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Meetinghouse Inn Henniker

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Want to get a glimpse of an honest-to-goodness ghost? Or maybe just feel a chill run down your spine by being in the presence of something other-wordly? Perhaps you. History of Warner Chapter I. The Grant and the Settlement. - The township of Warner is situated in the western portion of Merrimack County and is bounded as follows. The Union Bluff Hotel has been keeping a watchful eye over the shores of Short Sands Beach since 1868.

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New Hampshire's haunted places New Hampshire. Want to get a glimpse of an honest- to- goodness ghost? Or maybe just feel a chill run down your spine by being in the presence of something other- wordly? Perhaps you don't believe in this stuff, and you just want proof that it's all a bunch of hoo- hah?

Whatever your motivation, here's a list of allegedly haunted places from around the Granite State, arranged by town. Alton Town Hall. Alton, NH Heavy footsteps walking around, furniture moving on its own, doors open mysteriously, and voices heard when no one is in the building.

Amos J. Blake House Museum. Fitzwilliam, NH According to the Soul Seekers Paranormal Society: The museum of the Fitzwilliam Historical Society has many reports of possible paranormal activity including feelings of not being alone, strange sounds, voices, and photographs of ectoplasm. Margaritas Mexican Restaurant. Bicentennial Square Concord, NH 0. A mischievous ghost named George who moves people's chairs, drinks their beverages, and throws food. Siam Orchid Thai Restaurant.

N Main Concord, NH The drinking glasses move across the table and mysterious voices can be heard in the dining room and kitchen. The people living above the restaurant sometimes hear things after the restaurant has closed for the evening. Bedard Haunting. Dover, NH There have been strange scratching sounds in the attic, doors closing, elderly gentleman seen momentarily staring into the living room from outside the window or sitting in a wheelchair in an unused bedroom. Dover Mills. Dover, NH Former site of a mill that partially burned down.

Strange lights coming from upper level rooms. You can hear machines running and turning on and off. There are also lights on in the basement even though it's blocked off. University of New Hampshire. Smith Hall Durham, NH A mysterious female figure roams the halls and visits residents in the middle of the night.

Toll Hill. Eaton Center, NH An old farmhouse on top of this hill is haunted by the ghost of a horse who sought shelter in the abandoned building during a blizzard and became trapped and died. The horse is reportedly still trying to escape. Philbrick House. East Kingston, NH Unexplainable loud noises, lights behind closed doors in vacant rooms, and antique clocks mysteriously working. Haunted Lake. Francestown, NH During the early to mid- 1. Hillsborough. The men had a fight and one buried the other along the shore of the lake. Reports of mysterious loud moans and shrieks.

Kimball Castle. Gilford, NH Reports of doors locking and unlocking by themselves, things disappearing, books being pulled off shelves, and plants being knocked over. Temperance Tavern. Gilmanton, NH Reports of doors locking and unlocking by themselves, things disappearing, books being pulled off shelves, and plants being knocked over. Goffstown Historical Society.

Goffstown, NH Lights mysteriously turn on and off by themselves. Strange lights have been reported by neighbors along with a human silhouette in the second floor windows. Meetinghouse Green Memorial Park. Hampton, NH Haunted by the ghost of Goody Cole who is the state's only woman to be convicted of witchcraft. The figure is a shabby, sad, bent over old lady. Marston House. Hampton, NH Haunted by an 1.

Valentine Marston who was accidentally shot in 1. This harmless ghost is known to wear a sailor suit. Moulton House. Hampton, NH Original owner General Johnathan Moulton's wife Abigail haunts the house. He was also reported to have sold his soul to the devil. Notchland Inn. Route 3. Hart's Location, NH Inhabited by an unknown, but so far harmless, spirit.

The Henniker House. Henniker, NH You may be allowed to visit the house, please contact the Chamber of Commerce in Henniker, New Hampshire, for more information.

The ghost of "Ocean- Born" Mary Wallace supposedly visits this house every Halloween in a horse drawn coach. Some say she's always there haunting it on a permanent basis. Blaser's Fireside Tavern. Main Street Hopkinton, NH Reports of the ghost of a balding man wearing a checkered coat, striped pants,and spats. He is believe to be Frank Mills, who committed suicide in the building. There has also been footsteps in empty rooms, male voices when their shouldn't be, candles lit after being put out, and chairs being tossed. Keene State College.

Huntress Hall Keene, NH Harriet Huntress is said to roam the attic and fourth floor of the building in her wheelchair. The wheelchair is still in the attic. Colonial Theater. Laconia, NH Footsteps heard and lights go on and off, and doors open and close when no one's around.

Visitors get a strange feeling that they should leave as soon as possible. A figure of a man has been seen. Bob Shaw's Italian Sandwich Shop(formerly Psaris Bistro) 9. Elm Street Manchester, NH Unexplained noises, names being called when no one's there, shadows move across mirrors, and other minor ghostly activity.