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History The beginning: M2. MTV2 began broadcasting as simply M2 on August 1, 1996 – MTV's 15th anniversary – with Beck's "Where It's At" being the first video to. Live Feed, a Hollywood entertainment news blog, covers breaking television show news and provides TV Nielsen ratings analysis. Disney Pixar Golden Globes Bing Bong's Original Exit In 'Inside Out' Was Too 'Heart-Wrenching' For Even Pixar.

Teen Mom UK's Mia Boardman Explains How Having Daughter Marliya Has Affected Her Relationship With Manley Geddes - EXCLUSIVEThe last time we saw Mia Boardman on Teen Mom UK, she was battling jealousy issues over Manley Geddes' relationship with ex Erin (who he has daughter Aaliyah with) and settling into life as a new mum. And with the second series of the MTV show just around the corner (starting Wednesday 2. July at 8pm, guys!), the amazing mum has been filling us in on how her little family is getting along, and how having daughter Marliya has affected her relationship with Manley. CATCH UP WITH MIA IN OUR EXCLUSIVE VIDEO BELOW: Speaking exclusively to MTV about the possibility of having another child, Mia revealed that things have been strained between her and Manley after they welcomed their adorable daughter, explaining: "People always ask me do me and Manley want another baby, I would say no. "Marliya's the best thing that ever happened to me and she's the best thing that ever happened to Manley but she has changed our relationship. She hasn't, but the whole situation of having a baby and having to grow up and move into our own flat and be adults even though we're children has definitely put a strain on us."I've always said that a baby does not fix your relationship so having another baby would not be a good idea."Mia also shared an update on how life has changed and how Marliya's grown since the first series, telling us: "Since the last series of Teen Mom UK, so much has changed in my life. I have my own flat which is lovely!

Marliya's one, she can crawl, she can talk, she can eat proper food - she's so old!"She added that being able to watch Marliya's big moments back is one of the best things about being on the show, revealing: "So the best thing I think being on Teen Mom UK is it's literally changed my life for the better. I get to watch mine and her memories on TV, her birth, her birthday, her first moments, and I still watch back the first episodes now and just think 'oh my god look how small she was'."I just love that I'm gonna have that forever."Aww! Find out how Mia and Manley are getting on when Teen Mom UK returns, Wednesday 2. July at 8pm - only on MTV!

And you catch up with ALL of our amazing mums in our exclusive videos below! Teen Mom UK is working in partnership with charities Brook, Gingerbread and Little Lullaby to provide advice for teens on sexual health and being a single parent. If you need advice, get in touch.

Crazy Pokemon Fan Theories That Change Everything. Skip to main content.

If there's one thing we love more than Pokemon, it's bonkers fan theories. Friday, June 2, 2. There’s only one thing we enjoy as much as playing Pokemon, and that’s reading crazy Pokemon fan theories! From the Great Pokemon War to the much- debated creation of certain Pokemon, we’ve put together 1. Pokemon fan theories we think every Pokemon fan will enjoy trying to wrap their head around…User Deft. Total Free Dating Service In Alabama.

Touch. Sebastian shared his theory on Reddit two years ago and gives a pretty compelling case as to why the old man you meet in the northeastern part of the city is preparing his land for construction of a hotel.. You. Tuber Death Mountaineers takes crazy fan theories to the next level with his bold statement that the Pokedex, your go- to encyclopaedia created by Professor Oak that provides information to Trainers regarding the various species of Pokémon featured in the Pokémon video game, anime and manga series, is full of lies! If you’ve got 1. 5 minutes spare, this one’s a potential life changer…Whilst its no secret that Gengar is known as the “Shadow Pokemon”, its unclear as to what Gengar is the shadow of, exactly? Take a look at a picture of Clefable and Gengar side by side though and you’ll notice their body shapes are almost exactly alike, with the only major difference being that Clefable has a curl for its hair and tail, while Gengar has spikes. However, the shadow of an upright spiral like Clefable’s tail would only be a line, or a spike.

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Theorists have also pointed out, that due to their immunities, neither Pokemon would be able to hit the other with STAB attacks since they’d both be immune to each other which gives greater weight to the theory when you think of how impossible it is to hit your own shadow. You. Tuber Proto. Mario discusses the widely circulated theory that Koffing and Weezing are not natural Pokemon and were in fact created by Team Rocket. Another interesting theory is that N, a character that appears in Pokemon Black, White, Black 2 and White 2 as the leader of Team Plasma, is not human and is in fact a Pokemon, Zoroark, casting an illusion.

Here's what's new and interesting in entertainment and the arts: Anthony Scaramucci is out and Twitter is having a field day; Goodbye, MTV Moonman trophy. Free MTV? Yes, please. On Dec. 23, Viacom International Media Networks (VIMN), will launch exactly that in Germany: a free-to-air version of MTV on cable, satellite.

With Zoroark’s known to appear as humans in the Black and White games and N sharing similarities structurally with this particular Pokemon, it is a possibility that N’s motivations to separate humans from their Pokemon could in fact be the desire of a Zoroark who no longer wants to be abused and used by a human trainer as a tool to gain power. Pokeboard. com User Dark Aura had this to say in the Pokemon Theories thread; “Have you ever noticed Haunter's eyes and Voltorb's eyes are the same?

MTV captured reality television lightning in a bottle with the pop culture phenomenon Jersey Shore. Now, the network is hoping to do it again by relocating to the. It's the end of the road for MTV's critical darling Sweet/Vicious. "MTV has decided to not move forward with a second season of Sweet/Vicious. We are extremely proud. Hey, why can't I vote on comments? Cracked only offers comment voting to subscribing members. Subscribers also have access to loads of hidden content.

The theory is that Haunter possessed a Pokeball, but couldn't escape (Which is why the bottom is gone from the Pokeball when it's a "Voltorb"). It constantly explodes because its frustrated because it can't get out.”Fanservice FTW/Super. Alexstar. Reddit user autuns seems to think that Pokemon are made up of a colony of microorganisms. He may be onto something when he says…One theory that feels like a stretch upon first hearing it is that when Ash is struck by lightning in the first Pokemon episode he actually falls into a coma, where he then lives out his dream of being a Pokemon master. But if you think about it, this theory if proved true would explain why Ash ages very little over the course of the series. Everyone he meets on his journey represent aspects of himself that he has to over come before he can wake up, and as purveyors of this theory state: the reason Ash never truly becomes master is because if he did, he would wake up from his coma.

We’re just not entirely sold on the idea that Mewtwo is actually an electric impulse treatment that doctors are using to try and bring him out of the coma! Channel. Frederator talk us through the conspiracy…As far as fan theories go, this one is pretty grim in its claims that the desolate area seen in the Unova region in Pokemon Black and White is actually meant to symbolise ground zero in the aftermath of the 9/1. The following video explains the theory in more detail: Many Pokemon fans are aware of the Pokemon War theory which suggests that the lack of adults you encounter in the Red, Green and Blue games may have something to do with a war that takes place in the Kanto region before the first game takes place that killed most of the adults. Enable Netmeeting In Xp.

Lt. Surge, the gym leader in Vermilion City, adds further credibility to the theory when he says; “I tell you what kid, electric Pokèmon saved me during the war!”If you’re finding the coma theory a tough pill to swallow then its going to be a big ask for you to accept that after being electrocuted, Ash in fact died, which led to his upset mother cloning him.

Top 1. 0 Clever Jokes And Observations (That Everybody Makes)Original, interesting comedy is great, but crafting it is so damn HARD. Luckily, imitation and unoriginality are just as popular, if not more lucrative. Dane Cook, Jay Leno, Carlos Mencia, Denis Leary, and millions upon millions of Internet commenters can’t be wrong. Not to mention the guy in the grocery store checkout line who thinks he’s the next Twain because of his groundbreaking revelation that, yes, Twlight is a very silly book.

That’s just one of many jokes and observations that, at one time, were mind- blowingly original. And then, eight seconds later, everybody else made the exact same jokes at the exact same time. And they’re STILL MAKING THEM. So, in the style of Jerry Seinfeld’s I’m Telling You For The Last Time album, let’s just get a bunch of this material out the way, chuckle over it one last time, and then move on to something fresh. Like farting. That never gets old.

While music videos are mostly viewed on YouTube these days, this is only the latest stage in the evolution of a medium that can be as elaborate as film and as.

Ironic” Isn’t An Ironic Song. So in 1. 99. 4, Alanis Morrisette wrote a song called Ironic, featuring a whole bunch of scenarios that were more unfortunate twists of fate than they were truly ironic. Now, many people have no clue what actual irony is, but they sure know what it isn’t.

And so, for damn near 2. It’s high time to give it a rest. We get it; it’s not an ironic song. People figured this out within two minutes of hearing the song for the first time.

We’re begging you; no more rain- on- your- wedding- day gags. Even if it does rain on your wedding day. It’s your own fault anyhow; should’ve rented a tent.

There are even those out those who claim Alanis did this on purpose; she wrote a song called Ironic, and included no irony whatsoever. This would indeed be actual irony but, to be fair, she could’ve done that with any of her songs. It’s not ironic to bug someone during dinner or go down on them in a theater, after all. Also, it’s pretty generous to credit such clever wordplay to the woman who wrote, “Do you have a big intellectual capacity but know that it alone does not equate to wisdom,” and decided it would work in a song. MTV Doesn’t Play Music. You probably wouldn’t have gotten the chance to hear Ironic if not for MTV.

That stands for “Music Television,” in case you haven’t heard that little factoid the first 8. People LOVE to point out that Music TV has no music, hoping some lowly MTV intern is sitting two tables away, hears them, and realizes the error of his ways. Then he will march down to MTV Studios, let his bosses know what the street think, and they will burrow their heads in their hands, scream WHAT HELL HATH WE WROUGHT at the Heavens, and immediately cancel all their reality shows marathons in favor of videos that most people will just watch on You. Tube anyway. What, that doesn’t happen? It hasn’t happened in the 2. It’s not going to happen ever? Yup, sounds about right.

Now how about you go fire up You. Tube, enjoy yourself, and never speak of this again. And if you need more convincing than even we can offer, then maybe this guy can further bore it into your skull. And if you STILL don’t get it after that, then you’re exactly who MTV caters to anyway. Enjoy your 1. 6 And Pregnant marathon.

Pro Wrestling’s Fake. It’s one thing to make the same tired jokes for 2. It’s quite another to make them for close to 7.

And, if you’re a hater of pro wrestling who loves to point out that it isn’t real, then you fall squarely into that category, and need to let a wrestler punch you in the throat over and over again until you can no longer talk. What do you have to worry about? They won’t hurt you; their punches are fake. You’ll be fine. Pro wrestling isn’t for everyone; we get that.

It’s monumentally stupid 9. Mocking the asinine crap that wrestling so often passes off as product is a completely acceptable use of your time, fan or no. But, for all that is holy, enough with the IT’S FAKE stuff. We know. We’ve always known. It isn’t hard to figure out.

We could easily do a list of Reasons Even A Baby Could Tell Pro Wrestling’s Made Up, but the boss won’t let us write a Top 5,0. Something about bandwidth issues, the miser. You. Tube is the worst place for this lately. Any video with wrestling in it, or even just a wrestler doing other things, is all- but- guaranteed to feature commenters who think they’re opening up eyes with the Great Reveal. Laughing at people because you think that they think wrestling is real does nothing but paint you as an unoriginal hack. At least let one of us come to your house and laugh at you for thinking your girlfriend’s orgasm is real.

Fair’s fair. 7. The Star Wars Prequels Were Just So, So Bad. Compared to some of the other things we’re discussing, jokes about the Star wars prequels are quite new: Phantom Menace is 1. Revenge of the Sith is only seven.

But the endless mockery, and “expert” analysis of why these movies sucked, has aged this trilogy so fast that they could very well have cast Charlie Chaplin as Jar Jar Binks.