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  1. A description of tropes appearing in My Little Pony. Long-Running multimedia franchise that started humbly with a large horse doll with a brushable tail and.
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My Little Pony Adults Games

Watching names like Rob Renzetti and Lauren Faust pop up in the credits of a toy-based animated series like My Little Pony is an admission of defeat for the entire. Play the best My Little Pony games, watch free videos and download fun things from Boomerang. My Little Pony is an entertainment franchise developed by Hasbro, originally as a toy line for girls. The first toys were developed by Bonnie Zacherle, Charles. Anime, fantasy and animal dress up games and doll makers. Beautiful, high quality games for girls, teenagers, adults and everyone :).

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My Little Pony (IDW Publishing)"My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (comic book)" redirects here. It is not to be confused with Japanese comics by Akira Himekawa. My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Cover of Issue 4, art by Amanda Conner.

Publication information. Publisher. IDW Publishing. Schedule. Monthly. Format. Ongoing series. Genre. Publication date.

November 2. 8, 2. No. of issues. 63 (main series)1.

Micro Series)3. 8 (Friends Forever)1. Legends of Magic)5 (Fiendship Is Magic)3 (Annual Edition)3 (Holiday Special)1 (Deviations)4 (Movie Prequel)Main character(s)Cast of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Creative team. Written by. Katie Cook (issues 1–4, 9–1. Heather Nuhfer (issues 5–8, 1.

Ted Anderson (issues 2. Jeremy Whitley (issues 2. Christina Rice (issues 3. Thom Zahler (issues 3. James Asmus (issues 5.

Rob Anderson (issue 5. Artist(s)Andy Price (issues 1–4, 9–1.

Katie Cook (issues 1, 4, 1. Amy Mebberson (issues 5–8, 1. Brenda Hickey (issues 1. Agnes Garbowska (issues 2. Jay Fosgitt (issues 2. Tony Fleecs (issues 3.

Letterer(s)Robbie Robbins (issues 1–2)Neil Uyetake (issues 3−3. Gilberto Lazcano (issue 3. Colorist(s)Heather Breckel (issues 1–2.

Agnes Garbowska (issues 2. Amy Mebberson (issue 2. Sara Richard (issues 2.

Bill Forster (issues 2. Brenda Hickey (issues 2. Lauren Perry (assist) (issues 2.

Andy Price (issue 4. Editor(s)Bobby Curnow.

IDW Publishing, an American comic publisher which has been publishing tie- in comic books to Hasbro properties since 2. My Little Pony comics beginning in November 2. The comics published so far are based on the characters from the 2. My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic television series, as well as the anthropomorphic spin- off Equestria Girls. The flagship title, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, is a monthly comic book series that debuted on November 2. The series is typically written in story arcs that span either two or four issues apiece; Katie Cook and Andy Price write and illustrate the first arc, respectively, while Heather Nuhfer and Amy Mebberson perform the same on the second.

It was accompanied by a secondary publication, Micro- Series, which ran for 1. February to December 2. Each issue of this title centered around a single character, with Thom Zahler writing the first issue and various writers and artists involved with the others. A second title, subtitled Friends Forever, debuted on January 2. Alex de Campi; it consisted of single- issue stories, each focusing on a different pair of characters. Sock Monkey Slippers For Adults on this page.

Friends Forever ended in April 2. Legends of Magic, that same month. This series presents stories that center on key figures connected to the history and development of magic in Equestria. IDW has also published several one- off issues.

The series provides stories based on the established fictional universe of the television show. It follows the studious Twilight Sparkle (originally a unicorn, later given a pair of wings) and her friends in adventures throughout the empire of Equestria. Though the comic, like the show, is aimed at young children, the writers and artists included material to appeal to the broad older fandom, featuring cultural references and show elements enjoyed by them. The first issue saw more than 1.

IDW to issue a second printing; it was only one of two non- DC or non- Marvel comics to be in the top 1. Subsequent issues were monthly best sellers and represented IDW's highest- selling property. Journalists in the comic industry noted that with the older fans likely buying comics for the first time in many years, along with child fans purchasing comic books for the first time, the success of the My Little Pony comic could aid the ailing industry. The first issue was highly praised for capturing the spirit of the characters and presentation of the show while providing a good introduction to its mythos for those who were unfamiliar with it. Concept and creation[edit]Hasbro's My Little Pony franchise, started in the 1. In 2. 01. 0, Hasbro aimed to relaunch the My Little Pony line, following the recent success of the re- envisioning of the Transformers franchise, and brought in animator Lauren Faust as the creative developer for the show; in addition to developing the looks and characters to be featured in the toy line, Faust was also tasked with creating a new tie- in show as to provide programming for its new cable network, The Hub (now Discovery Family; owned by Discovery Communications and Hasbro).[3][4] Faust's previous experience on shows like The Powerpuff Girls and Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends led to her developing a show that would have cross- generational appeal to young girls and the parents that would watch the show with them. Her characters were designed to challenge the norm of girl stereotypes while still keeping the archetypes as familiar figures.

Faust worked with several former co- writers from her previous shows (including her husband and animator Craig Mc. Cracken), and with the directors at DHX Media's 2.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Cast Images. Voice Director: Terry Klassen. US Premiere: Oct 1. US Conclusion: Ongoing.

US Home Media: Feb 2. Japan Premiere: Apr 0. Japan Conclusion: Oct 1. Seasons: 8+Episodes: 1. Animation Studio: DHX Media. Popularity: 2nd. All Time, 7th. This Week. Franchise: My Little Pony.

Characters on BTVA: 6.