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Horror Short Stories. I woke to the sound of something creaking on the porch.. Best Beach Resorts For Adults In Florida more. Johnson has always been fascinated by spiders. When Alice and John buy an antique teapot they get more than they bargained for."I watched as the man I saw so clearly disappeared into the endless white."While on a canoe trip down the Danube River, two friends encounter some mysterious, hostile entities. A young man's suspicions are aroused when he finds out his dead mother is appearing to his father, threatening eternal damnation unless the son is disinherited.

While summering in the country, a New Yorker comes across an apparently abandoned farm house. Just before his death, Adrian Borlsover develops the power of automatic writing, which creates some unexpected issues for one of his heirs. On the rugged Brittany coast, thirty- eight skulls are found buried.- Length: 4. Age Rating: PGThe narrator describes what he remembers of his beautiful, intelligent wife, Ligeia.

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AuthorStandhas a nice sized collection of free novels and short stories in its. works by generally unpublished. Free Novels For Teens & Young Adults. A selection of excellent, original short fiction by teenage writers around the world. An online platform for authors and readers alike to read and write short stories. Featuring many story genres and categories for all ages.

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31 Free Writing Contests: Legitimate Competitions With. no doubt many of them adults much wiser and more. an unpublished manuscript of short stories. An anthology of sixteen previously unpublished works includes selections from the iconic writer's early literary career and is complemented by more than a dozen of. 21 Responses to “25 Writing Competitions You Should Enter. You can use your unpublished children’s short stories on several of the mentioned competitions though.

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