In Adults How Many Bones Constitute Backbone

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An Epidemic of Fat Cats. Lisa A. Pierson, DVMFrench translation. When was the last time you saw an obese lion?  How about a chubby cheetah?  Or a fat tiger?  Have you ever seen an overweight leopard or panther?  If you have ever watched nature programs on TV, I am sure that you know the answer to the questions just posed.

The answer is “never.”The next questions are also easy ones to answer – even if you are like me and turn your head when scenes of wild carnivores eating their prey pop up on the television screen! Do these wild cats eat a dryfood diet that is full of starchy carbohydrates in the form of grains?  Do they eat a water- depleted diet in the form of dry kibble?  Is their diet one that derives much of its protein from plants (versus meat) as is true of many dry food diets? How To Improve Immunity In Adults Naturally.

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The answers are, again, simple:  “no,” “no,” and “no.”There was a wonderful program on the TLC channel a few years ago entitled Honey We’re Killing the Kids.  This program addressed the obesity epidemic in this country – starting with what we are feeding to our children.  Americans are eating themselves right into an early grave but that is their choice.  Our cats, on the other hand, do not have a choice and are stuck with whatever their human caregiver decides to put on their dinner plate and we owe it to them to feed a healthy diet. This webpage could be aptly named Honey, We’re Killing our Pets. Traitement De La Bronchite Chez L Adulte.

If you have not read my article entitled Feeding Your Cat: Know the Basics of Feline Nutrition, I urge you to do so now and then come back to this page.  In order for you to understand how to tackle feline obesity, you must first understand how to properly feed a cat.  After all, cats, like humans, do not become obese if they are eating a healthy, species- appropriate diet with their caloric intake properly balanced with their caloric expenditure. Please note that I used the word “healthy” in the above statement.  People and animals can, indeed, maintain an appropriate weight even when eating an unhealthy diet.  So, to that end, it is very important to understand that even if you have a cat that is at an appropriate weight, this does not necessarily mean that he is eating a healthy diet. As outlined in my Feeding Your Cat article, your cat has a much better chance of optimal health if he is fed a canned food diet instead of dry kibble. Dry food is not a healthy diet for any cat because it is: water- depleted which is highly detrimental to the feline urinary tract; too high in carbohydrates which alters the blood sugar balance in many cats and contributes to obesity; derives much of its protein from plants, not animals, which runs counter to the metabolic design of the strictly carnivorous feline. Please click on the links below to read more about the key issues associated with feline obesity. Why are there so many fat cats? How to evaluate your own cat’s weight.

You are legally required to respond to the ACS, or American Community Survey. Many people object to responding to the ACS because. Best Party Favors Adults.

In Adults How Many Bones Constitute Backbone

We owe it to our cats to feed them properly. Recognizing fat versus muscle. Implementing a safe weight- loss program. How fast should my cat lose weight? How much should I feed? Consider calories, not just ounces.

Multiple cat households. Mistake made with Bennie – protein malnourishment.

Case study – Molly. Case study – Bennie. Why Are There So Many Fat Cats? Type of diet – dry kibble. Obligate carnivores are designed to meet their energy needs with calories supplied by protein and fat – not by carbohydrates.  The average prey (birds, mice, rabbits, etc.) of a wild cat is made up of only 3 – 5% of calories from carbohydrates.  Now consider that dry kibble diets generally range from 3.

Man insists on feeding to them.  Dry foods flood the cat’s system with 5- 1. According to Dr. Zoran’s paper The Carnivore Connection to Nutrition in Cats, carbohydrates are minimally used for energy by the cat and those that are not used are converted to, and stored as, fat.  The so- called “light” diets that are on the market have targeted the fat content as the nutrient to be decreased but, in doing so, the pet food manufacturers have increased the grain fraction (because grains are always cheaper than meat), leading to a higher level of carbohydrates. Hence, many overweight cats eating these diets are still obese.  These “light” products are among the most species- inappropriate, unhealthy diets available to cat caretakers.  Many caretakers feed very small amounts of these diets hoping that their cat will lose weight but feeding a small amount of a diet that is inappropriate for the species is not the answer!  The caretaker usually just ends up with a crabby cat that is often still overweight. Why are dry foods so high in carbohydrates?  Think ‘profit margin’.  Grains are cheap.  Meat is expensive. Why are dry foods so popular?  Because they are cheap and convenient.

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