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Triathlon Championships Dubai - Super Sports UAE2. XU TRIATHLON CHAMPIONSHIPS 2.

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MAMZAR2. 0 Oct 2. Mar 2. 01. 8Junior Super Sprint Super Sprint Sprint Olympic. Start, Mamzar, Dubai, UAEJoin us for an action- packed morning of triathlon with open water swimming, biking and running. The Mamzar based triathlons are great for novice triathletes, offer fast times for the advanced, and are therefore ideal for all ages and abilities.

These triathlons are open to relay teams of 2 or 3 athletes. The course offers calm waters in the lagoon, closed roads and a designated running track that ensures a safe and fun race. Music, lots of aid stations, supporters and a real community feel makes these triathlons special. We also offer a discount on Family and Group Entries. Please check out the 2. XU Triathlon Hatta – this is a new venue and offers a triathlon that will test you to your limits. Spectacular scenery with a nature- based course of dams, hills, mountains and wadis will make this a triathlon to remember. Friday, 2. 0 October 2.

Swim Races For Adults

No Wetsuits Friday, 1. March 2. 01. 8 – Wetsuits Allowed . Friday, 2. 0 October 2.

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Friday, 1. 6 March 2. A MESSAGE FROM THE ORGANISERSMost triathletes come to races with only a basic understanding of the rules of triathlon. Indeed, few have ever read through the Competitive Rules in there entirety.

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As this event is a community orientated event where we wish to offer all interested individuals of all ages and abilities the opportunity to compete in a triathlon, we rely on athletes to be as honest and as understanding as possible throughout all parts of the event in order for all to have an enjoyable experience on the day and in future races. In order to minimize misunderstandings on Race Day, I hope you will take the time to read the below details and look forward to seeing you at the race.

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October 2. 01. 6Watch Tia (1. Team Angel wolf competing with Rio.. XU Triathlon Entry Fee: Entry Fee includes: Electronic Timing. Training T- shirt. Finishers Medal. Downloadable Certificate. Fruits and Refreshments. ENTRIES CLOSE: Monday at midnight before the respective race date. There is NO on the day registration.

XU Triathlon Age Groups & Distances: Age Groups are calculated as per your age on 0. October 2. 01. 7JUNIOR SUPER SPRINT – 1.

Under 9, 9 to 1. 2 years, Relay. SUPER SPRINT- 3. 75m swim, 8km cycle, 2. Under 1. 9 years, 1. Over, Relay. SPRINT – 7. Under 1. 9 years, 1. Relay. OLYMPIC – 1. Under 1. 9 years, 1.

Relay. 2XU Triathlon Rules & Regulations: Participants must cover the prescribed course in its entirety to obtain a race result and rankings points for that race. It is the participant’s responsibility to know the course.

Any wrong turns are your responsibility, regardless of the actions of race staff or volunteers. Participants shall refrain from unsportsmanlike conduct, including the improper use of language or conduct directed toward an official. No participant shall accept from any person (other than a race official) physical assistance in any form.

Participants shall plainly display their race numbers at all times. Follow the directions and instructions of all race officials and public authorities. No participant shall, at any time during the event, use or wear a hard cast, headset, radio or any other item deemed dangerous by the Race Organiser/s. No participant shall use his body, head, arms, or legs to gain an unfair advantage, or to push, pull, hold, strike, or force through one or more participants.

Any violation of this Section shall result in a variable time penalty. No participant shall leave any equipment or personal gear on the race course. Any violation of this Section shall result in a variable time penalty. Any person who participates in any portion of the event without first properly registering and paying any required registration fee will be disqualified unless special arrangements have been made with the Race Organiser/s. No person shall participate in a triathlon or other multi- sport events unless such person is trained adequately for that specific event, as might be expected of a prudent person entering: (a) a similar competition, and (b) is in excellent health, based on recent training, physical examinations, if any, and generally accepted standards of good health. ON & OFF COURSE BIKE MECHANICSPre- Race: VELO PRESTO mechanics will be available from the beginning of registration on race day to assist with any basic repairs and maintenance on a first- come first- served basis.

VELO PRESTO will not be able to assemble bicycles or carry out any complex or time- consuming repairs e. Free Personals Russian Dating Single. For bike hire, please contact VELO PRESTO on 0. NO bikes are available for hire on the day. RACE NUMBERS & TIMING CHIPS: These will be included in your race pack and bib number must correspond to your chip number.

Virginia Masters Swimming. What's New. The Virginia LMSC is soliciting nominations for this year’s Stevenson Service Award. The award recognizes two individuals each year for their outstanding volunteer service to Virginia Masters Swimming. Nominees can be a coach, fellow swimmer, or anyone that has significantly contributed to enhancing masters swimming in Virginia. Nominations are due by Friday, Jan 1. The final Top 1. 0 lists for the 2. LCM1. 7) have been published, making this a fine time to highlight some of the many impressive achievements by our LMSC swimmers in those long 5.

The December 2. 01. LMSC Newsletter, The Wet Gazette, has been uploaded. The November 2. 01. LMSC Newsletter, The Wet Gazette, has been uploaded. The psych sheets for the VMST fall meet have been posted!

Please check out the USMS Calendar of Events entry for more information about the meet, including the facility address. It’s that time of year again!  USMS swimmer registration for 2. November 1. Register online now (preferred) or by paper form.

The 2. 01. 7 LMSC Annual meeting will be held Nov 5 at 4 pm at the home of Jim and Patty Miller. Please join us to hear reports from all the Committee Chairs and to learn about new and upcoming events and initiatives, to include Virginia being selected to host the 2. USMS National Championships! USMS Club registration for 2.

October 1.  Please register your club during the month of October; swimmer registration begins on November 1st.   Your club must be registered before a swimmer can sign up for your team.