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Moxie is defined as a "force of character, determination, or nerve." Moxie's Grill & Bar, the new restaurant that opened last week across from the Galleria, hopes to.

How Long Should You Wait For The Second Date? Name: Scott. Age: 3.

City: New York. State: NYComment: So I’ve decided to get back on the sauce and once again use a fairly popular, well- known internet dating website that’s free…Yes, I’ve been going out with a few women, with mixed success, and thankfully enjoying the experience for the most part without getting too exhausted and/or frustrated. Last night, I was pleasantly surprised to have a first date which I initially thought wouldn’t go anywhere turn out to be excellent…instead of having the typical one round of drinks and calling it a night, we ended up having four rounds, and our conversation flowed smoothly as we opened up and got to know one another…as I got the sense that she was enjoying my company and somewhat into me, just as I was into her, I asked her if she would be interested in seeing me again.  I’m in my 3. I’m not into the dating games and am fairly clear with my intentions, and she was in her mid- 2. I’m a bit older and have my act together (for the most part).   She seemed receptive to getting together again, and I suggested getting together the upcoming weekend – we went out on a Wednesday night, so it seemed like an appropriate amount of time. When she indicated the weekend was not looking good, I suggested the following week, and she seemed hesitant, and said she was pretty booked.  Now, I understand how someone can easily book 7 dates for each night of the week, and I’m not implying that she did that.  When she suggested that we meet a week and a half later, I mentioned something like, “I’m going to have to wait a week and a half to see you again?”  Keep in mind as well that she’s relatively new to the site, having signed up about a month ago, but she was the one who initially contacted me on the site.  After my comment, she checked her schedule again and she realized she was free on Tuesday, so we agreed on getting dinner that night.

However, I’m wondering what your thoughts are with respect to waiting too long for that second date…If she were to make me wait, let’s say a week and a half, when there was no discernible excuse like going out of town, studying for a test, etc. I had thought?  Do you think my comment about waiting a week and a half compelled her to “free” up a night, because she sensed I would lose interest?  What’s your take? I generally feel like after a successful first date, barring any exigent circumstances, i. What say you? My take is that she’s new to the site and probably, since she’s in her mid twenties, getting a lot of offers. I don’t think she’s any more interested in you than she would be any other guy she met on there. Here’s the thing: when a woman is into a guy, she finds excuses to free her schedule. That’s it. She doesn’t tell a man she’s booked.

Moxie Dating Tips

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That is, unless she’s trying to play hard to get and/or not terribly interested. She could have been trying to seem aloof and like she has options. I tend to think that women like this are more invested in the chase and the attention than anything else. Either way, her response doesn’t bode well for you. I’m not sure if all of this back and forth happened the same night of your first date or what. If so, yikes. You came on pretty strong.

If this whole conversation happened while you two were face to face after that first date, I’m thinking she felt kind of awkward and uncomfortable. If that’s the case, she might have agreed to see you Tuesday just to get away from you and planned on cancelling once she got home. In the future, when a woman says she’s booked, just reply back and say, “No problem. Get back to me when you know your schedule.”  Don’t offer commentary like, “I have to wait a week and a half to see you again?” It just makes you seem overly invested and aggressive given you only had one date. Not only that but you really shouldn’t have to convince someone to want to see you again. That, too, is a bad sign.

My guess is she wasn’t 1. That or her plans cancelled and she had nothing to do so she figured, “Why not?” I wouldn’t be surprised if you followed in the comments and told me that she cancelled on you. Like I said, if we like you, we make time for you. If she had been on the same page as you you wouldn’t have sensed hesitation.

You would have sensed antici…. Rocky Horror reference!)I think a lapse of a week and a half after the first date ruins the momentum. There’s too much time between meetings for things to develop naturally. You want to be able to build on whatever attraction and compatibility is present in person, and rather soon. Suggesting to a date that you and they should get together again over the weekend following the first date sounds reasonable to me. I used to think that suggesting a second date within the next 2 or 3 days after the first date was too much, but that’s changed. Time is of the essence.

If the connection and attraction is there, go for it. Within reason, of course.

The Best Laid- Back Beach Towns in the North East. Every year, as the days get longer and the last remnants of the final snow begin to melt, the classic Northeastern beach towns—like Nantucket and the Hamptons—come alive. But the approach of summer also means the inevitable flock of beachgoers. Restaurants are impossible to get into, lines for ice cream go down the entire block, and you’re lucky if you get enough space on the beach for yourself let alone a towel and umbrella. But fear not. There’s a slew of trendy or newly renovated hotels located in these coastal enclaves and your perfect summer getaway—sans crowds—is only a few hours north on the I- 9.

For those looking for a more laid- back alternative, try visiting some of these hidden beach towns. For example, Shelter Island, New York—a.

Hamptons much chiller neighbor—boasts all the coastline views and style of the more popular summer hotspot, but with a quieter and, some may say, more sophisticated feel. Madison, Connecticut, meanwhile, boasts trendy boutiques and pristine views of the Long Island Sound. And then there' s Castine, Maine with its fabulous food and rich seafaring history.

Said another way: these spots are where to go for the same quintessential New England charm and way less people to bump into while chowing down on a fresh lobster roll.

A Simple Everyday Makeup Routine, From the Experts. We all have piles and piles of makeup, more than we actually need, but how do you know what’s worth keeping, what products you should be using, and what you may be using incorrectly? Well I had quite the Sunday yesterday. I had an amazing Skype session with makeup artist Troy Edwards through Maestro Market, a new online platform that directly connects you with affordable experts of all kinds.

He walked me through an easy, everyday makeup routine using products I already own, and taught me step- by- step how to apply them correctly. He started off by getting to know my style, both in fashion and beauty, and then came the fun part. We literally went through every single makeup product I own (not kidding, every single product), and sorted them into piles: For each item, he had me explain what I like and don’t like about the product. Then he told me which pile to put it in. It felt so good to get rid of so much crap that had just been sitting in my makeup box. Once we finished sorting the makeup, he gave me a one- on- one lesson on how to use the products we chose to keep.

Let me tell you, I thought I had been doing my makeup all right, but I was so wrong. Just the slightest tweaks made such a huge difference. Take a look: Step 1: Foundation. Since my skin is dry, we decided my NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer was the best way to go.

I had always applied it with my hands, but he showed me how to use my liquid foundation brush. First, you use your fingers to dab the product in 4 spots on your face. Then use the brush to blend it. On your forehead, brush back and forth.

On your cheeks, brush down and away from the center of your face. And on your chin, also brush back and forth. Step 2: Concealer. While I’d been using this Benefit Boi- ing Concealer for some time, it often felt thick and cakey under my eyes. He showed me an awesome trick that really blends the product smoothly.

Add a drop of moisturizer to your brush before adding the product. Then dab the product about 4 times under your eyes. Smooth with the brush, then use your middle finger to lightly dab underneath your eyes. The heat of your finger helps blend the concealer even more for a really natural finish.

I also have been a huge fan of this Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat brightener. Rubella And Adults. I love the luminous effect it has on the skin. Step 3: Powder. I had no idea but I’d been using the wrong brush to apply my powder for way too long.

I had this small kabuki brush from bare. Minerals that he recommended I use instead. He said to apply it in circular motions to buffer it into the skin for a natural look. Step 4: Bronzer. Now this is where he really blew my mind.

With all of the contouring talk out there, I had gotten so confused on how to really use my bronzer to the best of its abilities. He recommended to avoid contouring during the day as it’s meant more for poor lighting like on stage or for a night out. I had also been using the wrong brush for this as well. Bronzer should be applied with a large fluffy brush, which I already owned but never used. Swirl the brush in the product, tap the brush so some product comes off (important!), then start with your cheeks.

Sweep the brush up and down starting at the outer part of your cheek, working your way in. Repeat on the other side. Then finish with your forehead, chin, and neck. Step 5: Blush. Yup, you guessed it. I was using the wrong brush for this as well. Blush requires a fluffy yet dense brush like the one I use below.

He also got me to try a new color I’d never tried before. I’d always opted for more peachy tones, but this petal pink is really pretty too and works with my skin tone. Smile and apply to the apples of your cheeks. Step 6: Eyes. It was great to learn a simple eye makeup routine for everyday. First, I start with a “bone” colored shadow and cover my entire lid.

If you have a fluffy shadow brush, use that, but I didn’t so I just used my finger. Then pick a taupe color and use a denser shadow brush to dab, not sweep, the product at the bottom of your lid and work your way up to the crease. This is a great way to not only avoid getting product on your cheeks, but to also layer shadow to control how intense you want the color. He approved of the way I applied my eyeliner (woohoo!) with an angled brush, a bit of water, and powder liner. He recommended navy for my blue eyes. As for mascara, he recommended dabbing the wand on a tissue first, then wiggling it at the route of your lashes and sweeping up. Step 7: Lips. Last but not least, lips!

For everyday, he recommended a really pretty combination of light pink lipstick (bare. Minerals Moxie Lipstick in Speak Your Mind) and coral gloss (bare.

Minerals Moxie Lipgloss in Party Starter). I also admitted my fear of bright colored lipstick and he showed me a great way to apply them that isn’t overwhelming. Just dab the lipstick on your bottom lip and rub your lips together for just a hunt of color. Then add gloss to bring out the color a bit more.