I Don T Want To Be An Adult Today

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I Don T Want To Be An Adult Today

Today, I want to Cat.

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  • Help, I Can't Adult Today. By. If I want to use my time sorting items on the Taco Bell menu in. pretending to like museums (you don't).
  • I Don't Wanna Be An Adult Anymore. 294 likes. Where's my fort, my crayons, my cookies and milk?? I don't want to be an adult anymore!! I resign!!
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I don't want to adult today. I don't even want to human today. Today, I want to dog. I'll be lyng on the floor in the sun. Please pet me and bring snacks. Just feed. Compra «I don't want to adult today» de beeshop en cualquiera de estos productos: Camiseta, Camiseta clásica, Camiseta de tejido mixto, Sudadera con capucha ligera.

I Don’t Want To Adult Today – Tisa Hanifa – Medium. When I was younger, I was always in awe of adults. Just the simple discipline of going to work everyday amazes me.

I couldn’t even play with one toy religiously for a week straight. It seemed like when you turn 2. Sure I heard stories about adults who screwed up, but these people felt like anomalies. I know this blog is supposed to be about the journey to become better at people management and work — but that is how I feel right now.

I don’t want to be an adult today. Maybe it’s the end of the year, maybe it’s also because I just booked my Christmas- New Years long holiday flight ticket. I don’t want to answer questions, I don’t want to follow up emails, I don’t want to figure out why this or that employee just can’t ever come to work on time. I’m out of my wits figuring out why people repeat themselves 3 times after I explain in great lengths. I just want to run back home, be with my friends, and watch Netflix.

But tomorrow is another day.

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