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I'm left handed. Can I play the ukulele? I want to start this blog by saying, honestly that I’m right handed.

INFORMAL, PRIVATE GUITAR LESSONS IN CENTURION & PRETORIA >> Now also: Ukulele lessons! About the School: I am focused on teaching music in a relaxed, informal. Siegel Entertainment Ottawa/Montreal/Toronto/Vancouver/ Vancouver Island One-Stop Shopping Dedicated to Bringing Quality Entertainment to Audiences. As you may have already seen, we've been working on building up a ukulele chord library, with hundreds of chords in several different variations. But, as a. Winter Classes Start week of Jan. Popular Fiction Books For Young Adults. Hours: 11am-5pm every day except Wednesday and Sunday.

With locations in Novi, Plymouth-Canton, & Troy, Expressions Music Academy offers top quality music lessons in piano, guitar, ukulele, voice, drums, violin, cello.

I don’t want anyone to think I’m implying that I’m left handed, as I’m not. I just care about my students, so I’ve done a lot of research on this subject. In terms of my experience, I’ve been teaching since 2. I know A LOT of left handed ukulele players, both from my classes and also from Ukulele Wednesdays.

Ukulele Adults

As I wanted to get it right in the early days, I asked a lot of questions, and I’ve sat in on many hours of debate about what is the right thing to do for lefties. From this, I’ve deduced that there are two schools of thought: Camp 1: Believe that left handed ukulele players should play their ukuleles in a right handed tuning.

The justification for this is that you don’t see any left handed pianos, or left handed violin players in an orchestra. Pros: 1. There are more tabs available to you. You can play more people’s ukuleles – as there are more people who play right handed. Your stronger hand makes the chords. Cons: 1. If this doesn’t feel natural to you, you’re fighting your instinct and that can make strumming harder (though if you’re happy playing righty, that’s great)2. You’ll find it odd playing lefty after you’ve trained yourself righty. Camp 2: Believe that left handed ukulele players should play their ukuleles in a left handed tuning.

The simplest way to do this is to switch the middle two strings around, as the outside two strings are very similar in thickness. Ideally you’d adjust the bridge and neck, too, but if you’re looking for simplicity you won’t want to do that yourself, so just switch the middle two strings for now. You can see how to change strings here.

Pros: 1. If this feels the most natural way for you to hold it, you’re following your instinct. You can play other left handed people’s ukuleles – as the righties can’t. Your stronger hand does the strumming. Cons: 1. There aren’t many ukulele tabs that are written up for left handed players. You’d find it difficult testing out right handed ukuleles, say, in a shop before buying, for example. So, there you have it, in a nutshell.

I think the short answer is to do what feels natural for you. Some people honestly prefer to play right handed when they’re left handed, yet some naturally prefer to play lefty. The right thing to do is what is right for you. Here at Learn To Uke, we’ll support you no matter which hand you choose to strum with.

Grab yourself a left handed chord chart from here. What if you want to get more technical than just swapping the strings around?

George Formby - Wikipedia. This article is about the ukulele player, singer and comedian. For his father (1.

George Formby Sr. Formby in France during the Second World War.

George Formby, OBE (born George Hoy Booth; 2. May 1. 90. 4 – 6 March 1. English actor, singer- songwriter and comedian who became known to a worldwide audience through his films of the 1. On stage, screen and record he sang light, comical songs, usually playing the ukulele or banjolele, and became the UK's highest- paid entertainer. Born in Wigan, Lancashire, he was the son of George Formby Sr, from whom he later took his stage name. After an early career as a stable boy and jockey, Formby took to the music hall stage after the early death of his father in 1. His early performances were taken exclusively from his father's act, including the same songs, jokes and characters.

In 1. 92. 3 he made two career- changing decisions – he purchased a ukulele, and married Beryl Ingham, a fellow performer who became his manager and transformed his act. She insisted that he appear on stage formally dressed, and introduced the ukulele to his performance. He started his recording career in 1. UK's most popular entertainer during those decades. The media historian Brian Mc.

Farlane writes that on film, Formby portrayed gormless Lancastrian innocents who would win through against some form of villainy, gaining the affection of an attractive middle- class girl in the process. During the Second World War Formby worked extensively for the Entertainments National Service Association (ENSA), and entertained civilians and troops, and by 1. After the war his career declined, although he toured the Commonwealth, and continued to appear in variety and pantomime. Juvenile Convictions As Adults.

His last television appearance was in December 1. Beryl. He surprised people by announcing his engagement to a school teacher seven weeks after Beryl's funeral, but died in Preston three weeks later, at the age of 5. Warrington, alongside his father. Formby's biographer, Jeffrey Richards, considers that the actor "had been able to embody simultaneously Lancashire, the working classes, the people, and the nation". Formby was considered Britain's first properly home- grown screen comedian. He was an influence on future comedians—particularly Charlie Drake and Norman Wisdom—and, culturally, on entertainers such as the Beatles, who referred to him in their music. Since his death Formby has been the subject of five biographies, two television specials and two works of public sculpture.

Biography[edit]Early life: 1. George Formby was born George Hoy Booth at 3 Westminster Street, Wigan, Lancashire, on 2.

May 1. 90. 4. He was the eldest of seven surviving children born to James Lawler Booth and his wife Eliza, née Hoy, although this marriage was bigamous because Formby Sr was still married to his first wife, Martha Maria Salter, a twenty- year- old music hall performer. Booth was a successful music hall comedian and singer who performed under the name George Formby (he is now known as George Formby Sr). Formby Sr suffered from a chest ailment, identified variously as bronchitis, asthma or tuberculosis, and would use the cough as part of the humour in his act, saying to the audience, "Bronchitis, I'm a bit tight tonight", or "coughing better tonight".[4] One of his main characters was that of John Willie, an "archetypal Lancashire lad". In 1. 90. 6 Formby Sr was earning £3. Formby grew up in an affluent home.[6][a] Formby Sr was so popular that Marie Lloyd, the influential music hall singer and actress, would only watch two acts: his and that of Dan Leno. Formby while employed as a jockey, aged 1.

Formby was born blind owing to an obstructive caul, although his sight was restored during a violent coughing fit or sneeze when he was a few months old. After briefly attending school—at which he did not prosper, and did not learn to read or write—Formby was removed from formal education at the age of seven and sent to become a stable boy, briefly in Wiltshire and then in Middleham, Yorkshire. Formby Sr sent his son away to work as he was worried Formby would watch him on stage; he was against Formby following in his footsteps, saying "one fool in the family is enough".[1. After a year working at Middleham, he was apprenticed to Thomas Scourfield at Epsom, where he ran his first professional races at the age of 1. In 1. 91. 5 Formby Sr allowed his son to appear on screen, taking the lead in By the Shortest of Heads, a thriller directed by Bert Haldane in which Formby played a stable boy who outwits a gang of villains and wins a £1.

The film is now considered lost, with the last- known copy having been destroyed in 1. Later in 1. 91. 5, and with the closure of the English racing season because of the First World War, Formby moved to Ireland where he continued as a jockey until November 1. Later that month he returned to England and raced for Lord Derby at his Newmarket stables.[1. Halloween Stories For Adults. Formby continued as a jockey until 1. Beginning a stage career: 1.

Rob Mac. Killop ~ Musician. The ukulele is an extraordinary instrument, with a remarkable history. Apart from its well- practised use as a strummed accompaniment instrument, it is capable of real beauty, and the most delicate expression.

It has as much depth as the Renaissance and Baroque guitars and lutes, and is worthy of serious study by all those who have a heart for music. More videos below…NEW!!!

Skype or Face. Time Video Lessons with Rob Mac. Killop. Follow THIS LINK. Please Note: My NINE ukulele books are all published by Mel Bay.  See http: //www. Here are videos of some of the pieces in these books. The first three videos are from a program I gave at the 2.

Ukulele Festival Of Scotland: Finger- Independence Exercises for the fretting hand: And, finally, a bit of fun….

Roy Sakuma Ukulele Studios. Hawaii’s Foremost Ukulele School! There are teachers, and there are teachers Roy Sakuma is truly one of the gifted ones and recognized as Hawaii’s authority on ukulele instruction.

As a young protege of the ukulele master Herb “Ohta- San” Ohta, Roy Sakuma quickly proved himself as a stellar student. When Ohta- San encouraged his disciple to venture out on his own, Roy didn’t follow in Ohta- San’s footsteps as a performing artist.

Instead, he devoted himself wholeheartedly to teaching. Since 1. 97. 4, the Roy Sakuma Method of Ukulele Instruction, has brought the joy of music to thousands of students. It begins with the understanding that many people find learning an instrument intimidating, especially if they can’t read music.

With Roy’s unique method, students instantly feel accomplished by playing first, getting sound and satisfaction immediately. The system is fast and most of all, fun. Roy and his wife Kathy have expanded the Roy Sakuma Ukulele Studios to four locations in Hawaii with a staff of 3. Private and group lessons are available to children as young as five and adults of all ages. Group Lessons $1. Private Lessons $2. Visitor Lessons Fee - Please inquire.

Children are grouped by age. Make- up lessons available for cancelled or missed lessons. Discount price on ukuleles and other merchandise.

Roy Sakuma Ukulele Studios are conveniently located in. Kaimuki, Aiea, Mililani, and Kaneohe on the island of Oahu. To register or for more information on class schedules and fees,please contact us at (8.