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STAIR Galleries. 19. Colin’s great- grandfather, Arthur C. Stair and his partner, Valentine S. Andrew, established their antiques business, Stair & Andrew, Ltd., a firm specializing in fine antique English furniture.

Alastair Arthur Stair, Colin’s grandfather, joined Stair & Andrew, Ltd. Mr. Andrew retired and Alastair bought the business, renaming the firm “Stair & Company.” He relocated the company to a beautifully restored townhouse at 5. East 5. 7th Street. Colin’s father, Alastair John Stair, completed his tour of duty in the U.

S. Marine Corps and his service in Vietnam. John relocated to London and worked at Sotheby’s under the great mastermind, Peter C. Wilson. John was invited to join Sotheby’s Board of Directors, with the understanding that he would eventually return to New York. John opened his own gallery with Ward Landrigan, a former Sotheby’s colleague who currently owns the iconic jeweler, Verdura. John then reunited with Sotheby’s to launch the company’s Restoration Division. John Stair moved most of the operations of Sotheby’s Restoration from Manhattan to Claverack, NY. Under John’s supervision, the department achieved a national reputation for excellence in historical restoration.

Meanwhile, John’s son, Colin, had been working under John at Sotheby’s Restoration. Colin also spent time cataloguing furniture at Sotheby’s in England. Colin opened Stair Galleries, an auction house specializing in fine art and antiques. Stair Galleries set a world record for the artist Paul Seifert (1. Wisconsin farmhouse for $6. September 1. 7, 2.

The first sale in our new building was held, where we brought $1 million in sales for English and Continental furniture, paintings and decoration. Diana and a Satyr, a European School oil painting, sold for $8. December 1, 2. 00. We sold Search for the Right Address, an oil on canvas by Mark Tansey (b.

We sold over $3 million in property within one month in our Salander- O’Reilly bankruptcy auction and our Antiquities and Modern Art sales. October 8, 2. 01. We set a record for a Middle Easter Carved Ivory or Bone Plaque which sold for $2. January 1. 5, 2. 01. Adults Killing Small Animals.

We had a record- breaking sale for Stair Galleries, which nearly topped $1 million for Asian, Middle Eastern and Ethnographic items. A Greek Carved Marble Bust of Hercules, from the Collection of Robertson and Mary Paige Alford in Norfolk, CT, sold for $7. October 2. 6, 2. 01. We set a world record with a rare Fabergé Imperial figure, Lot 1. The last hardstone figure sold for $1. Sotheby's, New York. Stair & Andrew became the first London antiques firm to open branch offices overseas.

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A gallery was opened in Manhattan, which included a decorating department that sold architectural woodwork from historical English interiors. Additional galleries were opened in Palm Beach and Williamsburg, VA. The firm also maintained a fully staffed restoration company, Oxford Restoration.

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Arthur C. Stair resides at The Yellow House, Bayswater, London, which also serves as an extension to Stair & Andrew showrooms. Stair & Andrew was one of the initial exhibitors at the inaugural Grosvenor House Fair. Alastair A. Stair transferred to the New York branch to work with Mr. Andrew. Alastair A. Stair founded the Winter Antiques Show in Manhattan, a benefit for East Side House Settlement.

He also founded the National Antique and Art Dealer’s Association of America. Sotheby’s purchased Parke- Bernet. John Stair, working with Louis and John Marion, spearheaded the effort to make Sotheby’s an international presence. In the process, they created the largest fine art auction house in the United States. Alastair A. Stair sold Stair & Company to David Murdoch, a Los Angeles financier. Alastair then joined Sotheby’s New York where he served as a well- respected consultant.

John Stair retired and Colin took over Sotheby’s Restoration as Managing Director and Vice President. Sotheby’s closed their restoration division.

Colin purchased the facility and created his own company, Stair Restoration, a firm that continues the highest standards of excellence established by its predecessor. October 2. 0, 2. 00. The first auction was held at Stair Galleries, with 4.

With business rapidly growing, Stair Galleries relocated to a 2. Warren Street in Hudson, NY. April 2. 2, 2. 00.

At our first sale of only American and European paintings, featuring the Thomas Van Loan Collection, which sold over $1. William Mason Brown (1. White Mountain View, oil on board, selling for $4. Frank Anderson (1. Hudson Highlands for $2. In our American Indian Works of Art Sale, we offered property from the Collection of Herbert G. Wellington. A Sioux Woman’s Dress sold for $1.

November 2. 0, 2. We sold property from the Estate of Dominick Dunne, an American writer and investigative journalist. October 2. 7, 2. 01. We offered property from the Estate of Ralph Vallone, as well as from the Estate of Katherine W. Mellon. A Fine George III Carved Giltwood Oval Mirror, from a Private Collector, sold for $6.