Safeguarding Adults Board Annual Report

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Safeguarding Adults Board Annual Report

Sandwell Safeguarding Adults Board. Adults with care and support needs are among the most vulnerable members of society. Protecting them from becoming the victims of abuse is everyone’s business. Math Dyslexia In Adults.

Welcome to Wakefield District Safeguarding Children Board (WDSCB). Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all children and young people in Wakefield.

  • As part of this, the board will : develop policies and procedures for safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children in the area of the authority.
  • We help people work together to stop adults being abused. Visit our website to find out more detail about the Sandwell Safeguarding Adults Board.
  • Find out about the latest safeguarding courses on offer for professionals, parents and young.

Every day abuse of adults at risk goes unreported. Safeguarding adults means that local authorities, police and NHS agencies involved with adults who might be at risk.

Sandwell Safeguarding Adults Board have agreed the following equal principles as set by the Government as the foundation to achieving good outcomes for adults with care and support needs: Empowerment – Presumption of person led decisions and consent. Money Smart For Young Adults. Protection – Support and representation for those in greatest need. Prevention – Prevention of neglect, harm and abuse is a primary objective. Proportionality – Proportionate and least intrusive response to the risk presented. Partnerships – Local solutions through services working with their communities. Accountability – Accountability and transparency in delivering safeguarding. This website has been designed to provide members of the public, people who use health and social care services, professional and practitioners with information, procedures and guidance on safeguarding adults in Sandwell.

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