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Las Vegas waiting to see how Denver's social marijuana venues work out before trying them. Published: Sep 2. Updated: Sep 2. 1, 2.

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Vegas Adults Clubs

By Regina Garcia Cano, Associated Press. LAS VEGAS — Officials with authority over the Las Vegas Strip on Tuesday decided to wait until the city of Denver approves the nation’s first marijuana club before they further discuss licensing and regulating pot lounges in Sin City. Nevada launched legal sales of recreational pot on July 1, and there’s been heavy demand from tourists. But the law only allows it to be used in private homes, leaving visitors without a place to legally smoke the drug. The initial discussion among commissioners in Nevada’s Clark County came after attorneys for the Legislature recently concluded that nothing in state law prohibits local governments from allowing the lounges. The commissioners at first said they wanted an opinion on the issue from the district attorney’s office, but as the discussion continued, they concluded they would rather wait.“I don’t know if we need to be first or not, I don’t see any reason why we have to be the first, but we certainly have to be right,” commissioner James Gibson said during the public meeting.

We have to make sure that when we do our part, we’re entirely consistent, we’re thorough in the way we’ve done it (and) we don’t make for ourselves a mess that it would take years to get out of.”Denver allowed businesses to submit applications to open marijuana clubs in late August, but it hasn’t received any so far. The slow start was anticipated as the application is extensive, including a requirement that businesses get support from community groups. Several companies still are exploring the idea and trying to line up the necessary support from community groups. At least one group called Denver Vape and Play hopes to file an application this fall with the city and released a Facebook video last week promoting their plans for a “vape bar” facility.

Our all-suite Las Vegas hotel provides spacious two room suites, free breakfast and is across the street from UNLV and only 2 miles from the Las Vegas Airport. Nevada could be the first state in the U.S. to allow marijuana to be smoked in public places like lounges and clubs.

Adults in Nevada 2. July 1. Public consumption is prohibited, including at Las Vegas’ world- famous casinos, bars, restaurants, parks, concerts and on U. S. property, from national forests to federally subsidized housing.

Gov. Brian Sandoval, a Republican former federal judge, initially opposed legalization of recreational marijuana voters approved last November but said he accepted the will of the people and pushed an early- sale program that began in July instead of waiting six months later as scheduled to expedite collection of revenue from state pot taxes. Sandoval said he’s worried legalization of pot lounges might invite more federal scrutiny of Nevada’s pot sales — an issue that commissioners also addressed during Tuesday’s meeting. Andrew Jolley, president of the Nevada Dispensary Association and a store owner, told The Associated Press after the meeting that a county advisory panel intends to present commissioners a plan involving a pilot project for a few lounges. He said the project would help better understand the “dos and don’ts and pitfalls” of operating the facilities.“What I heard from the commission today is that they are open to the idea in concept, but they are not ready to move forward today,” Jolley said.

My reading of the situation is that they are looking for more concrete and specific ideas to discuss and to debate when formulating their decision.”Associated Press writer Kathleen Foody in Denver contributed to this report.

Nevada Ruling Allows Country's First 'Marijuana Lounges'Nevada could become the first state in the U. S. to allow marijuana consumption in public indoor spaces such as lounges, according to a state legal body this week. The ruling could bolster the already thriving business and give smokers more options. Nevada's Legislative Counsel Bureau on Monday permitted the use of legal marijuana in public areas only if the user is of legal age.

State law does not forbid city or county governments from operating a lounge or club dedicated to marijuana use, the bureau said. Cities and counties are permitted to govern businesses and decide upon the use of special permits, according to the bureau. The news sparked relief among marijuana users, who will be able to light up in public. Smoking marijuana is banned in Nevada’s casinos and hotels, according to state law.

Nevada became the fifth state to legalize the plant on July 1, which allowed adults 2. None of the four other states where marijuana is legal for recreational use — Washington, Colorado, Alaska, and Oregon — allowed smoking in lounges. Marijuana supporters welcomed the lounges and called it a logical next step for the state. Nevada is currently one of the most popular tourist distensions in the world with its gaming and conventions and is expected to attract more smokers."Allowing regulated social use areas is a good solution that recognizes cannabis consumers' rights to congregate just like alcohol drinkers can in bars while also protecting nonconsumers' rights not to inhale secondhand smoke," Tom Angell, the founder of Marijuana Majority, a pro- legalization group told The Hill. It should be a no- brainer, especially in tourist towns like Las Vegas where visitors don't have private residences they can go back to imbibe."Marijuana plants grown at Essence Vegas' 5. Nevada, July 6, 2.

Photo: Getty Images. However, marijuana naysayers suggested the growing number of lounges and places where the plant can be utilized, increased the chance of crime in the area."The people of Nevada wanted folks not to go to jail for using marijuana," Kevin Sabet, head of the anti- legalization group Smart Approaches to Marijuana, told The Hill. I don’t think they envisioned pot clubs in their neighborhood.""Data show that areas around marijuana stores have higher crime and issues with second- hand smoke and other nuisances. I can't imagine pot clubs will be a good thing for the state," Sabet said according to The Hill.

Anti- legalization supporters worried about the how carefully regulators would inspect the marijuana being used at the lounges, and what type of impact it would have on the neighborhood."Every major social problem is simply exacerbated when you have higher amounts of marijuana available," Carla Lowe, the founder, and co- chair of Citizens Against Legal Marijuana told CBS News. Challenging Obstacle Course Ideas For Adults. What is going to be the impact on these people that are driving home and what’s going to be the impact on crime?"State Sen. Tick Segerblom, D- Las Vegas, who championed marijuana legalization in the state, suggested that bars, lounges and bed and breakfasts could offer a safe place for adults to consume the plant. Transient Synovial Virus In Adults here. People already used it in public spaces, he argued."What they do is they go to a dispensary and go back to the casinos right now," he told CBS News.

To me, it’s better to openly do it than surreptitiously go back to the casinos."Cities and counties will issue limited licenses to let businesses test the marijuana lounges "on an experimental basis," Segerblom said, according to CBS News, and stated it would be successful in Las Vegas. Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval told the Record- Courier Tuesday he hadn't read the opinion yet, but doesn't regard it as the final say in the matter. Sandoval has expressed concern over whether such lounges could invite a federal crackdown in the state given that marijuana is still listed as an illegal, Schedule 1 drug by the U. S. Drug Enforcement Agency."An LCB opinion does not have precedential value," Sandoval told the Record- Courier, adding that he would prefer an official opinion from the state's Attorney General.