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Book one of our children's party characters for your next big event. We are Southern California’s premier children’s entertainment company, offering 1. Our princesses are beautiful and sing, our superheroes are athletic young men who provide lots of action. They truly love bringing a smile to children and their parents. We have adorable children- friendly Clowns and the most popular Mascot Cartoon Characters.

Holiday Party Entertainment For Adults

Whether it’s drunken coworkers, humiliating party games, or simply the indignity of forced merriment, office holiday parties have a way of living in infamy. Abbey Road Entertainment specializes in connecting clients with the most amazing party and event rentals across the Greater Toronto Area.

We also offer Magicians, Caricature Artists, Balloon Twisters, Face Painters, Game Leader, Diva Parties and more!

Party - Wikipedia. A party is a gathering of people who have been invited by a host for the purposes of socializing, conversation, recreation, or as part of a festival or other commemoration of a special occasion. A party will typically feature food and beverages, and often music and dancing or other forms of entertainment. In many Western countries, parties for teens and adults are associated with drinking alcohol such as beer, wine or distilled spirits. Description. Some parties are held in honor of a specific person, day, or event, such as a birthday party, a Super Bowl party, or a St. Patrick’s Day party.

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Parties of this kind are often called celebrations. A party is not necessarily a private occasion. Public parties are sometimes held in restaurants, pubs, beer gardens, nightclubs or bars, and people attending such parties may be charged an admission fee by the host. Clever Easy Halloween Costumes Adults more. Large parties in public streets may celebrate events such as Mardi Gras or the signing of a peace treaty ending a long war. Types of party. Birthday party.

Get today’s top entertainment news, TV shows, episode recaps, and new movie reviews with pictures and videos of top celebs from Us Weekly. If you are looking for unique corporate holiday party themes, here are nine very different ideas that will get your group into the holiday spirit. Looking for kids’ party inspiration and entertainment? GigMasters has what you need to plan your child’s next birthday bash. Find and book pros today! Popular Posts. Disney Family Game Night. The Best Disney Cupcakes. The Ultimate Disney Pizza Party. Let’s Bake Cookies All #DisneyWeekend Long.

Children at a birthday party. A birthday party is a celebration of the anniversary of the birth of the person who is being honored. The tradition started in the mid- nineteenth century but did not become popular until the mid- twentieth century.[1] Birthday parties are now a feature of many cultures. In Western cultures, birthday parties include a number of common rituals.

The guests may be asked to bring a gift for the honored person. Party locations are often decorated with colorful decorations, such as balloons and streamers. A birthday cake is usually served with lit candles that are to be blown out after a "birthday wish" has been made. The person being honored will be given the first piece of cake. While the birthday cake is being brought to the table, the song "Happy Birthday to You" or some other birthday song is sung by the guests. At parties for children, time is often taken for the "gift opening" wherein the individual whose birthday is celebrated opens each of the gifts brought. It is also common at children's parties for the host to give parting gifts to the attendees in the form of "goodie bags".

Children and even adults sometimes wear colorful cone- shaped party hats. Birthday parties are often larger and more extravagant if they celebrate someone who has reached what is regarded in the culture as a milestone age, such as transition from childhood to adulthood.

Examples of traditional coming of age celebrations include the North American sweet sixteen party and the Latin American quinceañera. Surprise party. A surprise party is a party that is not made known beforehand to the person in whose honor it is being held. Birthday surprise parties are the most common kind of surprise party. At most such parties, the guests will arrive an hour or so before the honored person arrives. Often, a friend in on the surprise will lead the honored person to the location of the party without letting on anything. The guests might even conceal themselves from view, and when the honored person enters the room, they leap from hiding and all shout, "Surprise!" For some surprise birthday parties, it is considered to be a good tactic to shock the honored person. Streamers, silly string, and balloons may be used for this purpose.

Evidence of a party, such as decorations and balloons, are not made visible from the exterior of the home, so that the person honored will suspect nothing. Dinner party. A buffet (Smörgåsbord) set for a party on board a Swedish ship for Christmas 1. A dinner party is a social gathering at which people eat dinner together, usually in the host’s home. At the most formal dinner parties, the dinner is served on a dining table with place settings. Dinner parties are often preceded by a cocktail hour in a living room or bar, where guests drink cocktails while mingling and conversing.[2]Wine is usually served throughout the meal, often with a different wine accompanying each course. At less formal dinner parties, a buffet is provided.

Guests choose food from the buffet and eat while standing up and conversing. Women guests may wear cocktail dresses; men may wear blazers. At some informal dinner parties, the host may ask guests to bring food or beverages (a main dish, a side dish, a dessert, or appetizers). A party of this type is called a potluck or potluck dinner.

In the United States, potlucks are very often held in churches and community centers. Garden party. A garden party is a party in a park or a garden. An event described as a garden party is usually more formal than other outdoor gatherings, which may be called simply parties, picnics, barbecues, etc.

A garden party can be a prestigious event. For example, invitations by the British Sovereign to garden parties at Buckingham Palace are considered an honor. The President of France holds a garden party at the Palais de l'Elysée in Paris on Bastille Day. Cocktail party. A cocktail party is a party at which cocktails are served.

Unique Corporate Holiday Party Ideas. After sharing the 9 most unique company holiday party themes to a very interested audience, we put our event designers’ minds to the test to create even more unique themes for your corporate holiday party this year. Unique Holiday Party Theme: Old Hollywood Movies. Miracle on 3. 4th Street, It’s a Wonderful Life, Babes in Toyland, Scrooge…the black and white holiday movie era is a beautiful way to celebrate the holiday season. These classic old Hollywood cinematic wonders will put even the biggest Grinch in the holiday spirit. Menu: Classic dishes, such as anything poultry, are great features for your Old Hollywood themed holiday menu.

Pair your dishes with a roasted potato, plenty of vegetable- based sides and some kind of grand dessert, like over- the- top pumpkin pie, delicious apple tarts or individual mousse cups. Entertaining Décor: You can really do something with a black and white theme. Sporadic Fevers In Adults here.

Keep many of the walls white so that you can project your favorite Old Hollywood holiday movies onto the walls—no sound is needed. In fact, guests might just have a ball watching their favorite scenes as they roam around the venue. Colors: As previously mentioned…black and white is the best nod toward the old classics. Drinks: Classic cocktails will only enhance the classic dishes served at your holiday party.

Stick with traditional: gin and tonic, Bellini and martini. Music: Music from the 2. Unique Holiday Party Theme: Holidays with Dickens. Perhaps there is no better way to celebrate the holiday season than with the father of Christmas tales himself, Charles Dickens, whose famous works go back to the 1. Menu: It seems as though many of his tales feature goose or duck, but roasted pig has also been featured in his tales. Consider a rice pilaf and vegetable medley to accompany your entrée. Dishes with figs and cherries were also a hit back then, so consider those as well.

Décor: Pine trees, wreaths, candles and lanterns, these tales all took place in the “olden” days before electricity and Christmas lights. Consider decorating with natural elements, like pinecone table décor and covered lanterns as centerpieces. Entertainment: Entertainment included live performers, such as a quartet, a cappella choir or jester (perhaps in today’s age, it would be more appropriate to call him/her a comedian or a magician). Colors: Traditional red and green with some gold will certainly do the trick. Drinks: Charles Dickens actually recorded some of the drinks that he enjoyed on trips to America. Here are some of his noted cocktails. Cock- tail (rye whisky, simple syrup, water, bitters nutmeg)Mint Julep (brandy, peach liquor, simple syrup, pineapple, ice)Gin Sling (gin, simple syrup, water, nutmeg, ice)Unique Holiday Party Theme: Holidays at the Lodge.

Start the holiday season off by transporting everyone to a rustic lodge. Menu: The lodge will likely have a variety of foods to offer, namely gamey meats and hearty sides. If venison, veal or turkey isn’t your style, then consider a variety of warming soups and stews. Desserts are also a favorite at the lodge. Roasted marshmallows on s’mores are a classic treat, and you cannot forget the hot chocolate bar. Maybe even provide some Bailey’s for the adults.

Décor: Think elements of the forest, like pine trees and pinecones. Colors: White and green, perhaps with some hints of navy blue, can really transport guests to the lodge. Activities: Guests would enjoy having games and activities for the evening entertainment. If you have an emcee, ask him or her to wrangle the crowd for a group game. Drinks: Having hot chocolate in a cozy lodge sounds about right. Don’t forget to include options like Bailey’s, Kahlua, rum and of course toppings like marshmallows, chocolate stir sticks and candy canes.

Lights have become synonymous with Christmas and holiday décor. From lanterns and candles to string lights and lit up stars, the brighter the light show at this holiday party, the more fun it will be. Menu: Most holiday dishes would work for this event.

Perhaps the best would those remind you of your childhood, when you went the craziest for holiday lights. Think macaroni and cheese, pecan- crusted chicken fingers and mini sandwiches. Décor: Obviously you will want to hang as many lights as possible in order to truly call this event a holiday lights- themed party. Entertainment: Channel your inner engineer and sync up a light show with your favorite holiday song. Use different colored strands of lights for an even more impressive display. Activities: Host a tree decorating contest.

You could also hold a contest that requires teams to cover a teammate from head to toe in lights. Another game idea is to have individuals race to untangle really, really tangled strands of lights. The first one to untangle them wins.

Music: Most music would work for a holiday party like this one; however, consider playing music that features really great instrumental solos.