Learning French In Paris For Adults

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Master Modern French - Audiobooks & Audio Lessons for All Levels Finally, a method that teaches real French! Thanks to French Today’s audiobooks, I’m learning modern French pronunciation as well as vocabulary I can truly use. Camille has a knack for explaining grammar clearly. I feel more confident, and my ability to communicate in French has increased exponentially. Burt Wolf - Host/Producer of TV Shows for CNN, ABC, Discovery Channel & more.

Top 1. 2 Tips to Learn French Efficiently. Always Study French with Audio. Let’s start with one that many people don’t realise but is a key if you want to do more than just read novels or French magazines…Written French and spoken French are almost 2 different languages. There are many silent letters, glidings, liaisons etc… and they are everywhere, including in French verb conjugations and grammar. For more info, read my article on why you should always Learn French with audio.

Even when studying grammar, playing the audio will help you tremendously as you are going through the lesson. Picking the right audio tool though is essential: a French beginner will be discouraged with a French movie. At that stage, French movies should be seen as a recreation, not a serious study tool. Picking the right French audiobook is your first challenge, and from your choice may very well depend the success or failure of your French studies. Be in Touch with your Own Learning Style.

Learning French In Paris For Adults

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Do you need to write? Whatever the method you are using to learn French, make sure you adapt it to YOUR learning style. This being said, studying French with audio is a must if you want to learn French to communicate: understand spoken French and speak French yourself. Self Studying is NOT for Everybody. Child Abuse And Neglect Symptoms In Adults there. Singles Dating Scene In Manhattan'>Singles Dating Scene In Manhattan. When it comes to learning languages, not everybody is the same. I’ve taught hundreds of students, and I can tell you from experience that some people have an easier time with languages than others.

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It’s not fair, and it’s not popular to say it… but it’s true. It doesn’t mean that someone less gifted cannot learn French, but it means that self studying is not for everybody. Some students need the expertise of a teacher to guide them through their studies, motivate them and find creative ways to explain the same point until it is understood. Skype and/or phone French lessons can be a good solution. On this topic, you may be interested in my article on how to select the best learning method and avoid scams.

Camille on the phone with a student. Translate French Into English as Little as Possible. Membership Free Interracial Dating. Secrets of French Pronunciation. Learn the Rules To Speak with a True French Accent. US$3. 9. 9. 9US$3. When you are a total beginner, some translation is going to occur but try as much as possible to avoid it.

Translating adds a huge step in the process of speaking (“Idea –> English –> French” versus just “idea –> French”). It makes your brain waste time and energy, and will fool you into making a mistake when literal translation doesn’t work.

Link to Images and Visual Situations, not English words. So if you don’t translate, what should you do? Try as much as possible to link the new French vocabulary to images, situations, feelings and NOT to English words. For example, when learning “j’ai froid”, visualize that you are cold, bring up the feeling, not the English words “I – am – cold” – which won’t translate well since we don’t use “I am”, but “I have” in French…And never change the English sentence to adapt it to the French – “ah, Ok, the French say “I HAVE cold”…Let’s see what this does for your brain: “Brrrr” = “I am cold” = so…. French don’t use “I am” for that one… they use “I have cold” = ” so avoir… so j’ai = so j’ai froid…. It is MUCH simpler and faster to link the feeling of cold or “brrrr” = “j’ai froid”. If you are doing flashcards to study French – which I strongly encourage you do – draw the word/situation whenever possible instead of writing English.

Even if you are not a good artist, you’ll remember what your drawing meant, and it’s much more efficient to learn French this way. Beware of French Cognates. This is exactly why you should be particularly careful with cognates – words that are the same between the two languages. Many students approach them thinking “ah, that’s easy, I know that one”. But then when they need to use that word, they don’t remember it’s the same word as in English…Furthermore, cognates always have a different pronunciation, and your English brain is going to fight saying that word the French way. I hear many students having a hard time with the word “chocolat”.

In French, the ch is soft, as in “shave”, and the final t is silent. Shocola. Most French students pronounce it “tchocola. T”. Finally, there are many false cognates: words that exist in both languages but don’t have the same meanings (like bras in English (underwear) and bras in French (arm). So, cognates need more of your attention, not less.

Learn French in Sentences. Learn the new French vocabulary in a sentence. Like that you will learn “in context”, you’ll remember the situation and words longer, and you’ll already have a series of words that go well together handy for your next French conversation!

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