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Tigers Trust. The Tigers Trust provides opportunities for primary schools in Hull and East Riding to engage with the only Professional Football Club in the area.. Working with schools, we aim to develop physically active and confident children who strive to achieve their personal best. We achieve positive outcomes by delivering high quality Physical Education and rewarding sporting opportunities..

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Sports Premium! Please take time to read the following information. If you wish to discuss any aspect of our offer then please do not hesitate to contact Richard Dexter, our School Sports Coordinator - contact details below. PE Curriculum Support +Our PE and Sports Specialists have the knowledge and experience to support every child’s development whilst also providing opportunities for school staff to improve their subject knowledge. All of our coaches are either qualified in, or working towards, the Association for Physical Education Level 3 Certificate in Supporting the Delivery of Physical Education and School Support. Learning programmes consist of a minimum of five lessons.

We offer multi- skills and invasion games with various sporting options for both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. Cost: £4. 0 per lesson (one Senior and Junior Coach per class)Our planned lessons use differentiation to challenge pupils and forge cross- curricular links including ICT, Literacy and Numeracy where and when appropriate. Teaching techniques consider all learning styles and activities are planned to enable every child to make progress.

Lesson planning and assessment methods are shared with schools, meaning staff can reuse them in future lessons. Beverley St. Nicholas Primary School are benefitting from being in our partnership. Yvette Fox, Year 4 teacher said, “I have enjoyed seeing how the lessons are planned and then delivered to maximise participation and skill development.

  • Sport can help you learn how to work hard, find ways to improve and make new friends. Practice and competition, as well as winning and losing, can build character and.
  • Find a league in your area today! CLUBWAKA social club offers adult sports leagues such as kickball and other fun sports, parties, and events.

The children have time to self- reflect and discuss each other’s performances, as well as discussing rules and strategies. The children responded very well to challenges and this approach develops pupils’ abilities physically, socially and intellectually.”Extra Curricular Coaching +Our After School Coaching or Lunchtime Activities encourage children to extend their involvement in sport beyond compulsory PE lessons. We offer a minimum of 5 sessions from a huge range of sports including: Football.

Basketball. Netball. Tag- Rugby. Hockey. Benchball. Dodgeball. Cricket. Athletics.

Sport For Adults

Other activities or sport specific courses can be delivered on request. Courses can be open to all or targeted at certain groups - boys, girls, classes.

Cost: £4. 0 per week or £2 per week for parents. Competitions and Festivals +One of the best ways for children to learn and develop in sport is by competing.

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Not only do they feel excited to take part and honoured to represent their school, but it's also a great way to boost their confidence and self- esteem. In response to Ofsted reporting that not enough schools/children are participating in competitive sport. We offer a variety of competitive sporting opportunities which can be delivered either to individual schools or groups. We run competitions in all kinds of sports, including: Football.

Tag- Rugby. Netball. Hockey. Benchball. Dodgeball. Cricket.

Athletics. Multi- skills. Kerry Scruton, PE Cordinator, Burlington Junior School said,“We have really enjoyed taking part in the Tigers Trust competitions. What To Do Inside On A Rainy Day For Adults there.

They have held competitions that we do not normally participate in as part of our local sports partnership, such as football, dodgeball and bench ball. We have had many new children join the extra curricular clubs that Tigers Trust run and this has given them an opportunity to take part in these sports at a competitive level. The children have all really enjoyed these events and it has increased their confidence levels. Receiving medals at the end of an event gives them a real sense of achievement. Our school strives to get as many children involved in sport as possible and Tigers Trust has allowed us to give more children this opportunity and we are looking forward to continuing working with them.”To ensure your school doesn't miss out, send us your contact details and we'll keep you updated on new events (details are sent via email). Teacher Training Workshops +In addition to the PE Curriculum Support whereby teachers/school staff observe and learn whilst supporting lessons, we also offer insightful and engaging training events.

We offer this support to schools/teachers in response to Ofsted's claim that teachers lack detailed subject knowledge to enable them to confidently plan, deliver and access quality physical education. By working closely with teachers we have developed a sustainable model which addresses the issues, this should ensure that schools and their pupils will benefit in future years. Learning from our specialist coaches, your teachers can gain further knowledge, skills and understanding thus benefiting your school and pupils.