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Best Dayton Halloween events, parties, parades for adults. Don’t mind those disembodied heads floating in your neighbor’s yard - - the season of spook is here. Luckily for all of us creatures of the night, there are so many great ways to celebrate Halloween season in Dayton. > > The Stoddard Avenue Pumpkin glow returns in 2. Here are some awesome events for grown folks: 1 🎃 RHINEGEISTS & POLTERGEISTS AT AMBER ROSE When: 7- 1. Oct. 7. Where: Amber Rose, 1.

Very Scary Halloween Stories For Adults

Filled with thrills and chills, these Halloween stories will ignite your kids' imaginations. Discover dozens of old and new favorites in this article. An essay into the real origins of Halloween that debunks fundamentalist's preconceptions and stereotypes. Halloween fun on the internet, the one source for all things Halloween. Including costumes, pumpkins, monsters, vampires, witches, werewolves, ghosts, scary tales. PRINT THE READING SKILLS STORIES. This page contains all the Reading Skills for Today's Adults stories in hard copy format. By clicking on the links to the stories.

Valley St., Dayton. Cost: $3. 2Info: Event Facebook page If you enjoy mixing food with your ghost stories, Amber Rose is, as Dr. Ray Stanz would say, "Spook Central." The event features a four- course meal, four beers from Cincinnati’s Rhinegeist Brewery and a presentation from the paranormal investigative group Para. Sense. A pint glass is included with admission. The Amber Rose has appeared in the popular series of books, Haunted Ohio, and the staff have claimed to see ghostly activity—lights turning on and off by themselves, glasses flying off shelves and even the apparition of the building’s original owner. Check out the menu: Course 1: homemade sauerkraut pierogies paired with Rhinegeist Puma. Course 2: roasted chicken roulade with hot German potato salad paired with Rhinegeist Citra Pale Ale.

Spooky Halloween Stories For Adults

Course 3: jager schnitzel and spaetzle paired with Rhinegeist Franz Oktoberfest. Course 4: cherry almond bread pudding paired with Rhinegeist Chester Cherry Saison> > RELATED: Terror awaits at these haunted houses, trails near Dayton.

YE OLDE YELLOW CABARET XII: This is Halloween. When: 7 p. m. to 1: 3. Saturday, Oct. 1.

Where: The "Old" Yellow Cab Building, 7. E. Fourth  St., Dayton. Cost: $1. 5 in advance of $2. Info: Event Facebook page.

Who doesn’t like a Halloween ball? This one includes food from The Drunken Waffle food truck, vendors, music from Ford Theatre Reunion and Curse of Cassandra, the Tinderbox Circus Sideshow, the Roja belly dancers, burlesque from Hëxa, fire dancers, hooping, aerials from The Unicorn and music from  DJ V- Ral. 3 🎃 HORRORAMA DAYTON: REVENGE OF THE 8. When: 6 p. m. Saturday, Oct. Sunday, Oct. 1. 5. Preshow starts at 5 p. Where: Danbarry Dollar Saver, 7. Waynetowne Blvd., Huber Heights.

Cost: $1. 2 (advance on Pay. Pal), $1. 5 (day of show)Horror fans will be treated to “The Gate,” Friday the 1. Part VI,” “Jason Lives,” “Nightmare City,” “Chopping Mall” and an additional film selected by the audience. The marathon also includes an ‘8. This is the 2. 1st annual event. Tickets are available at the Danbarry Huber Heights box office, Gameswap Kettering, 2.

Food Timeline: Halloween food history: traditions, party menus & Trick-or-Treat. Cowboys Onesie For Adults here. Scary Halloween stories for kids and adults online. These short, spooky, scary ghost stories are perfect for reading at your Halloween party. Tap Tap. It is that time of year again when people love to listen to tales of horror. Here are 13 of the best scary stories to read before Halloween. How much Americans really spend on Halloween, the history of “fun size” candy, and more sweet facts about your favorite Halloween treats. Primark are now selling Disney Halloween costumes for adults - and you'll either love them or hate them. Primark has done it again. The Monster Librarian Presents: The Halloween Book List for Kids. Horatio's Halloween by Darlene Wanglund. School media specialist and children's librarian Kirsten.

E Dorothy Lane in Kettering, and online. > > RELATED: 8 things we cannot wait for this fall in Dayton. DIXIE HALLOWEEN TRIPLE FEATURE BASH When: movies start at 7: 3.

Friday and Saturday, Oct. Gates open at 6: 3. Friday and 6 p. m. Saturday. Where: Dixie Twin Drive- In, 6.

N. Dixie Dr., Harrison Twp., Montgomery County. Cost: $2. 0 per carload. Info & tickets: Eventbrite page. The triple feature includes screenings Friday of “Room 1. Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” and “Exorcist” on one screen and “Friday the 1. Watery Diarrhoea In Adults on this page. Evil Dead” and “Night of the Living Dead” on the other screen. Movies on Saturday, the kid’s night, includes screens of “Hotel Trannsylvania,” “Beetlejuice” and “Lost Boys” on one screen and “Ghostbusters,” “Coraline” and “Gremlins” on the other screen. There will be a costume contest with prizes for best adults, children, dogs and cars. 👻 → Dixie Twin will show The Rocky Horror Picture Show 8: 4.

Saturday, Oct. 8. The event includes a costume contest.   Admission is $2. Rocky Horror Prop Kit with Cheat Sheet. Pre- sale tickets are now available. FRITZ THE NIGHT OWL PRESENTS ‘GHOSTBUSTERS’ Catch “Ghostbusters” at Lone Star Court on Friday. Contributed by Columbia Pictures.

American- Statesman staff. When: 8- 1. 1 p. m.

Friday, Oct. 2. 0 Where: The Plaza Theatre, 3. S. Main St., Miamisburg Info: Event Facebook page.

Fritz The Nite Owl of Nite Owl Theatre will host the 1. Bill Murray, Dan Ackroyd, Harold Ramis, Ernie Hudson, Rick Moranis and Annie Potts. Fritz’s show ran night on WBNS in Columbus between 1. The Emmy winner will host segments and classic commercial breaks during the screening. > > RELATED: 7 fall festivals we just cannot wait for.

THE PUMPKIN GLOW When: 2- 1. Saturday, Oct. 2.

Where: Adventures on the Great Miami, 1. E. Ross Road, Tipp City Info: Greatmiami. Event Facebook page. Adventures on the Great Miami’s second annual Pumpkin Glow will include pumpkin carving, a pumpkin glow, food, and a bonfire. The pumpkin glow starts at 8: 2. Adventures on the Great Miami’s Pumpkin Fest continues all month long. MASQUERAGE 2. 01.

Here's who we saw during Masquerage 2. Roundhouse at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds, Saturday, October 1. When: 8 p. m.- 1 a.

Saturday, Oct. 2. Where: Montgomery County Fairgrounds Roundhouse, 1.

S. Main St., Dayton. Info: masquerage. Facebook. Cost: Those who purchase tickets to the VIP Red Ribbon Lounge for $1. Who Is Ray J Dating.

Cheap Halloween Costumes for Adults. Cactus. Who would have guessed dressing up as a plant could be so fun? Transform into a cute cactus costume by hot gluing white yarn on a green dress. Add some colorful pom poms for flowers.

Check out Studio DIY for more detailed instructions. Rosie the Riveter. You probably have everything you need to become Rosie the Riveter in your closet right now. Throw on some jeans, a denim top, and a red bandana, and voila! You're a World War II- era cultural icon. Beeyonce. Many will try—and fail—to pull off a Beyonce costume this Halloween, but you can take it to the next level and become the Queen Bee.

Literally. Find a black and yellow striped top or dress, then add wings and antennae. Top it off with fun gold letters to show everyone "who run the world."Audrey Hepburn. Every woman owns a little black dress.

Put it to use this Halloween for a DYI Audrey Hepburn costume. Complete the classic look with black gloves, pearls, sunglasses, and a long cigarette holder. It's worth stealing Audrey Hepburn's style tips the other 3. Content continues below ad. Pinata. This homemade costume may take a bit longer to put together, but it's worth it if you want a truly original creation.

Cut fringe into colorful crepe paper streamers and glue them onto a cheap dress. Do the same on party hats for pinata ears.

Get more detailed instructions from Simply Whisked. Thing 1 and Thing 2. Grab a friend for this Seussian couples costume. You'll need a red dress, red tights, and LOTS of blue fur. Get all the details from laurenconrad.

Sara with No 'H'Tonight Show fans need no explanation for Sara with no "H," a recurring sketch starring Jimmy Fallon as a teenage girl. Sara always wears a purple dress with purple tights, a heart- shaped necklace, and a pink bow in her hair. She also constantly reminds people that her name is spelled S- A- R- A with no H, because H's are ew! Gumball machine. For this sweet gumball machine costume, glue pom poms to the top half of a red dress and a black headband. Use a rectangle of gray felt to draw the gum dispenser.

Don't forget to chew your own bubble gum! Content continues below ad. Holidays. Halloween may be the only holiday on which you can celebrate multiple holidays. The English teachers of West Morris Mendham High School in New Jersey dressed up in different holiday gear to make this festive group costume.

Flamingo. Flaunt your feathers as a fabulous flamingo. Pin pink boas together and wrap them around a leotard or tank top.

Add pink tights or leggings and a beak (this one is a toucan beak painted black) and strut your stuff! Emoji dancers. If you're seriously stumped about what to be for Halloween, dress up as your favorite emoji. The dancing twins emoji is easy to do—all you need is a black leotard and a black bow—and is sure to get laughs from your friends. Cat in the Hat. Another creative idea from the world of Dr. Seuss: Start with a black top and leggings. Glue on white felt for the stomach.

Add a red scarf, striped hat and socks, and face paint to become the mischievous Cat in the Hat. Wanna really mess with your friends? Talk only in rhymes.

Related: Did you know these weird and wonderful facts about Dr. Seuss?)Content continues below ad'5. Shades of Grey'A totally G- rated take on the popular R- rated novel by E. L. James. Pick up some grey paint swatches, stick them on a grey shirt, and see who can guess your outfit on the first try.

Snapchat filter. If you feel like getting creative with face paint, draw on your favorite Snapchat filter. The rainbow vomit is a favorite, but you can check out more ideas from DIY Youtuber Rclbeauty. Related: Check out these other Halloween makeup ideas that can pretty much be your whole costume.)Olaf from Frozen.

Do you wanna build a snowman? How about dressing up as a snowman? This RD staffer decorated a white baseball hat with felt to make a DIY Olaf costume. Complete the look with a white top and black felt circles for buttons. Cotton candy. This cotton candy costume looks good enough to eat! But don't. It's all polyester fiberfill stuffing.) Spray paint the stuffing pink and hot glue it to a shift dress.

For the headpiece, roll a large sheet of paper for a cone hat, glue it to a separate pouf of fiberfill, and glue that to a headband. Content continues below ad.

Free & Fun Halloween Party Games for Adults. This list of Halloween party games for adults will make sure that your guests are talking about your Halloween party for years. These Halloween party games all use items that you already have laying around your house so you don't have to spend any money on these Halloween games. Tip: Free Halloween invitations, downloadable Halloween music and sound effects and other Halloween party freebies will help you throw a spooktacular Halloween party for less. And there are plenty of other Halloween freebies where those came from!

These Halloween party games are just for adults and not recommended for the kiddos. If you are looking for some Halloween party games for the younger crowd? These Halloween games for kids may be just what you're looking for.