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Big Bend - Saltwater Paddling Trail. David Moynahan. Sea kayakers have long known of the multi- day expedition possibilities along Florida’s Big Bend Gulf Coast. This remote area boasts one of the longest and wildest publicly- owned coastal wetlands in the United States, and a striking array of bird and marine life.  Flocks of white pelicans zoom past in winter and great egrets dot marshy expanses, white as snowflakes. Bald eagles and ospreys entertain with their aerial maneuvers, and in the often clear waters one can spot fish, sea turtles and small rays in lush meadows of sea grass. The Big Bend Saltwater Paddling Trail spans much of the Big Bend from the Aucilla River to Yankeetown. When Young Adults Lie To Parents there. The northern 1. 05- mile segment from the Aucilla to the Suwannee River is managed by FWC. Big Bend Guide. A 4.

Designated primitive campsites exclusively for trail users are spaced 1. Continuing South.

To continue your journey through the Lower Suwannee National Wildlife Refuge and on to Yankeetown visit this website: http: //www. Lower_Suwannee/ For information on shuttles, lodging, restaurants, and other opportunities in the communities along the entire Big Bend Trail visit our tourist development organization partner: http: //www. To experience and learn more about ALL the paddling opportunities in this region, be sure to attend the next Hidden Coast Paddling Adventure.

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