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History of slavery in Virginia. Slaves awaiting sale in Richmond, Virginia, 1. Slavery in Virginia dates to 1. Virginia as an English colony by the London Virginia Company.

The company established a headright system to encourage colonists to transport indentured servants to the colony for labor; they received a certain amount of land for people whose passage they paid to Virginia.[2]Africans first appeared in Virginia in 1. English privateers from a Spanish slave ship they had intercepted.

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As the Africans were baptized Christians, they were treated as indentured servants. Some laws regarding slavery of Africans were passed in the seventeenth century and codified into Virginia's first slave code in 1. Among laws affecting slaves was one of 1. This was in contrast to English common law of the time, and resulted in numerous generations of enslaved mixed- race children and adults, some of whom were majority white. Among the most notable were Sally Hemings and her siblings, fathered by planter John Wayles, and her four surviving children by Thomas Jefferson. Indentured servants[edit]. Advertisement showing tobacco workers in Virginia.

By 1. 65. 0, there were about 3. Africans living in Virginia, about 1% of an estimated 3. English and European ancestry. They were not slaves but worked as indentured laborers, as did the approximately 4. Virginia. Many Africans had earned their freedom, and they were each granted 5. Although at a disadvantage in that they had to pay to have their newly acquired land surveyed in order to patent it, white indentured servants found themselves in the same predicament.

Some black indentured servants patented and bought land after gaining freedom. Anthony Johnson was an African who settled on land on the Eastern Shore following the end of indenture, later bought African slaves as laborers.

George Dillard, a white indentured servant who settled in New Kent County after his servitude ended, held at least 7. Nicholas Ferrar wrote a contemporaneous text Sir Thomas Smith's Misgovernment of the Virginia Company (first published by the Roxburghe Club in 1.

Here he alleges that Smith and his son- in- law, Robert Johnson, were running a company within a company to skim off the profits from the shareholders. He also alleged that Dr. John Woodall had bought some Polishsettlers as slaves, selling them to Lord de La Warr. He claimed that Smith was trying to reduce other colonists to slavery by extending their period of indenture indefinitely beyond the seventh year.[6]Indentured servant to slave[edit]Though the history of blacks in Virginia begins in 1. Some historians believe that some of the first blacks who arrived in Virginia were already slaves, while others say they were taken into the colony as indentured servants. Historians generally believe slavery did not begin as an institution until the 1. Early cases show differences in treatment between Negro and European indentured servants.

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Guardianship Adults Virginia

In 1. 64. 0, the General Virginia Court decided the Emmanuel case. Emmanuel was a Negro indentured servant who participated in a plot to escape along with six white servants. Together, they stole corn, powder, and shot guns but were caught before making their escape. The members of the group were each convicted; they were sentenced to a variety of punishments.

Christopher Miller, the leader of the group, was sentenced to wear shackles for one year. White servant John Williams was sentenced to serve the colony for an extra seven years. Peter Willcocke was branded, whipped, and was required to serve the colony for an additional seven years. Richard Cookson was required to serve for two additional years. Emmanuel, the Negro, was whipped and branded with an "R" on his cheek.

All of the white servants had their terms of servitude increased by some extent, but the court did not extend Emmanuel's time of service. Many historians speculate Emmanuel was already a servant for life.

While Emmanuel's status is not defined in the records, his being branded shows a difference in how white servants and black servants were treated. Though this case suggests that slavery existed, the distinction of lifetime servitude or slavery associated with Africans or people of African descent was not widespread until later.[8]That same year, 1. Virginia."[9]John Punch, a Negro indentured servant, escaped from his master, Hugh Gwyn, along with two white servants. Hugh Gwyn petitioned the courts, and the three servants were captured, convicted, and sentenced. The white servants had their indentured contracts extended by four years, but the courts gave John Punch a much harsher sentence. The courts decided that "the third being a negro named John Punch shall serve his said master or his assigns for the time of his natural life here or else where." This is considered the earliest legal documentation of slavery in Virginia.

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