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Christmas Coloring Books to Set the Holiday Mood. Celebrate the season with some holiday coloring! I love wintertime. The puff of your breath around your face in the chilled air, bundling up in fluffy layers to keep warm, and of course all the delicious treats that come along with the season. I wait all year for the decadent hot chocolate! Now, with the rise in popularity of adult coloring books, there is a new way to celebrate the holidays: through Christmas coloring books! I’ve scoured the internet for the highest- quality coloring books to share with you.

Some of the books below are classics — Dover books I’ve enjoyed over many years of cozy winters. Some, however, are new and exist because of the recent coloring craze. Some haven’t even been released yet at the time of writing, but they look promising! As with any of my lists, I encourage you to click through to Amazon, see what other reviewers think, and look at the pages inside the book in more detail before you make a decision! But even then, you don’t need to worry too much — coloring books are some of the least expensive hobbies money can buy. Coloring is a great anti- stress activity to get you through the admittedly stressful holiday season.

Why not pick up a book or two and get festive? They also make great gifts — check out my mega list of adult coloring books if you are shopping for a friend with specific tastes.

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I do the matching Christmas pjs too and have since my older two were young. We have even done professional photos (just the kids) in their pj’s. We would each be wise to reevaluate the cultural, family, and personal traditions that have become part of our holiday celebration. And choose only those that serve. It’s a toss-up who is more excited for Christmas and the holidays in our house – the kids or me! But – and I hate to admit this - getting to this point has. Software Matchmaking Tamil more. Thank you to all you Pinterest Lovers! My Holiday Family Feud Game has reached 127,000 page views {**as of November 26, 2013} from countries around the. This holiday season, match the warmth of family with the cozy warmth of the PJs in the Holiday Plaid Family Pajamas Collection from Wondershop. Mickey Mouse and Goofy laugh at the tangle of lights, but Donald isn't amused on these cute holiday pajamas for boys. Is there a better Xmas gift than men's Christmas pj's? Jammy wearers are always smiling. You will too when you peep our Top 10 Best Men's Christmas Pajamas.

Holiday Pjs Adults

Or maybe they are a fan of shows like Doctor Who, Sherlock, and Game of Thrones which are all coming out with coloring books of their own this holiday season? Whatever you choose, coloring books are a trendy gift that is sure to please, especially alongside a nice set of colored pencils.

Another quick pro tip: Did you know that you can get your coloring books in just TWO DAYS with free shipping by signing up for a free trial of Amazon Prime? That’s almost as fast as buying your coloring books at the store, except you get a million times the selection and you don’t have to change out of your PJs! Win- win!)The trial lasts for 3. Get those books ASAP by signing up for the free trial (click here!), and if you don’t want to keep the Prime benefits, just cancel before your 3. You might end up loving Prime, too — I know we do!

With the amount we order from Amazon, I’m sure our Prime membership has paid for itself many times over in free shipping. Be the first to know about great coloring books! Amazing new adult coloring books come out every day. Let me find them for you! Sign up here to be the first to hear about coloring book roundups, reviews, giveaways, and other stress- busting tips! Alright… let’s get down to business. Here are the best Christmas coloring books for adults, collected here for your artistic enjoyment!

Last Updated: December 4, 2. Johanna’s Christmas: A Festive Coloring Book for Adults.

Johanna Basford’s long- awaited Christmas coloring book for adults is full to the brim with tiny details and signs of the season for you to color. It is printed on medium weight, ivory colored paper with a bit of tooth to it in order to help colored pencils and pastels stick to the page. According to the book’s description, “Hidden in this book are a flock of elusive little robins — can you spot them all?”Early reports about the book say that it will contain 4. Johanna Basford. Winter Dreams 2. Postcards: Originally Published in Sweden as ‘Vinterdrömmar’Hanna Karlzon is a Swedish artist whose work I praised in detail in this review.

I am simply in love with her whimsical, confident, and intricately ornamented style. This is not a regular coloring book, but instead a book of wintry postcards — the perfect size for a quick coloring session between wrapping gifts or while sipping a steaming cup of cocoa. Don’t spill!) These illustrations were created for the postcard format, not sized down, so they are a comfortable line width to color despite the small pages. The binding is thick navy blue cardstock bound together with fabric, stamped with foil.

The paper is a sturdy ivory colored cardstock that is easily detached from the binding. There is an illustration to color on just the front of each card; the back is printed like the back of a postcard, with a spot marked for a stamp and room to write the address of the recipient and a message. This would be a really creative way to send out your Christmas cards each year! There are 2. 0 postcards in the book — who will your 2. The Night Voyage: A Magical Adventure and Coloring Book. Daria Song is a celebrated Korean artist and illustrator, and The Night Voyage is her third adult coloring book.

This coloring book takes place in the same sort of universe as her other books, with giant paper cranes that fly through the sky, old timey bicycles, hot air balloons, intricate cityscapes, hot air balloons, and more. All of her books tell a story throughout the pages, and this one is no exception; a little girl is swept into a thrilling adventure by her toy train conductor, who comes to life and calls for her help distributing gifts around the world.

Fun Holiday Traditions That Will Make Christmas Magical. It’s a toss- up who is more excited for Christmas and the holidays in our house – the kids or me! But – and I hate to admit this – getting to this point has taken a little bit of effort because I had to shake the bah- humbugs. When I started noticing the Christmas toy commercials and stores being overtaken with lit trees in mid- October (or the craft supply store that was decked to the nines with Christmas décor in July), it all felt a bit… empty. And then just last month, I went on a cleaning spree and hauled away a car- load full of toys to the local donation center after the kids went to bed – and they didn’t even notice! After that, I put my foot down and swore off bringing any more toys or clutter into our home.

But then, I remembered, the holidays aren’t about toys or the number of presents under the tree. What makes the holidays magical, are the traditions and experiences that I share with my family. December is about filling my kid’s cups with time spent together as a family. The magic of what December should be based on the intangible. Tours For Young Adults here. What my kids – and your kids – will remember long after another toy has been broken, lost or left discarded in the back of the closet are the traditions we live and breathe each Christmas season. Here is a list of super fun and unique holiday traditions to carry on with your own family.

NOTE: At the bottom of the post is a downloadable version of the 3. Holiday Traditions if you want to skip ahead. GET IN THE HOLIDAY SPIRIT WITH THE RIGHT TUNES The week after Thanksgiving is a significant time in our house. It’s when I unearth all the Christmas decorations from storage and play loud and funny music from Sesame Street Christmas to the Trans Siberian Orchestra, and the Classics… maybe even a Mariah Carey tune or two. My dancing may resemble Elaine from Seinfeld, but fortunately no one notices when the holiday spirit is in full effect! TRIM THE TREE & DECORATE TOGETHER Pick one day and go wild with the tree and decorating your house.

The best way to have fun is to let go of having the perfect looking HGTV inspired home and involve your kids in decorating. I let the kids hang all the ornaments which means the top half of the tree is mostly empty but, oh well. Inevitably all the ornaments will get moved around daily anyways. They can also arrange the tiny town pieces however they want and love hanging the stockings by the fireplace. I may still handle decorating the mantle and hard to reach places, but they delight in the fun of decorating for the holidays and I don’t want to boss them around and tell them where everything goes, otherwise I rob them of their excitement and start to the holiday season. ORNAMENT COLLECTIONS Decorating the tree may be everyone’s favorite part of the holidays, but each year their memorable moment is when I take them to a nearby store so they can pick out a new ornament to add to their collection.

Their grandma also sends them a personalized ornament every year so each child has their own special box and collection of ornaments they are excited to rediscover and hang year after year. When they are older and have a tree or family of their ow, they’ll all have a small collection they started in childhood. UNIQUE TREE TOPPER Last year, when it came time to finishing the tree and putting on the tree topper, the kids had a different direction from our traditional peace Dove. This fella, the mighty Allosaurus became the new tree topper after the kids had watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas and decided that our tree needed someone to protect their gifts from the Grinch.

Do you have anything fun and unique in your house to top the tree? FAMILY PAJAMASOur kids have always had matching pajamas and at first I thought this was a silly tradition, but over the years I’ve loved looking back on the pictures of them matching and seeing how much joy it gave them. Since that first year, we’ve added pajamas for Mom and Dad and while I don’t dare wear them out of the house, the amount of happiness it brings the kids that Mom and Dad are dressed in the same outfits as them, is always (always) worth it. Quick Buying Tip: I like to buy a size up so each kid will be able to (generally) wear the same pair two Christmases in a row. After the holidays if you can find a size or two bigger in the same style and they’re on sale, snatch them up for future holidays so you don’t have to buy a new set every year! GINGERBREAD HOUSES We use the pre- build Gingerbread houses because they’re ultra- sturdy (and I’m no crafty Momma), but I know friends use graham crackers that construct just as well. Let your kids each pick out small packs of colorful and different candy as well as small items from around the house such as LEGOS, cars, toys, animals and other things you have lying around the house for a personal touch!