Tooth Care Tips For Adults

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Tooth Care Tips For Adults

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Tooth decay isn't a problem that affects only adults. Toddler tooth decay is a concern for parents because 42 percent of children ages 2 to 11 develop a cavity in.

  1. Why Many Older Adults Go Without Dental Care Medicare covers very few services, but regular checkups are essential.
  2. Top Tips for Good Oral Care During Childhood. Brushing and flossing Begin using toothpaste to brush your child's teeth when he (or she) is 2 years old.

Browse Oral-B's articles to help with your oral care questions. From gum health to cavities, our articles cover a variety of different oral care topics. Older Women Dating Younger Women. The official website for Orajelâ„¢, the most trusted oral care brand for adults and children. Orajelâ„¢ has oral care solutions for everyone in your family. The dentist says it's time to have your wisdom teeth removed. WebMD tells you what you should expect? Infection. Sometimes a tooth can be made mobile because of an abscess forming underneath it, from infection within the tooth. The infection can travel down the roots.