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Doctors have issued on warning over a Christmas must-have toy, warning that Nerf guns can cause irreversible eye damage. Buy Nerf N-Strike Elite Triad EX-3 Blaster: Blasters & Foam Play - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. Nerf guns can be great fun for kids -- until someone damages an eye, doctors warn. Nerf guns or "blasters" are hugely popular toys -- used by kids and adults alike.

Halloween Costumes and Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids and Adults. Everyday low prices, pick up discount on eligible items and free shipping on all orders over $35. Looking for a Nerf gun that allows you to take full control of your dart-blasting adventures? The nerf modulus blaster looks great and has cool features. Nerf Guns are a type of toy that fire soft foam darts by using air pressure. The darts can travel upto 75 feet and depending on the gun, are loaded in singularly. Casually plunking your friend with a dart is more fun than you think. From bows to Mega Blasters, these are our five favorite deals on Nerf guns, blasters, and.

Nerf Guns For Adults

Nerf Modulus ECS- 1. Blaster and Accessories Review.

Our Rating: (4. 5 / 5)Looking for a Nerf gun that allows you to take full control of your dart- blasting adventures? Jobs For Adults With Apd on this page. If you have been dreaming of being able to use multiple accessories and change the way your Nerf gun interacts while in action, then you have probably been wondering whether or not to purchase a Nerf gun that comes with multiple accessories. Adored by both children and adults, the dart- blasting game has rapidly gained a lot of followers, thus the need for professional, versatile, durable and fun Nerf guns and accessories. Today, we are going to be talking about Hasbro’s 2.

Nerf N- Strike Modulus ECS- 1. Blaster, it’s accessories, and about what makes it a great choice for all Nerf guns enthusiasts.

But first, let’s take a look at its specifications and features: Product Specifications and Key Features. Flexible blaster that has more than 3. Can launch the darts at targets up to 9. Up to 1. 0 darts (which come with the blaster) can be hold by the blaster’s banana clip.

The blaster includes dual- rail barrel, drop grip, targeting scope storage stock, banana clip, 1. The blaster weighs 9.

Can be customized with a wide variety of accessories. The blaster has a white body with touches of grey, green and orange. The blaster is battery- powered and requires 4 AA batteries in order to function. Recommended for the ages of 8 and up. Nerf N- Strike Modulus ECS- 1. Blaster Performance and Extra Features. Being a motorized modular Nerf gun, people expect a lot from this blaster and the gun certainly delivers in terms of versatility and game enhancement.

Being able to upload your Nerf gun whenever you want, with a wide range of accessories is the selling point of this toy, and the reason for which it has become so popular since its launch earlier this year. Before we talk about the accessories that can turn your Modulus Blaster into the perfect battle toy, let’s discuss the gun itself and whether or not has it managed to impress the desired audiences with its design, performance, features and durability.

Appearance. In a bold attempt of improving the look and design of their guns, the manufacturers have decided to substitute the popular blue and orange design with an almost all- white one that is looking modern and more action- like. The Modulus Blaster is white with bits of grey and orange, and features bright green highlights. The new design makes the blaster look more professional and offers an alternative for all dart- blasting enthusiasts who were not that satisfied with the vivid colors of previous Nerf guns.

Performance and Features. Aspergers Successful Adults. Being a revolutionary gun, this blaster was crafted and designed with the idea of change in mind, and this is something its users can see from the moment they open the box it comes in.

The blaster is equipped with 5 tactical rail mounts that are used for attaching various accessories. The great thing about the blaster is that the accessories do not interfere with the performance of the gun, they do not jam nor get in the way, are easy to change as they simply slide on, and can also be easily removed by popping them off.

Being a battery- powered Nerf gun, you should have no problem in terms of dart- launching speed, especially since the manufactured advertise the blaster’s ability of firing up to 9. As a bonus, the motor of the blaster will allow you to empty the 1. According to some of the blaster’s users, it can get a little bit noisy when doing so, but nothing to really distract you from the battle.

In terms of building your own dream blaster, we can certainly say that the N- Strike Modulus ECS- 1. Blaster is more than a viable option; its performance is visibly enhanced by the existence of the batteries and also by the manner in which the accessories and their working mechanism have being designed and built.

Now let’s move on to the thing that most interests you, the blaster’s accessories and what you can do with them. Nerf N- Strike Modulus ECS- 1.

Blaster Additional Accessories. Although the blaster comes with accessories that allow you to customize it in 3.

Can you imagine that there are about 1. Let’s see what the main accessories and upgrade kits are: Proximity Barrel Upgrade. This allows you to upgrade your Nerf blaster and extend the length of its barrel. The upgrade also features Fire. Vision, which is excellent for improving your night vision. Flip Clip Upgrade Kit.

If the 1. 0 darts that come in the original package are not satisfying you, Nerf offers an upgrade in the shape of a flip clip which can hold up to 2. Long Range Upgrade Kit. This kit includes distance scope, folding bi- pod and long barrel and is excellent for precision targeting, while the bi- pod helps you steady the shots and achieve a higher accuracy level when in the heat of the battle.

Strike and Defend Upgrade Kit.

Top 1. 0 Best Nerf Guns. The sound of laughter drifts through the backyard as foam darts float through the air. Nerf guns provide hours of entertainment for kids and adults. Available in a wide variety of designs, they allow consumers to stage impromptu wars whenever the mood strikes.

The best Nerf guns offer rapid- fire shots without a lot of reloading. They come in large and small designs suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Many consumers prefer to have a variety of guns to choose from when planning a battle. Nerf N- Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster. The Strongarm blaster fires up to six Nerf darts in rapid procession. Capable of firing over long ranges, it features a flip- open rotating barrel and a tactical rail. It has a compact design that makes it suitable for play inside or outside.

Consumers can use the Elite darts with other guns from the Nerf Elite line. Nerf N- Strike Vulcan. Nerf's N- Strike Vulcan features a machine- gun style design that fires at a rate of three darts per second. A removable tripod allows users to stand the gun on the ground to fire, and easily carry it from place to place. The dart belt holds up to 2.

Nerf N- Strike Stampede ECS- 5. Blaster. The Nerf N- Strike Stampede offers a fully automatic clip system with three clips that hold 1. A removable shield on the front protects consumers from incoming darts as they fire. A pop- out bipod helps stabilize the gun for better aim, while doubling as a handle for carrying. Nerf N- Strike Elite Demolisher. Nerf's N- Strike Demolisher includes a semi- automatic design that features a 1.

It gives consumers a choice of pump- action or automatic shooting for a distance of up to 9. Casual Dating Ottawa more. An integrated storage area holds missiles when users are on the go, and it detaches easily. Nerf Zombie Strike Sling.

Fire Blaster. The Nerf Zombie Strike Sling. Fire Blaster features a special design that includes the Nerf Zombie logo. It comes with a six- dart clip and lever- action blasting that allows users to reload on the run. It is easy to maneuver, and users can fire the blaster using only one hand. An included tactical rail allows consumers to customize their gun with Nerf accessories. Nerf Zombie Strike Crossfire Bow.

With the Nerf Zombie Strike Crossfire Bow, consumers can fire four darts at their opponents with real crossbow action. Users pull back on the bowstring to load the bow, and then release to fire. It features a bright green design that includes the Zombie Strike logo. Nerf N- Strike Elite Rampage Sonic Ice Blaster. The Nerf N- Strike Elite Rampage Blaster includes a 2.

A special Slam Fire handle allows consumers to release a barrage of darts at their target at one time. The drum and Elite darts work with other guns from the Elite range. Nerf Rhino Fire Blaster.

Nerf's Rhino Fire Blaster features double barrels with motorized firing that allows users to control the speed of the darts. Each barrel holds 2. Elite darts that shoot up to 9. The gun includes a detachable tripod that provides extra stability for shooting. Nerf N- Strike Longshot CS- 6. The Nerf N- Strike Longshot CS- 6 resembles a rifle and fires darts up to 3. An included scope on the top of the gun allows users to focus their shot for an accurate hit.

A barrel extension helps with long- range shots, and two additional clips allow users to reload quickly. Nerf N- Strike Elite Rapid. Strike Blaster. A special Acceleration Trigger on the Elite Rapid. Strike blaster allows consumers to increase power to the motor for super- speed firing.

The gun holds 1. 8 darts and shoots up to 7. A see- through clip means users can track how much ammunition they have left. After choosing the.

Nerf gun style you want, you can purchase your gun on. Bay. To start your search, type the words "Nerf gun" into the search bar on any page. Scan the large list of inventory to find the gun you want.

Use the specific name of a gun, such as "Nerf Longshot," to narrow your search. After deciding on a Nerf gun, complete your purchase and get ready to have some epic backyard fun.

Doctors warn Nerf guns can cause irrerversible eye damage. Doctors have issued on warning over a Christmas must- have toy, warning that Nerf guns can cause irreversible eye damage. Experts from the UK's leading eye hospital said bullets from the guns and blasters could lead to internal bleeding around the eye as well as issues such as blurred vision. And they warned that children were increasingly watching You. Tube videos adising them how to ‘soup up’ the toys, showing them how to make them shoot even harder, faster and further.

Children and adults who play with the guns should wear protective eye goggles, they said, while calling for "reconsideration of the safe age limits for Nerf gun use in children."Nerf toys, which are manufactured by Hasbro, include a range of guns, blasters, and bows and arrows aimed at children aged eight and over.