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Scariest Creepypastas Ever Written. Creepypastas are like scary campfire stories but on the internet. They’re urban legends and stories people write about on forums like 4chan and Reddit solely to freak people out.

The best creepypastas tend to blur the lines between fiction and non- fiction, and they frequently use video games and technology as a plot device. However, almost always, they have a creepy villain to scare you to death. Ready to be freaked out? Here are 2. 5 Scariest Creepypastas Ever Written. Source: https: //creepypasta. In “The Keyhole,” a man checks into a hotel, and the lady behind the desk tells him not to disturb the door without a number on it.

Curiosity takes over, however, and the man looks through the door’s keyhole. He sees a pale woman leaning against a wall. The man almost knocked on the door but didn’t. The next day, the man looked through the keyhole again but only saw red. When he told the lady behind the counter about it, she said a man murdered his wife in the room and now haunts it. These people were white all over, but their eyes were fully red.

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Source: http: //www. Occupational Therapy Cerebral Palsy Adults here. Where Bad Kids Go,” tells the story of a photojournalist who lived in Lebanon as a boy and watched sinister thirty- minute long television kids shows. Each kid show had a moral at the end, and in the closing scene of each episode, the camera would zoom in on a closed door and screams would become more audible. A voice would say, “That’s where bad kids go.” When the man grew up, he decided to investigate the show and where the studio was located.

AFDI is suing the city of Edmonton, Canada for taking down our honor killing ads offering refuge to Muslim girls wishing to live a free life but who are threatened. Usage Statistics for Summary Period: October 2016 - Search String Generated 08-Oct-2017 02:09 PDT.

When he found it, he entered a room with a microphone hanging from ceiling, and blood, feces, and bones were scattered all over the floor. Source: http: //www.

Sonic. exe is about Tom, who receives a ROM file of the game Sonic the Hedgehog from his friend Kyle. Kyle warns him not use it. Tom, being a big fan of Sonic, uses the game anyway.

Once playing, Tom suffers from supernatural delusions, witnessing horrific and gruesome scenes of Sonic murdering his friends with the phrase, “I AM GOD.” When Tom tries to get rid of the ROM, he hears a voice behind him. When he turns around to see where it comes from, he sees his Sonic plushie with bloodstains under his eyes.

Source: http: //creepypasta. Suicidemouse. Considered one of the first “lost episode” creepypastas, Suicide Mouse tells the story of an old, lost Disney video of Mickey Mouse walking down the street and how Leonard Maltin got his hands on an extended cut. The extended cut features gruesome and horrific footage of Mickey Mouse dying. At the end, the author tells no one to see it if they find it and to contact him instead. Nose Bleeds And Cancer In Adults. No one knows who the author is. Source: http: //creepypasta.

Doors. Told in the first person, “Doors” is a creepypasta about a child whose adopted family becomes attacked by a sinister looking man. He kills the father, the mother, and drags the adopted child’s sister out of the house before slamming the door. The adopted child sits at the door, looking down at its paws, wishing he could open doors. Source: http: //creepypasta. Weeping_Angel. Inspired by a Dr. Who episode, “Weeping Angel” tells the story of a couple trying to purchase a house. After finally finding one they really love, they found angel statues in the garden and asked if they could be removed.

Each time the husband looks out the window, the statues move, doing something else. Eventually, the statues attack the couple, but the couple is able to escape.

Two years later, still traumatized by the attack, the couple is living with a friend when the angels kill them. Source: http: //www. The menacing part about “1. In it, a boy named Elliot watches kids shows on Channel 2. Calcedon, Ontario.

At first, the shows are normal kids shows, but over time they turn dark. The darkest show was Mr. Bear Cellar, which had a man dressed up in a bear costume yelling and arguing with an eleven- year- old. Then, he addresses the camera and invites kids to come to the house. Elliot writes Mr. Bear, and he gets an invite.

When he goes to the house, he is greeted by a police officer, instead. As he gets older, Elliot investigates who Mr. Bear was and only finds a horrific tape of the man burning children alive and finally burning the bear costume. Elliot gave up his investigation and ignores emails. Source: http: //www.

Psychosis” follows a man down a deranged and troubled rabbit hole. At first, he believes he’s in a small apartment and feels as if something is wrong but can’t explain what. As time goes on and the days pass, he becomes more and more paranoid of the people and technology around him. By the end, he’s a nervous wreck. Turns out, he’s been in a psychiatric hospital the whole time as a doctor comes in and tells him everything is okay.

Source: http: //creepypasta. Ronald_Mc. Donald_House. This creepypasta may make you think twice before going to another Mc. Donald’s again. It’s about a troubled foster kid who goes from house to house.

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Write To An Inmate - Every year on my birthday, I make a list of new things I want to try. Some things are difficult, some are weird, some are shockingly mundane.  You can read about past adventures here. Here’s something that might surprise you:  I’m quite passionate about prison reform. I even applied for a job teaching ESL to male inmates a few years ago! If you’re not sure why you should care about prison reform, here are a few things to consider: 2.

Despite a lower occurrence of violent crime, we have more people in jail. Non- violent offenders make up 6. State correctional spending is estimated at $5. Minnesota’s inmates will be convicted of another crime and return to prison.  Most states have a recidivism rate of about 4. Shocking and sad, right? I don’t really have any answers, but I wanted to do my part to make things a little bit easier for someone in a tough situation, so I used this website to find a lady inmate who seemed like she’d be a good match for me.  I found a woman who, pre- prison, worked as an accountant, has two kids, and was looking for letters from either sex.  Seems pretty legit, right? It was a little bit weird putting pen to paper in a letter to someone I’ve never, ever met.  I told her a little bit about myself and my life, but didn’t want to err too much on the side of “and then I went to Europe for six weeks and it was greeaaaaaat!  PS whatsprisonlikeanddoyouhavetowearthoseorangejumpers?”I settled on a middle ground of asking her about her kids and if she’d liked her previous job.

I’ve just dropped my letter in the mailbox and I’m interested to see if I ever hear from my new penpal.  I sure hope so! Edited to add: On November 2.

I received a return letter from my pen pal! First, let us acknowledge that getting a handwritten letter is The Actual Best, regardless of its source. My penpal wrote about her kids (a boy and a girl, ages 5 and 7) and how much she missed them while they lived with her mom for the time being.  She wrote about her job in the prison, helping cook for 1,3. She talked about preparing the Thanksgiving meal desserts “7up cake, peach cobbler and sweet potato pie : )”Really, she seemed super sweet!  I totally plan to write back. Have you ever written to an inmate? Would you? Has anyone in your life ever been in prison or jail? If you’re interested in helping but not comfortable writing a letter to an inmate, consider Books Through Bars.

Thanks for the suggestion, Jesse! P. S. More new things to try: go to a monster truck rally, take a pole dancing class, try White Castle.

Pamela Geller"You are a wonderful fighter for liberty" - - Bat Ye'or"Well, I read Atlas Shrugs, Power Line, National Review blogs" .... Atlas Shrugs breaks more news than dozens of liberal blogs combined." ...

Ambassador John Bolton"I'm a fan!" - Mark Steyn "Fearless, intelligent, beautiful - -- Pamela Geller wears her Supergirl. Pamela Geller is a dynamo of energy and. Robert Spencer, Jihad. Watch in his book Stealth Jihad "You do great work. You are a hero". - - Geert Wilders, Dutch MP"You are my hero!" - - Wafa Sultan, Former Muslim, Author human rights activist"Hot female host with a good sense of humor based in NYC?

Russian Penpal Girls

I nominate Pamela."- - Michelle Malkin"An American and Jewish national treasure." - - Steven Goldberg, National Vice Chair, ZOA"A nationally recognized authority on the threat of radical Islam" - - Rep. Steven King (R- IA)Pamela is one of the nation's most vigorous opponents of bigoted violence.- John Hinderaker, Powerline. A beautiful and articulate speaker and writer who has risen to prominence in the US for her steadfast commitment to exposing the deadly pathologies of Jew hatred, misogyny and other prejudices inherent to jihadist ideology." - - Caroline Glick" - - Caroline Glick. I honestly think that one day historians will write about the defense of Western values and virtues in the 2.

Century and speak of heroes. And one will be Pamela Geller." Michael Coren, TV host, Sun TV"I'm cheering you on!" - - Amanda Carpenter"Great site," Dick Morris"A brash New Yorker and an irrepressible firebrand" - - Robert Tracinski, The Freedom Fighter's Journal and The Intellectual Activist. Indeed, some of Israel's best friends and most articulate defenders can be found in the blogosphere .. Atlas Shrugs, [et al] all provide a refreshing alternative to the moral relativism and politically correct anti- Israel blather of the media. Michael Freund, Jerusalem Post"She does more in one week than most of us do in a frickin' lifetime - - Pamela Geller!" - - Jaz Mc.

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JCL, Atlas reader"The heroine of the right wing blogosphere. We’re all Pamela Geller now!'” - - Charles Johnson, mental patient“Geller had joined Stop the Madrassa and blogged often about the matter on her website, Atlas Shrugs. Blessed with sultry Hollywood sex appeal and a sassy, scythe- like wit — a personable Ann Coulter and articulate Sarah Palin rolled into one — Geller would ride the Park. Southern Poverty Law Center"Pamela Geller is one of the most polarizing women in the country." Village Voice. Pamela Geller's writings, rallies and television appearances have both offended and inspired, transforming Ms. Geller from an Internet obscurity, who once videotaped herself in a bikini as she denounced “Islamofascism,” into a media commodity who has been profiled on “6. Minutes” and whose phraseology has been adopted by Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin." The New York Times.

Geller and Spencer are probably the most important propagandizing Islamophobes in the world, these people's voices speak very loudly — not just here in the United States but overseas." Heidi Beirich, director of the Southern Poverty Law Center's Intelligence Project.