Quick And Easy Last Minute Halloween Costumes For Adults

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The BEST Recipes for Halloween Party Food! Sweet and Savory! Halloween is a big deal at our house. My husband has always had a fine appreciation for all things creepy and I have to admit that I didn’t love Halloween until I married him. I’ve always loved everything about the fall season (like the menu and the wardrobe), but just not the Halloween holiday itself. But that has changed over the years and now I can honestly say that I love Halloween! Almost 8 years ago we brought our first baby boy home from the hospital on Halloween day.

Since my little guy’s birthday is so close to the holiday, we often have Halloween- themed birthday parties and I’ve made quite a collection of easy kid- friendly party food. I wanted to have them all in one place here so that when you’re planning a party you won’t have to search far! If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that you can turn any food into a Halloween food with the addition of a) eyes or b) plastic spiders. Seriously. But here are some of my favorite things that make appearances at our house around this holiday. The great thing is that a lot of them are healthy (or semi- healthy) options, which is a nice thing compared to the loads of candy you usually see.

Enjoy! Crypt Kreeper Crescents. These are super duper easy, and a great make- ahead treat.

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Yeti Cupcakes. I think these are so stinkin’ cute.  They’d be adorable for a monster- themed party. Mummy Dogs This is a childhood favorite and always the most popular of our Halloween spreads!

Cut crescent roll dough into thin strips and wrap around hot dogs. Bake according to crescent package directions and use ketchup or mustard for eyes. I cut my hot dogs in half to make them bite- sized.

Monster Jaws Quarter apples and take a wedge out of the center of each quarter. Dunk them in water with a little lemon juice to prevent browning. Use slivered almonds for teeth (I toasted mine for color and taste!) Eyes are optional. I stuck pretzel rods in and attached candy eyes with peanut butter. Bones n’ Blood Use breadstick dough (store bought or homemade) and cut into strips.

Quick And Easy Last Minute Halloween Costumes For Adults

Use scissors to snip the ends into 2 pieces and roll them down to make the bone shape. Dip in “bloody” marinara! For extra flavor sprinkle with garlic and Parmesan or this seasoning. Candy Corn Pizza Easy peasy! Plain cheese pizza, just make a ring of cheddar around the outside edge and mozzarella in the center. Cut into wedges to make the candy corns.

Cheesy Fingers Super kid friendly- who doesn’t love string cheese?? Again, I cut them in half to make them kid- sized. Use the flat side of a knife to make the knuckle marks and attach slivered almonds with a dab of cream cheese for the nails.

I also used a knife to shave off just a bit of the cheese at an angle before attaching the almond. Chocolate Cherry Mice.

You’ll need maraschino cherries for this one. Make sure you buy ones with stems. Drain them and dry them well with paper towels. Dip in almond bark, or chocolate bark.

When they are semi dry, attach a chocolate chip for a nose, slivered almonds for ears, and little candies or sprinkles for eyes. Dirt n’ Worms Another classic. Use chocolate pudding for your mud and put some crushed Oreos on top for dirt. Hide those gummy worms in there for eeek factor! Pumpkin Sammies This is a great staple for a Halloween party spread because it pleases both kids and adults, and is something with substance! Use Halloween cookie cutters to cut your bread.

I like to fill some with peanut butter or cream cheese and orange- colored jam (like peach or apricot) for the kiddos, and something more sophisticated like Teriyaki Chicken Salad for the grown ups! Nutty Ghosts. Nutter Butters are naturally ghost shaped, which make them perfect for dipping!

Give them a bath in some almond bark and put on a couple of mini chocolate chips for eyes. And might I add that white chocolate covered Nutter Butters taste really good! Witches Wands. Dipped Pretzel Rods are instantly transformed into “Witches Wands” with a little Halloween pizzazz!

I sometimes have a hard time finding them in stores, so you can get them here if you find yourself in the same boat. Put them in containers with candy corns to hold them up. The little mini buckets pictured are from the Target dollar section.

SO cute! . . . . . Spidey Cookies Red Hots and licorice turn Oreos into creepy (but kinda cute) spiders. Shoestring licorice is hard to find these days, but I did find some here.

If you don’t want to order online, Twizzlers makes “Pull- Apart” candy that works perfectly. Spider Web Dip This trick works for pretty much any dip that you could pipe sour cream on top of!

I always do a basic 7- Layer taco dip. Put some sour cream in a plastic baggie with the end snipped off and use it to draw a web pattern. Throw on a fake spider or two and your favorite party dip is instantly creepy!

Slimy Worms on a Bun My son seriously thought these looked too gross to eat- he wouldn’t even touch it!

Easy Healthy School Halloween Party Plan (with No Sugar!)Are you in charge of planning a kids’ Halloween party for your child’s elementary school classroom this year? Formation Cap Cuisine Pour Adulte more. Are you low on time and ideas?

Do you wish Halloween (and classroom parties) could have far less sugar and hyped up children than they do? I’m here to help. Do People Want Healthy Halloween Parties? After I posted this on Facebook a few years back: I decided to share this simple Halloween party plan with you all.

That’s almost as many likes as I got when I birthed a child, for Heaven’s sakes! Apparently this “no sugar Halloween party” is a hot topic…And because I am who I am, it is also a (sort of) low maintenance plan, at least as far as games go, so if you’ve got a few parents to help, you could totally pull this off with even just a couple days notice. We had a blast with a one- hour Halloween party in second- grade with this plan, and as a former teacher, I was totally energized being in front of the classroom again. I’ve tweaked and reused it a few times since then too, for kindergarten and fourth graders! Katie here, just interrupting for a sec if I may with an exciting announcement about something I’m super passionate about…kids cooking dinner! If your dream would be a night off dinner – or you know it’s vital that your kids have life skills like cooking – or they’re ASKING to help in the kitchen but you’re not sure where to start – these brand new videos can help!

It feels like you don’t have time for anything else – but teaching kids to cook truly creates time where there was none once they start pitching in on dinner prep. TELL ME MORE ABOUT THE VIDEOS! For a fun sneak preview of one of our recipes, here’s my 5yo making mac and cheese in the Instant Pot – can you figure out what that secret VEGGIE ingredient is? No White Sugar Halloween Party Food. A few parents thanked me for planning food that didn’t include a bunch of candy, and I didn’t hear any kids say, “Hey! Where’s the cupcake with inch- thick frosting and a sugar cookie as big as my face?!??”I’m thinking the food went over well. Here’s a real food menu for a Halloween party, complete with some dramatic presentation– because I love to show kids (and adults) that healthy food can still be FUN and we don’t need to drown ourselves (and our kids) in sugar!!

Whole wheat, sucanat as the sweetener, real pumpkin puree (and here’s the gluten- free pumpkin muffin version)4 cups whole wheat flour, 2 cups real pumpkin puree and only a smidge over 1/2 cup honey for 6 dozen cookies! I made half raisin, half chocolate chip.

Now in my wisdom of later years, I’ve realized that a party treat should have no more than 3 items, or a lot of good food gets tossed in the trash. I’d skip the muffins and keep the cookies since there’s less sweetener and kids think “cookies” are more fun!! Carrot Witches’ Fingers I explained that I had invited a group of witches to do a singing and dancing number for the class, but instead of witch singers somehow a box came with just witch fingers. They’re baby carrots with a sunflower or pumpkin seed stuck in the end – and they look just as good with shelled sunflower seeds too.)Slimy Eyeball Grapes.

I held up that sticky eyeball toy on the left and asked if anyone would like one on their plate, then sent a dad around with a bag marked “EYEBALLS” to serve. They’re peeled grapes. I recommend peeling one per child for the touchy- feely experience, then offering extra unpeeled grapes.)Popcorn. I said I had also invited a skeleton to do a comedy routine, but the parking lot was so busy with parents that when he got out of my van and rushed out without looking both ways, he got hit by a car! I could only collect his vertebrae in the bowl…(The popcorn is popped in coconut oil and covered in about a stick of butter per cup of unpopped popcorn kernels…it was so good I had parents asking how I did it! Full instructions in Healthy Snacks to Go)Cheesy Ghosts.

Slices of white cheese cut into ghost shapes with a cookie cutter (or freehand with a knife). The family who did these used pre- wrapped slices and wrapped them back up so they were super easy to pass out. They wanted to keep going and make orange pumpkin shaped cheese, too!(photo source: ghost, cheese)They were SO cute, but I forgot to bring my camera to the actual party! Drink: 1. 00% White Grape Juice with a Gummy Worm…Here’s where the only white sugar at our party entered. I apologized to the kids and said that I had been gardening before coming to the party, so “I’m terribly sorry if anything out of the ordinary got in your cups from the garden…”It was fun.

But if I really had my druthers, I’d just serve water. In general, I’m not a fan of juice, and I’ve since gone to only water when I help plan parties, usually with something fun about it like the Christmas ice cubes we made for that party. Skip the gummy worm and you also have a party without any artificial colors, another feat worth Facebooking about. Simple Halloween Kids’ Party Games.