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Guardianship for Incapacitated People in New York Under Article 8. Ira Salzman. Goldfarb Abrandt Salzman & Kutzin LLPfacebookgoogle+e- mailshareprint.

Guardianship For Disabled Adults New York

Article 8. 1 of New York’s Mental Hygiene Law authorizes a court to appoint a guardian to manage the personal and/or financial affairs of a person who cannot manage for himself or herself because of incapacity[1]. Not all Article 8. New York have the same powers. Guardianship orders are specifically tailored so that the powers that are granted to the guardian are those that are specifically necessary to meet the needs of the person who is incapacitated. For example, a person may not be able to pay their bills or manage their money, but may have the ability to make healthcare decisions. In such a case, a court might appoint a guardian with powers that are limited to financial management.

Curtis Burrows Facing Murder, 12 Other Counts: Now officially back in New York, 32-year-old Curtis Burrows is facing thirteen counts for allegedly killing a man after. Plugins and Viewers. These documents include PDF, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents. Most browsers will display PDFs. If you are using Microsoft Edge or Explorer.

In other cases where incapacity is global, the powers granted by the court could include not only a full panoply of financial management powers, but in addition the power to make healthcare decisions and the power to determine where the incapacitated person should reside (including nursing home placement if the incapacitated person cannot be reasonably maintained at home). A Guardian Can Be Given The Authority To Pay The Bills For An Incapacitated Person. By far the most common reason that guardianship proceedings are brought is because an incapacitated person cannot pay bills because of mental incapacity. A court- appointed guardian can remedy this situation by obtaining the authority to collect assets, pay bills, make investments or exercise any financial right that the incapacitated person would be able to exercise if that incapacitated person had the capacity to do so. A Guardian Can Be Given The Power Necessary To Prevent Self- Neglect. Sometimes incapacitated people do not provide themselves with proper medical care.

They become incapable of taking care of their basic activities of daily living such as grooming, dressing, bathing, toileting and obtaining food. Sometimes large amounts of debris accumulate in the homes of incapacitated people. A guardian can be given the authority to remedy these kinds of situations. The authority that can be granted by the court includes the authority to put home care in place, the authority to perform a heavy duty cleaning on an apartment and, if necessary, the authority to place the incapacitated person in an appropriate residential care facility. A Guardianship Court Can Stop Financial Abuse. Occasionally, unscrupulous individuals take advantage of incapacitated people by fraudulently inducing them to give away their money.

As part of a guardianship proceeding a court can freeze bank accounts. A court can appoint a temporary guardian during the pendency of a guardianship proceeding to make sure that no one but the court appointee has access to the assets of the incapacitated person. Meeting Of The Estates General 1789 more. A court can authorize a guardian to commence an expedited proceeding to recover stolen assets. A Guardian Can Be Given The Authority To Stop Physical Abuse.

Sometimes family members or acquaintances will physically abuse an incapacitated person. A guardian can be given the authority to take measures to stop physical abuse. These measures can include injunctions which require the abuser to refrain from certain activity, implementation of a home care plan, residential placement, the granting of an order of protection, or the granting of authority to apply to the family court for an order of protection. A Guardian Can Be Authorized To Engage In Medicaid Planning. The care of an incapacitated person can be very expensive.

Significant amounts of home care or a residential placement can cost many thousands of dollars per month. It is often possible to obtain Medicaid eligibility for home care or residential facility benefits if the assets of an incapacitated person can be transferred or placed into a trust.

Under appropriate circumstances, a court can authorize a guardian to take the steps that are necessary to obtain Medicaid eligibility for an incapacitated person. A Guardian Can Be Authorized To Engage In Tax Planning. For incapacitated people who have significant wealth it may be advantageous for estate tax reasons to give gifts to family members while the incapacitated person is alive. A guardian can be authorized by a court to make gifts in order to reduce estate taxes. The Process By Which A Guardian Is Appointed. In order for a guardian to be appointed, a person called a petitioner must ask the court to appoint a guardian.

Almost anyone can be the petitioner. Once the petition is filed with the court, the court normally appoints what is called a court evaluator. It is the job of the court evaluator to conduct an investigation and provide the court with a report with regard to the facts and circumstances of the case. The court evaluator normally express an opinion as to whether or not the appointment of a guardian is necessary.

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WVIN- FMSteuben, Chemung Counties Continue to Seek Extradition for Suspected Killer: On Monday, suspected kidnapper and killer Curtis Burrows was back in a Pennsylvania court room where he again refused to waive the extradition proceeding for Steuben and Chemung Counties.  Burrows is currently wanted on a bench warrant from Steuben County for attempted kidnapping, robbery, and possession of a weapon, and he’s wanted in Chemung County for first- degree burglary.  The District Attorneys for both counties have now each sent an application to Governor Andrew Cuomo to get a governor’s warrant to bring Burrows back to New York.  Once Cuomo signs the governor’s warrant, it goes to Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf, who then must also sign it.  Then Burrows can either waive extradition or a hearing will be held.  Burrows is accused of attempting to kidnap a woman from a Corning city parking lot in November, stealing her vehicle, and fleeing the scene.  He later crashed in East Corning and fled on foot to a residence in the Town of Big Flats were he allegedly forced his way inside and shot and killed the homeowner, 6. Timothy Webster.  He then allegedly stole another vehicle and fled to Pennsylvania where he was apprehended.

Mc. Candless Honored for Service: Community leader Richard Mc. Candless was honored Wednesday for his unstinting service to his hometown and teens across Steuben County.  Mc. Candless received a plaque commemorating his 3. Hammondsport Community Services (HCS), an agency dedicated to supporting children, individuals, and organizations in need of emergency supplies and support.  Mc.

Candless was also presented with an engraved gavel for use at future simulated legislative sessions of the Steuben County Youth in Government program.  A teacher for 3. Hammondsport Central School, with 3. Mc. Candless was a long- time coordinator of the county youth program, which introduces students to county government.  He retired from that position in 2. Finger Lakes SPCA Opens New Facility: After ten years of planning and hard work, the Finger Lakes SPCA has finally opened the doors on its new shelter facility on its main campus at River’s Edge Farm.  A soft opening was held over the weekend with some 3. Their previous location on State Route 5.

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January 4th. NY Joins Other States is Opposing Birth Control Roll Back: New York is joining with other states in pushing back against a proposal by the federal government to roll back access to birth control.  According to the New York Attorney General’s Office, the Trump Administration wants to roll back birth control coverage that’s mandated under the Affordable Care Act.  The New York A.