Independent Living Skills For Adults

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Independent Living. Independent Living Programs provide services to adults with developmental disabilities that offer functional skills training necessary to secure a self- sustaining, independent living situation in the community and/or may provide the support necessary to maintain those skills. Individuals typically live alone or with roommates in their own homes or apartments. These homes are not licensed. Independent Living Programs, which are vendored and monitored by regional centers, provide or coordinate support services, referred to as Independent Living Services (ILS), for individuals in independent living settings. They focus on functional skills training for adults who generally have acquired basic self- help skills or who, because of their physical disabilities, do not possess basic self- help skills, but who employ and supervise aides to assist them in meeting their personal needs.

For more information about Independent Living Programs and Services, contact your local regional center or the: California Department of Developmental Services. Community Services Division. Programs and Policy Branch(9.

Independent Living Skills For Adults

The Kentucky Department for Aging and Independent Living (DAIL) oversees administration of statewide programs and services on behalf of Kentucky's elders. The Independent Living Services (ILS) Program assists people who have significant disabilities to live more independently in their homes and communities. Transitional Independent Living Services for youth emancipating from the foster care system provide housing and help to acquire the skills young people need to live. Providing you information, training and access to communication and assistive technologies. The Independent Living Centre (ILC) supports people with disability and. As a Center for Independent Living, our four core services are advocacy, information and referral, peer support, and independent living skills training. Free Sample Meeting Refusal Letters. Welcome to Independent Living Resources. Independent Living Resources is a non-profit agency operated by a skilled staff and board of directors composed primarily of.

Heartland Independent Living Center - Owensville, MO – Our mission is to create Accessibility for All. Heartland Independent Living Center (HILC) is a non- profit, non- residential organization that serves individuals with disabilities living in Franklin, Gasconade and Maries counties, as well as residents in several surrounding counties in east- central Missouri. Our programs and services assist people to become, or maintain, independence in their own homes through the assistance of a large number of programs and services offered without cost to the consumer. Those programs include, but are not limited to, Consumer Directed Services (CDS), In- Home Care aide services (IHC), adaptive equipment, assistive technology, dental services, the Care Closet, Disability Awareness Education, and the core services of Advocacy, Information & Referral, Independent Living Skills Training, Peer Support and Transition. Stem Cell Transplant Adults.

HILC is one of 2. Centers for Independent Living in the state of Missouri. HILC’s mission is to create "Accessibility for All."  We seek to empower people with disabilities by helping them to live independently with dignity and security. Our consumers meet the criteria of the Americans with Disabilities Act, regardless of age or type of disability.