Things To Do With Playdough For Adults

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Things To Do With Playdough For Adults

US for orders above $5. Get all the details HERE. A year ago this week I posted this (now infamous) post about taking my kids’ toys away. At the time, I honestly had no idea what a brouhaha it would cause. I was simply sharing our own experience. The comments and reactions to that post have run the gamut, from parents applauding the decision and letting me know that post inspired them to do the same, to a few others who were sure I was causing permanent psychological damage, depriving my children of a happy childhood, and setting them up to be neurotic hoarders who will require years of therapy.

Oh my. There have been so many comments left on that post that there is just no way to respond to them all. I thought instead I could address some of the questions that have come up most often: What did you do with all their stuff? Did you throw it away? To be honest, for the first week it all sat in huge pile in the hallway outside their room because I didn’t know what to do with it. Eventually I was able to sort through it, but very little actually got thrown in the garbage. More than half was sent to Goodwill, while almost everything else went up into the attic. The few remaining items went on the high shelves in their bedroom closet.

Why did you take their comforter away? In that moment, I just wanted to completely clear their room of everything.

What Your Child Needs to Know Before Kindergarten. Kindergarten is a scary transition for kids and adults alike. Nearly every parent wonders. Daily discussion topics and accompanying materials, perfect for form time. Here is an AMAZING list of fun activities for 1-year olds; I promise, if you follow this list, you'll never run out of things to do with your little one. Extended directions for No Cook Playdough Recipe. This playdough recipe doesn’t end with you cooking it in a pan, you do however need boiling (or close to) water.

I happen to have a huge stockpile of different play dough recipes and I was shocked that there weren't any edible ones here on instructables yet! I make a. · Summer is here! Keep your kids busy with these crafts and ideas: 50 Ways to Get Children to Love Reading from Read-Aloud. OUTDOOR PROJECTS & NATURE CRAFTS. Here is ParraParents jolly Christmas Guide to help you and your family jingle all the way to Christmas. It covers Parramatta, Ryde and surrounding areas.

We live in Florida where our A/C is usually set to 7. I guess to me it was just a symbol of all the excess in their lives.

Aren’t you afraid of causing lasting psychological damage? Honestly, no.  Of all the things I worry about for my kids, scarring them by limiting the number of toys they have is not even on the radar screen. In fact, I worry about the opposite, the psychological damage caused by a society that is constantly telling us we need more stuff to be happy. My girls are in no way deprived, and they still have plenty of things to do and play with. In fact, by most of the world’s standards, with enough to eat, a comfortable home, and access to school, sports, medicine, and art, they are still extremely privileged. My goal is for them to grow up with an attitude of gratitude for all that they have, not to complain about the stuff they missed out on.

Are you a control freak? Well…. My husband would probably say yes.

I prefer to think of it as decisive. What are your guidelines for the toys that you keep? My main guideline is that we only keep toys that encourage their imagination or creativity. I hate toys that have a billion pieces, but that seems more or less unavoidable, so instead we rotate toys out on a regular basis. For instance my girls have a box of Littlest Pet Shop figurines that they love, as well as a big bin of Barbie dolls. If the Littlest Pet Shop stuff comes down from the attic, then the Barbie dolls go back up. Right now the only toys they have down are their American Girl dolls, a few doll outfits, and the food & dishes for their play kitchen.

What do you do with kids who are super sentimental? My oldest daughter is super sentimental about everything so we often end up putting things in “keepsake” boxes up in the attic rather than giving them away.

However, as she has gotten used to the idea of less she is more open to the idea of giving stuff away. One thing that helped a lot was donating many of their toys to our church nursery. That way they still have a chance to go and play with them every once in a while.

How do I convince my spouse to get on board with this idea? It is definitely not good for kids to have their parents at odds over parenting decisions, and I think ultimately this will only work if parents are willing to stand together. If one spouse is reluctant to make such a drastic move, perhaps instead agree to a trial run before actually getting rid of everything. Fill up some big boxes or garbage bags with all the toys, then put them away in the garage or attic or basement–any place that is completely off limits–for a few weeks. At the end of the trial period you can decide how to proceed together.

Would this work with only one child? I only have my own experience with two kids to go on, but I honestly think that most kids these days are overwhelmed by too much stuff.

So…. I guess yes, I think it probably would. I’ve tried this but the stuff always comes back… How did you stand your ground? Keeping on top of the influx of stuff is a constant battle! I recently had to do another major purge and reorganization because stuff was starting to pile up again. Several items somehow made their way down from the attic at the same time, while birthdays brought some new games and a few treasures and outfits for their dolls. They are also constantly bringing home papers and projects and little trinkets from church and school and birthday parties.

We have found that the only real solution to the continual flow is a commitment to the idea that we will not let ourselves or our kids get buried.

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