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· Hip-hop: Hip-hop, cultural movement that attained popularity in the 1980s and ’90s and the backing music for rap.

Hip Hop News Trending Hip Hop Stories Archives. On this date in 1. Daniel Dumile aka MF DOOM, the illustrious and elusive emcee/producer was born in London, England. Over the span of three decades, his influence on Hip Hop music on an international level is paralleled by very few artists of his stature.

Ladies First: 3. 1 Female Rappers Who Changed Hip- Hop. In celebration of women's history month, we're spotlighting 3. MCs over 3. 1 days. Chalkboard Games For Adults. Hip- hop is a tough game in which only the best survive. From the early days of the male- dominated genre, female rappers have proved that women, though few in numbers, are fearless, strong especially when unified and are not only capable of standing as tall as the next man but also of outshining them. Many female rhymers, from Queen Latifah to Nicki Minaj, have destroyed the proverbial glass ceiling to become legends in their own right.

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In celebration of women's history month, we're spotlighting 3. MC Lyte. Come back each day in March for a new profile. Day 3. 1: Lauryn Hill. There's no moment quite like when listening Lauryn Hill's vocal prowess on the Fugees' "Killing Me Softly." Every listen takes your breath away.

Famous Hip-Hop Poets. Read about Gil Scott-Heron, Talib Kweli, Mos Def, Common, and other hip-hop poets whose intellect and lyricism shine through in their rhymes. Promoting online dance communities with online magazine for dance enthusiasts, instructors, and studio owners; live chat; discussion boards; searchable database; free. Harry is a bear that runs an after-school community center where kids play together. Harry teaches them about healthy living, imagination, creativity and friendship. Hip Hop News Trending Hip Hop Stories. Stay up to date with the latest Hip Hop news straight from The Source. Browse articles featuring the hottest Hip Hop gossip. Wilson School of Dance, a dance studio located in Charlottesville, VA, offers dance classes and lessons in Jazz, Ballet, Tap, Pointe, Lyrical, Broadway Jazz, Hip Hop.

Longtime collaborator, Pras, describes each moment as an awakening. While we patiently wait for a new effort from Ms. Hill, and as she overcomes adversaries and allegations, we bittersweetly listen to her past work as a member of the Fugees and her classic album, "The Miseducation" of Lauryn Hill." Read on as Pras shares memories of the singer- songwriter. Beginnings. Pras: "I met Lauryn Hill back in 1. My mom had me go live with my uncle to get a better education in the suburbs than in the hood. I met this girl named Marcy.

Hip Hop Adults

This is the story about the Fugees: I had this vision of me in theses two girl. I still have this vision. Marcy told me, 'I know this girl.

She might be a little younger than us.' I was a sophomore at the time. She says, 'She's still in the eighth grade.' I said, 'Eight grade? Cot damn.' She's like, 'But no, you have to meet this girl. She just came off the Apollo but don't hold that against her.' She didn't win the Apollo.

Back in those days, when something came on television you had to catch it in that moment. So she thought I saw the Apollo, I hadn't. I was like, 'Don't worry about it.' I went to a part of Jersey where she lived [and] met her.""She was this young girl. She had this innocence about her, but it was genuine. You can tell she was a beast; She was that girl that was emerged with talent.

She wasn't rapping back then. She didn't even know how to rap. She was just a singer. She had all this knowledge.""After I met her, right on the spot I decided, 'She's the one right there.

Let's make it happen.' She said, 'I love the opportunity but before I can say yes, I would like for you to meet my mom and her dad.' I think she was only 1. I got it. Her parents were very welcoming. I told her parents, 'I'm going to make your daughter a star.' I felt like it was magic."The Making of "Blunted on Reality""We were young kids. We didn't know what the fuck we were doing. We felt like we wanted to do something that can inspire people.

It came from the love of the art. I grew up listening to pop- rock because that's what my mom let us listen openly. I was familiar with soul but I didn't listen.

That, soul, I learned from Lauryn Hill. If you went to her house, she had a room full of vinyls of classic soul music. When we got to making the first album, I felt like I was back in school. She gave me this new appreciation for music. We were all learning from each other.

The first album [was] eh. But the experience was great. We were able to build incredible showmanship."The Making of "The Score""'The Score' [is] probably one of the most incredible experiences [of] my life.

It was hateful, it was happiness, it was sadness, it was bitterness, it was lust… it was everything. Summer of '9. 5 was considered a record breaking summer in New York; One of the hottest summer in New York. You mix that with us being so broke… It was hard to just find $1. When we'd get a little bit of extra money we'd go to Kentucky Fried Chicken and get some biscuits; That was our highlight. Lauryn Hill lived in the suburbs.

She'd drive her mom's car to come get us. We all believed: 'This is gonna pop!' But you don't know, you just had to believe.""Killing Me Softly""You know how you'll find something but it doesn't necessarily mean you discovered it?

I heard her sing it for the first in the studio, but I never truly heard her sing it until two or three experiences. There's been two or three experiences in my life and it sounded differently [each time]. It's like seeing or hearing something and your third eye opens.""I'll put it like this: Adam and Eve, from the bible, were running around the Garden of Eden naked.

They didn't know they were naked until they ate the food of knowledge; Some interpret that as the first time they had sex. They were naked all this time. That's what happened when I really first heard her sing it. I became aware. I remember standing on the stage, playing the keys and she sung the first line. I was like, 'Oh my God. That's what that is?' I felt that each time, but there are moments [where] it was more heightened then others.""One day, she came to a show two hours late.

We were in Eden [Park].