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Great Arizona Puppet Theater - Upcoming Shows And Events. Tickets are $7 for children and $1. Children under 2 are free only with the purchase of another child's ticket.

Sock Monkey Stuff For Adults

Party with everyone's favorite adorable tiny yellow henchmen, the Minions! Check out our Despicable Me Birthday Theme! Slides used to be dangerous. After climbing up those sandy, metal crosstrax steps you got to the top and stared down at that steep ride below. The slide was burning. Collection of aphorisms,famous film quotes and phrases. Use the search box to filter the famous movies quotes,aphorism in the database. Among the phrases you will. Hands down one of our most favorite script style fonts for kids! Adults will love it too!

Members receive $1 off admission. Adult- only puppet slams are $1.

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Handmade baby quilt submissions, ideas and photos sent to us by our readers. Tons of amazing baby quilt pattern ideas to browse.

All tickets are purchased at the theater but advanced family reservations may be made by calling (6. School and group rates must make arrangements in advance. Most of our shows in the theater are just under an hour.

Previews for some of our shows are available on the Previews Page. Cinderella. Dec 2. Jan 2. 1, Wed- Fri only at 1. Sat 1. 0am & 2pm, Sun 2pm. The girl, the prince, the glass slipper!

Lots of laughs and special effects make Cinderella an audience favorite. This show was awarded the UNIMA- USA Citation for Excellence in Puppetry.

Recommended for ages 3 - 1. Sunday, January 2. Cinderella's Ball!*. Download the Study Guide here. Cinderella's Ball. Jan 2. 1, 2pm to approximately 4pm, Special Event. Dress up like a princess or prince for this very special occasion!

Our most popular event of the year! There will be a special showing of "Cinderella" followed by games, yummy snacks, puppet making activities. Members recieve $5 off. Call 6. 02- 2. 62- 2. Little Dino's Baby Tooth.

Jan 2. 4 - Jan 2. Wed- Fri only at 1. Sat 1. 0am & 2pm, Sun 2pm. In this adorable show, Little Dino is scared to lose his very first baby tooth.

Luckily. his friend Maisy the butterfly is around to help ease his fears and teach him how to take good care of his teeth. This is one of our most popular new touring shows and is playing for one week only! Recommended for ages 2 - 8. Guest Artist Puppet. Kabob Presents "The Snowflake Man"Jan 3. Feb 4, Wed- Fri only at 1. Sat 1. 0am & 2pm, Sun 2pm.

The story of The Snowflake Man is inspired by Wilson "Snowflake" Bentley. Awarded an UNIMA Citation of Excellence, this show swings audiences into the historic 1. The Snowflake Man combines art, science, and a little known piece of American history. Recommended for ages 5 - 1. This show supports AZ Weather Unit Curriculum - Download the Study Guide here. Lovey Dovey Puppet Slam (for adults)Feb 2 - Feb 3, 8pm Fri and Sat Nights.

Our Lovey- Dovey Puppet Slam takes a turn towards the dark with our amazing guest artists - Night Shade. Night Shade Shadow Theater was founded in 2. Sarah Frechette and Jason Thibodeaux who are revolutionizing ancient shadow puppetry by using light to manipulate depth and space. Blending pocket- lights, hand- cut illustrations, an original soundtrack and experimental storytelling into a form of cinematic theater that flows like film. Night Shade has lit up puppetry, art and music festivals across the U. S. including the New Orleans 2. Giant Puppet Festival.

Sarah and Jason also make experimental puppetry films and have worked on stop- motion films at LAIKA studios. For more info see their website or Insta @thehandandtheshadow. Tickets are $1. 0 in advance or $1. We highly recommend making reservations. Slams are for adults 1. Drinks are available for a suggested donation for those who are 2. Like our Adult Slam Facebook page to stay up to date on all the wonderful Slam Stuff!

Hotel Saguaro. Feb 7 - Feb 2. Wed- Fri only at 1. Sat 1. 0am & 2pm, Sun 2pm. Grandpa Saguaro tells little Sammy Saguaro the importance of the saguaro cactus.

This award- winning show was originally created with The Desert Botanical Garden. Recommended for ages 5 - 1. Download Study Guide here.

Guest Artist Hunter Marionettes Presents: "Penguin In My Pocket"Feb 2. Mar 4, Wed- Fri only at 1. Sat 1. 0am & 2pm, Sun 2pm. A penguin scientist gets help from an artistic monkey in this original marionette show that. This show has lots of audience participation.

Recommended for ages 2 - 8. Springy Flingy Puppet Slam (for adults)Mar 2 - Mar 3, 8pm Fri and Sat Nights.

Our slams are curated evenings full of short pieces by a variety of professional puppeteers. You may see funny, scary, or edgy shows throughout the night. This month, Kurt Hunter of Hunter Marionettes brings his innovative solo marionette work, including the amazing "Sock Puppet Serenade" which won an UNIMA- USA Citation for Excellence in Puppetry.

Tickets are $1. 0 in advance or $1. We highly recommend making reservations. Slams are for adults 1.

Drinks are available for a suggested donation for those who are 2. Like our Adult Slam Facebook page to stay up to date on all the wonderful Slam Stuff! Jack Rabbit & The Easter Basket. Mar 7 - Apr 1, Wed- Fri only at 1. Sat 1. 0am & 2pm, Sun 2pm.

Lost Canyon, Arizona is too far away for the Easter Bunny, so he gets his cousin, Jack Rabbit. Sally Johnson's Easter basket. But it's awful far and kind of dangerous! This cute musical is played with large rod puppets on.

Recommended for ages 3 - 1. Guest Artist Mesner Puppet Theater Presents: "The Cat Came Back" Apr 4 - Apr 8, Wed- Fri only at 1. Sat 1. 0am & 2pm, Sun 2pm. New And Lastest Online Dating In Europe more. Based on the folk song by Fred Penner, this hilarious show tells the story of Mr Johnson and.

Handmade Baby Quilt Ideas and Photos from Our Readers. Click below to see entries & comments.. Neil's Perky Pups Neil’s Perky Pups was a gift quilt for my cousin’s first baby. I knew I wanted to use those cute pups and dots from Heather Ross, but couldn’t …The Unknown Baby Quilt This quilt was made for my friends baby. I started it when she was 6 mos along and did not know what sex the baby was. Therefore I was trying to create …Flying Zebra Kaleidoscope I made this quilt for my nephew, Lucas. I modified a pattern that can be found in a book called Learn to Be a Wacky- Pinwheel Quilting Wizard by Linda …Twisted Cabins This quilt was made for my best friend's niece.

I chose bright, fun fabrics because the parents are very young (1. I thought a very traditional …Boy Sock Monkeys This is my second quilt. I made it for a friend having a set of twins, a boy and a girl.

This one will be for her little boy. It was designed to be used …Pretty Thrifty This is a very special quilt for me. I made it as a way to showcase some of my favorite prints - fabrics I had used so many times, I literally only had …Don't Worry, Be Happy Bonnie Johnson, my bff, taught me to make this type of quilt in 1. No planning, no pattern. It's scary the first time!

What if you get to the edge and …Intersecting Houses Baby Quilt I love simple designs for baby quilts and this design of interlocking blocks is simple but interesting. I also like to sew quilts that are a fashion accessory …Stumpy Whirlygiggle This quilt was made as a donation for the KU Medical Center pediatric unit. The whirlygiggle is a modern variation of the traditional pinwheel block. Tumbler Bows Baby Quilt I love vintage and Japanese import fabric and I wanted to make a quilt that was a fashion accesssory for mom and sweet for baby as well. I changed …My Baby's Growing Up I made this quilt for my daughter to use for naptime at school. I combined some of my favorite fabrics with pieces from many of her baby clothes, and …Tummy Time Nap Quilt I do not have children, but am at the age where all of my friends are starting to have babies so I know the importance of tummy time.

This quilt offers …Stories to Tell I made this quilt for my sweet boy. I finished hand sewing the binding when I was having contractions. The pattern is from "The Quiltmaker's Gift" and …Kitty Blocks Quilt This quilt represents some firsts for me.. When I saw the cat motif fabric, it just seemed the right choice …Cute As a Bug Sweet little ladybugs, bees, caterpillars, etc. I made this for my toddler granddaughter, She …Jana's Turtles I made this quilt (my first!!) for the first baby of a very dear couple of friends that I've known for several years. The dad is from St. Tomé e Principe …Margaret's Hearts When I was pregnant with my second child, I had just made a quilt for my almost three year old son.

I wanted to make one for baby #2 but didn't know the …Spotted Squares I came up for the idea for this quilt while going through my fabric scraps. I noticed that I had quite a lot of polka dotted fabrics and decided to create …A Bunch of Squares for Jerome Many of you will probably recognize this design, inspired by Denyse Schmidt’s full- sized quilt: What a Bunch of Squares. I had ordered her book from the …Boats and Blue This is my third son's quilt and I was having a hard time feeling inspired. This was before my introduction to the world of of internet fabrics! I love …Butterflies I made this quilt while I was pregnant with my third child. We don't find out what gender we're having and I was tired of gender neutral quilts, so I decided …A girl and her panda - a modern applique quilt Designed to look like a little girl tucked into bed with her panda bear, the quilt uses a combination of applique and traditional piecing.

The design …Don't Worry Be Happy Colours quilt This is my first 'proper' quilt. It measures approx.

I didn't want to be too precise about the measurements in the quilt, so the stripes don't …Bargello "Pink & Tractors" I made this quilt for the new baby girl of some good friends of ours. This baby girl's mom and dad own and operate a successful tree service company. Diva Dots This is the second quilt I have made. I got the pattern from the Polka- Dot Kids' Quilts book by Jean Van Bockel. When I had my little girl, I wanted …Sea Baby I just finished this quilt for our second child due in early April. It's made using Heather Ross's Mendocino line (which I got from Spool in Philadelphia- -a …Eden's easy quilt I finally decided to make a quilt for my baby when I was four days overdue.

I knew I needed something that would be quick and easy to make (because we …Bold & Colorful Baby Quilt The bold and colorful baby quilt was originally made for a church youth fundraiser. I used Robert Kaufman Kona cottons. The fabric used for the binding …Jewel's Quilt I am not really much of a sewer compared to most, but one day I found this Mc. Call's Kaumagraph transfer pattern #1. Interior Decorating Games Online For Adults there.