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One of Roy Moore's accusers: 'Roy Moore knows the truth'One of the four women who said they had romantic or sexual encounters as teens with Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore responded Friday with a lengthy statement. The statement came from Gloria Thacker Deason via her attorney, Paula Cobin. In the statement, Deason said Moore provided her alcoholic beverages even though, at age 1.

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Alabama law. Moore denied that he bought underage girls alcohol in an interview Friday with Sean Hannity after Deason's statement had been released. Deason also said that The Washington Post accurately portrayed her comments to the newspaper. The Post broke the story Thursday, which accused Moore, then 3. The Post also reported that Moore, while in his 3. Deason - - who were all in their teens.

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According to The Post, Moore provided Deason with Mateus Rose wine while the two were on dates. Deason said she and Moore dated off and on for several months. White Matter Lesions Defined By Diffusion Tensor Imaging In Older Adults here. Their physical relationship never progressed beyond kissing, she told The Post. Moore has denied the allegations in The Post story. Moore faces Democrat Doug Jones in the Dec. In her statement, Deason said she was speaking out because of "public falsehoods and defamatory remarks" made by Moore and other Republican officials. In the statement, Deason also said she does not know Moore's opponent nor has she been contacted by Democratic leaders.

Sex Dating In Madison Alabama

The statement was issued before Moore appeared on Fox News personality Sean Hannity's radio show on Friday afternoon. In that interview with Hannity - a favorite interviewer of Republicans - Moore said that he remembered Deason."I seem to remember her as a good girl," Moore told Hannity. Low Temperature In Adults 34.5. I seem to remember that I had some sort of knowledge of her parents or her mother in particular."In the interview, Moore said he did not remember dating girls who were still in their teens but said he wouldn't dispute it. The full statement from Deason: On behalf of Gloria Deason, please accept this additional statement on her behalf: This statement is being given due to the public falsehoods and defamatory remarks being made by Roy Moore, many Alabama Republican officeholders and leaders, and Steve Bannon, regarding the motivations of Ms. Deason in describing her former relationship with  Moore.

One of the four women who said they had romantic or sexual encounters as teens with Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore responded Friday with a lengthy. Huntsville is a city located primarily in Madison County in the Appalachian region of northern Alabama. Huntsville is the county seat of Madison County. The city. Several dead, others hurt after motorist drives onto NY bike path AP; Puerto Rico prepares for direct hit from Hurricane Maria WDSU; The best foods to buy when.

She did not seek public exposure on the events described in The Washington Post article. She was contacted by the Post reporters several weeks ago. After careful consideration, and fully understanding that her character and veracity would be viciously attacked, she nonetheless agreed to go on the record and tell the truth. Ms.

Deason confirms that the The Post accurately reported the substance of her interviews with them. She does not know the other women named in the article. She is no longer a resident of Alabama.

She is a registered Republican, but has no affiliation with the RNC and has not been contacted by the RNC or any Republican leaders at any time. The same is true for the DNC and Democratic leaders. She does not know Doug Jones, has not been contacted at any point by him or anyone associated with his campaign nor made any financial contributions to him. There is nothing about being public regarding her relationship with Roy Moore that will enhance Ms. Deason's life. She did not seek the limelight. No glory, no financial compensation, no justice.

But she stands firmly on the truth. No one can take that away from her. No one.  And Roy Moore knows the truth. Notably, he has not denied knowing Ms.

Deason, or pursuing and dating her when she was 1. He has not denied plying her with alcohol knowing in his position as a district attorney that she was younger than the legal drinking age. He has not given a press conference or opened himself up to questions on his relationship with Ms. Deason or the other women named in the article.

He appears to be in hiding while issuing incendiary statements about the women, calling them "evil" and accusing them of bribery and conspiracy with the DNC. He has also sent emails to his supporters using this as a reason to request more financial contributions for his campaign.  It is reprehensible that so many Alabama Republican officeholders and leaders of their party have rejected wholesale the magnitude of evidence reported in The Post.

Worse yet, they claim that even if they believed the statements of pedophilia and sexual assault, specifically against Leigh Corfman (the 1. Moore. A 1. 4 year old cannot legally give consent for sex. In short, these leaders don't care. This is a stunning admission that the GOP is not a party of family values, certainly not in Alabama. And Steve Bannon's ridiculous statement that Moore's misconduct is akin to "locker room talk" deserves no response. It fails on its face. For those critical of these 4 women for not voluntarily coming forward earlier, ask yourselves what difference it would have made.

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