worst could have been described as sworn enemies? Two factors seem to be at play. Firstly China’s grand and highly ambitious Belt and Road strategy to revive the ancient Silk Road needs Hong Kong’s financial, legal and regulatory skills; a package that adds up its internationally trusted reputation and outstanding track record in raising funds for Chinese businesses, both in the private sector and State Owned Enterprises.

Secondly – and tied in with that – is Beijing’s need to have the city functioning as optimally as possible in order to maintain the conditions for this crucial financial centre to keep doing what it does best: raising capital and providing associated services. Hong Kong has performed this role in a reliable, competent way that has serviced the Mainland exceptionally well since 1. Deng Xiao Ping opened the country economically to the outside world.