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Adding Up The Cost Of Low Literacy Among Adults : NPRThis is the final report in a four- part series on adult education. Low literacy rates for adults can have wide- ranging effects on those around them. They may rely more heavily on government services; their children may not get that extra hand with schoolwork; their families may not get sufficient financial support.

Claudine Edwards had a baby at 1. At 5. 3, she's come to Academy of Hope in Washington, D. C., to ask about classes. Kavitha Cardoza/WAMU. Kavitha Cardoza/WAMU. Claudine Edwards had a baby at 1. At 5. 3, she's come to Academy of Hope in Washington, D.

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C., to ask about classes. Kavitha Cardoza/WAMU. But for the millions of adults with low literacy, the ability to read, write and speak English might offer them the most important opportunity of all: a chance to emerge from the shadows and participate as equals in society. The Consequences Of Dropping Out. Claudine Edwards had a baby at 1. She's been unemployed for five years since she lost her job as a cleaner. Edwards, now 5. 3, relies on food stamps, and her daughter pays her rent.

Scary Pop Out Games For Adults

She has come to Academy of Hope, a nonprofit in Washington, D. C., to ask about classes in basic reading and math. It costs $3. 0 a term. Edwards tenses when Cathy Walsh, a staff member, brings up money. She asks if she can bring the fee in a few days."Yeah.

And actually you don't have to pay all at once," Walsh says. So if you want to pay $1.

For Edwards and millions of others, the decision to drop out of school may have seemed easy, but the path after that is hard — a lifetime of dreams that lie just out of reach. It means a promotion lost, a business not started, a bedtime story never read. A 'Double Expense'People who struggle to read, write and speak English are sentenced to a lifetime of economic challenges, says Stephen Fuller, an economist with George Mason University in Virginia. He says it's important to have an educated workforce."If we fail, it's a double expense, 'cause the economy isn't healthy, and we also have increased social services," he says. Fuller says that has enormous costs for society. People with low literacy are more likely to need unemployment checks, food stamps and subsidized housing. And they are more likely to end up behind bars."We find that about half the people that come to prison didn't finish high school," says Stephen Steurer, executive director of the advocacy group Correctional Education Association.

Research shows that inmates enrolled in education programs while incarcerated were far less likely to return to prison. Steurer says the majority of inmates will eventually be released, so funding educational programs should be common sense."It's not a hard sell to tell congressmen that education reduces crime," he says. But who wants to make a choice: Are we going to build another grade school or another prison school?"Reading For Health. Improving literacy rates would not only make for a safer and more prosperous country, but also a healthier one. Alis Marachelian, who runs the health education program at Mary's Center in the district says the barrier between caregivers and patients who lack basic literacy is a "huge problem.""We use illustrations for medicines — we would draw the sun and the moon as to when to take the medicine," she says. Sometimes we help them put it in the pill boxes because they can't count either."For some common conditions, such as diabetes, the least compliant patients are the ones with low literacy, Marachelian says.

It's not that they resist taking medication; they don't understand that a wrong dose could be fatal. Leslie Kronz encounters stories like these every day. Working as a training and education consultant for Inova Health System in Virginia, she says all these challenges have a price tag."When people come into the system, if they're not diagnosed accurately, if they don't follow what they're being asked to do, if they're readmitted because of lack of understanding, all of those things add costs," she says. It's not simply patients' problems, it's not simply the hospital or the health system's problems. It affects every one of us."Some researchers have estimated the cost of low health literacy is at least $1. Experts say if the U.

S. invested in adult education, these costs to society could be reduced. Instead, they say, cuts are happening. Fitness Camp For Adults. Students participate in a health literacy class at Mary's Center, role- playing a visit to the doctor. Grief Books For Adults'>Grief Books For Adults. Kavitha Cardoza/WAMU. Kavitha Cardoza/WAMU.

Students participate in a health literacy class at Mary's Center, role- playing a visit to the doctor. Kavitha Cardoza/WAMU.

On adult education, the U. S. spends a fraction of the funding that goes to schools and colleges. And there's been a 1. On top of that, the sequester imposed another 5 percent cut. Focus On The Parents To Help Their Kids.

For those adults who do manage to go back to school, improved literacy skills can change their lives.