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Davie Dauzat sentenced: Texas husband gets 52 years jail after beheading wife’s head and putting it in the freezer as their two children played nearby. The Boundless Show is a fun and feisty weekly podcast for single young adults that gives a Christian perspective on dating, culture, career and faith.

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Best Christian Artists Of All Time News. Christian music is a blossoming industry right now and the reason for that is the number of flourishing talented artists that have sprung up over the last three decades. Both male and female artists alike are releasing hit after hit. There is no shortage on Christian contemporary bands either, with veteran groups like Mercy Me and Third Day still producing hit albums, we have also seen the recent emergence of groups like Sanctus Real and Tenth Avenue North that have great music and a positive message. This is a list counting down the 1. Christian artists of all time featuring the artist’s name, albums, and hit singles. Enjoy the countdown and tell the F& E team who your favorite of all time is in the comment section at bottom.

Kristian Stanfill. Albums:  “Attention”, “Day After Day”, “Mountains Move”Hit Singles:  “Day After Day”, “Always”1. Unspoken. Albums:  “Unspoken”, “Get To Me”Hit Singles:  “Who You Are”9. Matt Pa. Pa. Albums:  “You Are Good”, “Your Kingdom Come”, “This Changes Everything”Hit Singles:  “Open Hands”, “To The Least Of These”9. Don Francisco. Albums:  “Brother To The Son”, “Forgiven”, “Got To Tell Somebody”, “The Traveler”,”The Live Concert”, “Holiness”, “One Heart At A Time”, “The Power”, “High Praise”, “Vision In The Valley”Hit Singles:  “He’s Alive”, “Adam, Where Are You?”, “I’ll Never Let Go”, “Steeple Song”, “I Could Never Promise”, “Too Small A Price”, “Got To Tell Somebody”, “Love Is Not A Feeling”9. Mikeschair. Albums:  “Mikeschair”, “A Beautiful Life”Hit Singles:  “Someone Worth Dying For”, “Keep Changing The World”, “Let The Waters Rise”, “All For You”, “You Loved Me First”,”Can’t Take Away”, “A Beautiful Life”, “Straight To Your Heart”, “Love Won’t Quit On Us”9. Andrus, Blackwood, & Company. Dance Classes Mississauga Adults.

Mandisa Dating Brandon Heath

Albums:  “Grand Opening”, “Following You”, “Live”, “Soldiers Of The Night”, “Step Out Of The Night”, “Holiday”Hit Singles:  “Never Be”, “Stone’s Throw Away”, “Following You”, “Jesus, You’re So Wonderful”, “The Captain And Me”, “You Are My Everything”[caption id="attachment_5. Matt Hammitt is the lead singer of Sanctus Real. He released his solo debut album "Every Falling Tear" in 2. All Of Me" which is written about his son."[/caption]9. Matt Hammitt. Albums:  “Every Falling Tear”(Debut Solo Album From Lead Singer Of Sanctus Real)Hit Singles:  “All Of Me,” “Holding You,” “Trust,” “You Are My Treasure”9. Fireflight. Albums:  “For Those Who Wait”, “Unbreakable”, “The Healing Of Harms”, “Glam- Rock”, “On The Subject Of Moving Forward”Hit Singles:  “Unbreakable”, “Forever”, “Stay Close”, “For Thos Who Wait”, “Desperate”, “Wrapped In Your Arms”, “Stand Up”, “You Decide”, “What I’ve Overcome”, “Now”9. Jason Castro. Albums:  “Only A Mountain”, “Jason Castro”, “Who I Am”, Changing Colors: Jason Castro”Hit Singles:  “Over The Rainbow”, “Hallelujah”, “Only A Mountain”, Let’s Just Fall In Love”, “You Are”, “That’s What I’m Here For”, “What If I Fall”, “Enough”9.

Flyleaf. Albums:  “New Horizons”, “Memento Mori”, “Flyleaf”,Hit Singles:  “All Around Me”, “I’m So Sick”, “Fully Alive”, “Again”, “Cassie”, “New Horizons”, “Fire Fire”, “Broken Wings”, “There For You”9. Concepts Of Dating. John Waller. Albums:  “While I’m Waiting”, “As For Me And My House”, “The Blessing”Hit Singles:  “Our God Reigns Here”, “The Marriage Prayer”, “While I’m Waiting”, “The Blessing”, “As For Me And My House”9. Living Sacrifice. Albums:  “The Infinite Order”, “The Hammering Process”, “Conceived In Fire”, “Inhabit”, “Nonexistent”, “In Memoriam”Hit Singles: “Reject”, “Bloodwork”, “Symbiotic”, “Reborn”, “Inhabit”, “Rules Of Engagement”, “In Christ”"The Truth" Zechariah 1. And the Lord will be king over all the earth. On that day the Lord will be one and his name one. Jesus Culture. Albums:  “Everything”, “Come Away”, “Your Love Never Fails”Hit Singles:  “Your Love Never Fails”, “Break Every Chain”, “Rooftops”, “Holy”, “One Thing Remains”, “Let It Rain”, “Fill Me Up”8.

Sara Groves. Albums:  “Add To The Beauty”, “Invisible Empires”, “The Other Side Of Something”, “Tell Me What You Know”, “Fireflies And Songs”, “Past The Wishing”, “Conversations”Hit Singles:  “He’s Always Been Faithful”, “Something Changed”, “When The Saints”, “It’s Going To Be Alroght”, “When It Was Over”, “I Saw What I Saw”, “Open My Hands”, “You Are The Sun”, “Eyes On The Prize”8. Jonny Diaz. Albums:  “More Beautiful You”, “Everyday God”, “Stand For You”, “They Need Love”Hit Singles:  “Scars”, Beauty Of The Cross”, “Other Guys”, “Stand For You”, “More Beautiful You”8. Luminate. Albums:  “Welcome To Daylight”Hit Singles:  “Heal This Home”, “Love Is Loud”, “Never Give Up”, “Banner Of Love”, “Welcome To Daylight”8. Leann Rimes Adult Re. Colton Dixon. Albums:  “A Messenger”Hit Singles:  “You Are”, “Never Gone”, “Everything”, “Scars”8.