Types Of Cough In Adults

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Cough Causes, Symptoms, Treatment - What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Acute and Chronic Cough? Neighborhood Safety Socioeconomic Status And Physical Activity In Older Adults here. Coughs (cont.)What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Acute and Chronic Cough? What differentiates the cause of a cough are the associated signs and symptoms.

Another important factor in determining the cause of the cough is whether it is acute or chronic. Acute coughs have been divided into infectious and noninfectious causes. Signs and symptoms that point to an infection include fever, chills, body aches, sore throat, nausea, vomiting, headache, sinus pressure, runny nose, night sweats, and postnasal drip. Sputum, or phlegm, sometimes indicates an infection is present, but it is also seen in noninfectious causes. Signs and symptoms that point to a noninfectious cause include coughs that occur when a person is exposed to certain chemicals or irritants in the environment, coughs with wheezing, coughs that routinely worsen when an indivdual goes to certain locations or do certain activities, or coughs that improve with inhalers or allergy medications. The signs and symptoms of the chronic cough can be hard for doctors to assess, because many causes of chronic cough have overlapping signs and symptoms.

Cover your cough to stop the spread of germs that make you and others sick - CDC. A dry cough is one that is non-productive (no phlegm or mucus is produced) and irritating. Dirty Minds The Ultimate Board Game For Adults Rules. Find out the causes, tests and when to see the doctor.

If a cough is related to environmental irritants, it will worsen when exposed to the offending agent. If a person has an environmental allergy, the cough may improve when using allergy medications.

What is the focus of this web site? The most common cause of chronic cough in adults: inflammation of the upper airway, i.e., the nasal passages and the sinuses.

How Are Types of Coughs Diagnosed? If you're concerned about your child's cough, call your doctor. Depending on the type of cough, other symptoms, and how long it's. All products and services featured are selected by our editors. Health.com may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website.

If a person has a smoker's cough, it may improve if they stop smoking and worsens with increased smoking. If a person has a chronic lung disease such as asthma, emphysema, or chronic bronchitis, they may have a persistent cough or a cough that worsens with certain locations or activities. An individual may or may not have sputum with a cough, and often have improvement with the use of inhaled or oral steroids, or other inhaled medications. If a cough is caused by chronic sinus infections, chronic runny nose, or chronic postnasal drip, the person will often have the signs and symptoms associated with these conditions. A person may also notice that the cough worsens when his or her problem worsens, and often the cough will improve when the underlying problem is treated.

If a cough is associated with medications, such as angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors, the cough often begins after starting the medication in question, but can come on at any point during the use of the medication. The cough is often dry and improves when the medication is stopped. A cough associated with GERD is often associated with a sensation of heartburn. This type of cough worsens during the day or when lying flat on the back. Furthermore, a sizable minority of people with a cough caused by GERD will note no symptoms of reflux, but most people will report improvement in their cough when GERD is treated properly.

Types Of Cough In Adults

If a cough is a warning sign of an underlying cancer, the person may have a group of symptoms. If lung cancer or a cancer of the air passages is present, the person may cough up blood. Other signs and symptoms that may warn of a cancer include worsening fatigue, loss of appetite, unexplained loss of weight, or decreased ability to swallow solid or liquid foods. Last Reviewed 1. 1/1. Patient Comments & Reviews.

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