Russian Last Names Beginning With M

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Russian Last Names Beginning With M

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Meanings and Origins of male names. Girl Names. A. Names.

Girls names beginning with LL Girls baby names. L. If I have missed any, please add. ZGirls Names: A B C. Y ZName. Meaning. Derivations. Origin. La'a. Sunny Tongan.

Laaka. Carefree, The lark bird. Tongan. Labibi. Lady. Labiby. French, Arabic. Labrenda. Sword. Labreana, Labreanah, Labreann. Labreanna, Labreannah, Labreanne, Labrenna, Labrennah, Labrinda. Labrindah, Labrynda, Labryndah. Most Popular Party Themes For Adults on this page. Old Norse. Lace. Delicate fabric. English.

Lacey. Delicate fabric. Lacee, Laci, Lacia, Laciah. Laciann, Lacianna, Lacianne, Lacie, Lacy, Laicee, Laicey, Laici. Laicia, Laiciah, Laicie, Laicy, Laycee, Laycey, Layci, Layciah, Laycy. English Lachandra. The moon. Lachanda, Lachandah, Lachander.

Lachandrah, Lachandrica, Lachandrice, Lachandryce. American, Sanskrit.

Laciana. Beautiful one. Laci, Lacie. Italian. Lachianina. From the land of lakes. A feminine. form of Lachlan. Lachianinah, Lachyanina, Lachyaninah.

Lachlanee, Lachlani, Lachlania, Lachlanie, Lachlany, Locklanee. Locklaney, Locklani, Locklanie, Locklany.

Scottish. Lacole. Career Halloween Costumes For Adults there. Victory of the people. A form of. Nicole. Lacola, Lacolla, Lacolle, Lecola. Lecole, Lecolla, Lecolle. Italian. Lacrecia. Wealthy. Lacrasha, Lacreash, Lacrasha.

Lacreashia, Lacresha, Lacreshah, Lacreshia, Lacreshiah, Lacresia. Lacretia, Lacretiah, Lacretya, Lacretyah, Lacricia, Lacriciah. Lacrisha, Lacrishia, Lacrishiah, Lacrycia, Lacryciah, Lacrychya. Lacrychyah. Latin. Lacy. Delicate fabric. Larissa. Lacey. English. Lada. Goddes of beauty.

Ladah, Ladia, Ladiah, Ladya, Ladyah. Russian. Ladana. The mother of the Gods. Ladanah, Ladann, Ladanna, Ladannah. Ladanne. Finnish, Celtic. Ladancia. The morning star. Ladanicah, Ladanicka, Ladanika.

Ladanikah, Ladanyca, Ladanycah, Ladanycka, Ladanyka, Ladanykah. French, Slavic. Ladasha. Gift of God. Ladashah. American, Russian, Greek. Ladawna. The dawning. Ladawn, Ladawnah, Ladawne, Ladawnee. Ladawni, Ladawnia, Ladawniah, Ladawnie, Ladawny.

English. Ladivina. Divine. Ladivinah, Ladivine, Ladivyna. Ladivynah, Ladivyne, Ladyvyna, Ladyvynah, Ladyvyne. English. Ladonna. Lady. Ladona, Ladonah, Ladonia, Ladoniah. Ladonnah, Ladonnia, Ladonniah, Ladonnya, Ladonnyah, Ladonya, Ladonyah.

Italian, Spanish. Laella. Elf. Lael, Laela, Laele, Laell, Laelle. Laila, Laila, Laile, Lailla, Laillah, Laille, Laylla, Laylle. French, English. Laikin. Flower from Canada ?? Laikyn. Canadian. Laina. Path, Roadway.

A form of. the surnames Lane and Laine. English. Laiyla. Singer of light. A form. of Laila. Laila, Layla. Russian. Lakeisha. Life; Woman.

Lakeishia, Aiesha, Aisha. Ayesha, Keasha, Keashia, Keashiah, Keesha, Keisha, Lakaiesha, Lakaisha.

Lakasha, Lakecia, Lakeciah, Lakeesh, Lakeesha, Lakesha, Lakeshia. Lakeshiah, Lakeshya, Lakesia, Lakesiah, Laketia, Laketiah, Lakeysha. Lakeyshia, Lakenzia, Lakenziah, Lakenzya, Lakenzyah, Lakieshia. Lakisha, Lakia, Lakitia, Lakitiah, Lakta, Laktah, Lakytia, Lakytiah. Lakytya, Lakytyah. Swahili, African. American; Arab. Lambrini.

Light, Bright. Greek. Lameika Lameikh Lamya. Dark- lipped. Lamia, Lamiah, Lamyah. Arabic. Lan. Orchid flower. Lana, Lanah, Lann, Lanna. Lannah. Vietnamese. Lana. Woolly; Light, Airy.

The. short form of Alannah, Handsome, Fair, Bright, Happy. The feminine. form of Alain and Alan. Lanae, Lanah, Lanaia. Lanaya, Lanayah, Lanna, Lannah, Lannaia, Lannaya, Lanetta, Lanette.

Lanne, Larna, Larnah Latin; Hawaiian. Landa. Wished- for, Star of the sea, Bitter. A form of Mary. Landah, Landrea. Basque, Hebrew. Landra.

Counsellor. Landrada, Landrah, Landrea, Landreah. Landria, Landriah, Landrya, Landryah. German, Spanish. Lane.

Narrow lane, Little road. Laen, Laena, Laene, Lain, Laina. Lainah, Laine, Lainee, Lainey, Lanee, Laney, Lannee, Lanni, Lannia. Lanniah, Lannie, Layn, Layna, Laynah, Layne. Middle English. Laneisha. Life; Woman. Lanecia, Laneciah, Laneesha, Laneise. Lanesha, Laneshe, Laness, Lanessa, Lanesse, Laneysha, Lanisha, Lanysha.

Swahili, African American. Lanelle. She is from the little road. Lanel, Lanela, Lanelah, Lanele.

Lanell, Lanella, Lanellah. Old French. Lanet. Little graceful one. Laneta, Lanete, Lanett, Lanetta. Lanette. Celtic. Langi. Heaven. Langia, Langie, Langy.

Tongan. Lani. Sky, Heaven. Lanea, Lanee, Laney, Lania, Laniah. Lanie, Lannee, Lanney, Lanni, Lannia, Lanniah, Lannie, Lanny, Lannya. Lany, Lanya Hawaiian Laney"LAY- nee"A short form of Elaine, bright. Tricycle Bikes Adults.

Laine, Lane. Old French. Lann. Blade. Lan, Lanita, Lanitah, Lanite, Lanna. Lannah, Lanyt, Lanyta, Lanytah, Lanyte. Blade. Lanni. Wooly; Light, airy. A short form of. Allannah, handsome, fair, bright, happy.

A feminine form of Alain or. Alan. Lanea, Lanee, Laney, Lani, Lania. Laniah, Lanie, Lannea, Lannee, Lanney, Lannia, Lanniah, Lannie, Lanny. Lannya, Lany, Lanya, Lanyah. Latin; Hawaiian. Lantha.

Purple flower. Lanthia, Lanthiah, Lanthya, Lanthyah. Greek. Lanya. Daughter; Female, girl or maid. L? ny. Hebrew; Hungarian. Lapisi. Rabbit Tongan. Laqueena. The queen.

Laquanda, Laquanta, Laqueen, Laqueene. Laquena, Laquenda, Laquenah, Laquenda, Laquendra, Laquene, Laquenet. Laqueneta, Laquenete, Laquenett, Laquenetta, Laquenette, Laquinta. Laquintah, Laquynta, Laquyntah. English. Laqueesha.