Summer Vacation Ideas Adults

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Summer Activities for Kids Martha Stewart. Easy ways to keep little ones entertained all summer long.

Little artists can brighten up cards, envelopes, bags, and tags with graphic fruit- and- vegetable motifs simply by repurposing a few corks as stamps. Just add ink and a little imagination for custom party invitations, stationery, gift tags, and labels for your kitchen creations.

So here’s my take on this list. I think it’s also an absolutely fabulous list to do as adults too! I’ve found since the tv is no longer the focus our evenings. Share this article. Twitter; Facebook; Google+; 100 Productive Ways to Spend Your Summer Vacation. August 12th, 2009 by Staff Writers. By Rose Jensen. Easy ways to keep little ones entertained all summer long. Summer vacation will be here soon. When planning a vacation with a person who has special needs, accessibility is the name of the game: wheelchair accessibility.

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Summer Vacation Ideas Adults

Summer Crafts for Kids. The perfect summer decor? Homemade sea creatures that flutter in the breeze. Collect materials for the tentacles: we used curling ribbon, a few strips of bubble wrap with 1/2- inch- wide bubbles, a bath pouf (cut open and unwound), and heavy- duty paper towels cut into spirals.

Our tentacles are 1. Gather the tentacles at one end and thread them up through the hole of a plastic dome drink lid (from a coffee shop or convenience store). Tape the ends around the outside of the lid with clear tape. Tape a colorful paper cupcake liner over the top of the dome. Cover the lid with three layers of plastic wrap, one sheet at a time, tucking the excess wrap under the bottom edge of the lid. Add adhesive- backed pearls to the outer edge of the lid. Knot the end of a length of elastic cord and tape it to the top of the lid.

Hang the jellyfish on a porch or by a breezy window.

· Add these 23 young adult books to your summer reading list for the perfect entertainment under the sun. Whistler Must-Dos: the Locals’ Selection. Not sure what to do in Whistler? Check out our ideas for the must-see, must-do experiences each season. Top birthday vacation ideas include beach resorts, romantic inns, stylish city hotels and active trips. Travel + Leisure helps you crack the code to an affordable summer trip to Europe.

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