Last Minute Dress Up Ideas For Adults

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Simple, Last- Minute Gift Ideas From Your Grocery Store! If you’re anything like me, no matter how hard you try to be organized, there always seems to be a few people that you would like to show some appreciation for at Christmastime that you just didn’t remember….

Being that it’s Christmas Eve EVE, there aren’t a whole lot of options (unless of course you’re crazier than I am and want to brave the mall or some other store today!) But before you give up, you might want to consider the grocery store. It’s amazing the things you can find there when you think outside the grocery bag! I decided to spend some time wandering the aisles of my local grocery store and came up with some fun ideas I can’t wait to share with you! So let’s get started…. A Winter Bouquet.

Who says Christmas flowers have to be red poinsettias? In the produce section of most grocery stores there is a nice selection of fresh- cut flowers.

I selected two a bouquets…one made up of Christmas greenery and pinecones and a second bunch of white daisies and combined them to create a snowy floral arrangement. Flowers always brighten up a home no matter what the season! The Gift of Hydration.

Water bottles seem to be all the rage lately! I found several to choose from. Pair one with a couple bottles of Mi. O Liquid Water Enhancer and you have a very hip and healthy gift! Strawberries and Chocolate. It’s hard to imagine anyone not appreciating this timeless and tasty treat!

Grab a box of juicy, red strawberries and a tub of chocolate fruit dip and dress them up with a brown paper lunch bag and a bow and you’re set! Spice Up The Holidays! The thing about giving the gift of spices for Christmas is you can be fairly certain they will not go to waste! Everybody needs basic spices, and when they come in cute bottles…they are hard to resist!

Nuts For Pistachios! Probably the simplest gift I picked out…but another “sure to please” gift idea. Cheap Train Sets Adults. My husband loves pistachios and always considers them a treat at Christmastime! At our holiday party last week, one of the “door prizes” was a BIG bag of pistachios and it was one of the first gifts to be selected. Hope Your Christmas “Izze” Merry! I just love Izze Sparkling Juice! They are all natural with no refined sugar or high fructose corn syrup and each bottle actually provides two servings of fruit!

Last Minute Dress Up Ideas For Adults

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But what really puts them in the “gift- worthy” category is how beautifully designed and packaged they are. Add a ribbon and a few “fancy” plastic flutes and you have a fun, festive, and colorful gift! Clementine Cuties. Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a box of these little gems in our house. They are delicious, peel like a dream, and are a nice change of pace from all the candy, cakes and cookies that are making the rounds at this time of year. Tie up a box with a pretty ribbon and you’ve made a statement. Design Your Own Customized Food Basket!

Those pre- made food gift baskets can get pretty pricey and usually contain something you’re not particularly crazy about anyway. So why not make up your own?

Grab that Hickory Farms Summer Sausage and pair it with your favorite crackers and your favorite type of cheese. You could even grab a small bottle of dijon mustard (or whatever you like) and add that as well. The box and the kraft paper “grass” I used were both recycled from gift baskets I received earlier this year. No sense in throwing those things away.

Caramel Apple Kit. Super simple, super sweet. Choose a bag of your favorite apples and pair them with some of those little individual servings of dipping caramel. You can even make the net bag that they come in part of the packaging. I just cut off the top and tied the caramel cups in a cellophane bag to it with a nice red ribbon. Reports On Dating Services here.

Every time I wander down the asian food aisle at the grocery store I am always attracted to the cute and colorful snack items on display. Arranged in this cut- off red lunch sack with a simple bow attached, it makes an adorable gift that’s downright irresistible.

Italian Dinner In A Basket. Since I’m a big fan of Giada De Laurentis, I decided I needed to put together a pasta dinner basket for a gift idea. The packaging is so lovely it hardly needs any embellishment.

I just added a couple of ribbons and placed it in a recycled gift basket box. An extremely economical and elegant gift! Minty Cookies & Coffee. Since I am all about MINT…I couldn’t resist pairing up a couple of minty treats! These mini Mint Milanos make the perfect companion to this Peppermint Mocha from Starbucks.

I just repackaged the cookies in a cellophane bag and added matching twine to each item to dress them up a little and give them a little bit of a “homemade” gift feel. Bagel Time! Bagels and Cream Cheese. Pretty much a match made in heaven. Take the bagels out of their original packaging and put them in a cellophane bag with some cute ribbon or twine tied at the top. Now add your favorite flavored cream cheese (mine just happens to be Strawberry!) and you have a thoughtful gift…not to mention BREAKFAST!