Great Graduation Gifts For Adults

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Great Graduation Gifts For Adults

Black Paper Graduation Cap 9 1/4in. Top off your graduation outfit with a Black Paper Graduation Cap! Featuring a lightweight cardboard mortarboard, this sleek black grad cap also comes with attached woven nylon graduation tassel and tissue paper base. Great for wearing to your graduation party, this fun cap also makes a great piece of party decor or memento of your big day. Black Paper Graduation Cap product details: Measures 9 1/4in x 9 1/4in Cardboard and tissue paper Attached 9in tassel One size fits most teens and adults Not for children under 3 years.

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Harry Potter Gifts for Adults • For The Love of Harry I wrote a post of 1. I know that children are not the only ones who love Harry Potter and his world. Therefore, it seems only fair that I foliow up with a post about 1.

Harry Potter gifts for adults. Okay, I have a confession to make. You can pretty much assume that everything seen here is on my wish list (that's a not- so- subtle hint to my husband!) and I would be very happy if I received any of these items for Christmas or my birthday because they are all great gift ideas. Every one of the 1. Harry Potter fan in your life wildly happy! Of course, you can buy any of them for yourself if you want, which I just might have to do if my husband doesn't take my hint.. Flask. We all know that Barty Crouch Jr.

Brunch ideas. A weekend brunch is a great time of day to have a graduation party. You'll get a great turn out and your guests will be hungry. Make it simple - offer a.

Mad Eye Moody for an entire school year by drinking Polyjuice Potion. He drank his potion from a flask that he kept on him at all times. Flasks make a great gift and there are loads to choose from with a variety of sayings. Some flasks are wrapped in letter or adorned with beads but all are awesome! Return to Quick Navigation. Hogwarts Steamer Trunk. The steamer trunks are beautifully crafted and fully functional trunks that can be used to store your favorite Harry Potter gear, such as wands, books, DVDs, and Chocolate Frog cards!

There are several different styles of the steamer trunks to choose from, and each trunk includes a special gift, such as a patronus charm or a bag of candy. Hogwarts Steamer Trunk. Return to Quick Navigation.

Marauders Map Blanket. What Causes Brittle Bones In Adults. A blanket is just a blanket unless it is a Maurader's Map blanket! This tapestry throw has been designed to look like the magical map of Hogwarts that is ready to be unfolded and used. Don't forget to say, "Mischief Managed," when you are done.. Return to Quick Navigation. Movie Film Cell. Give the gift of movies in a totally unique way with film cells. These are actual film cell clips from one of the eight Harry Potter movies mounted and framed along with a picture (you choose which movie the film cell is from).

There are many different designs to choose from so you can get just the right piece of art for the fan in your life. Return to Quick Navigation.

Page To Screen Books. Bringing the Harry Potter books to the big screen took a lot of work and imagination.

There are several books that have been released that show the behind- the- scenes details about how this was done and reading about it is fascinating! I've got two of the books and want them all because the books are beautifully made. There is even a Collector's Edition, seen in the image below, with eight of the books that I would LOVE to have! Return to Quick Navigation. Print Made From Full Text. There are a lot of posters and prints that depict various characters or scenes from the many Harry Potter stories but there is one print in particular that is a must for fans. The print you see below is a picture of Harry's glasses and his owl Hedwig, but what makes this particular print so amazing is that it was made from the entire text of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone! Jason Behr And Katherine Heigl Dating.

Return to Quick Navigation. Snow Globe. Whether you call it a snow globe or water ball doesn't matter because they are all filled with liquid awesomeness! Each globe depicts a scene from the stories or movies, and some are even musical. Return to Quick Navigation.

Snuggy Blanket. There are snuggy blankets (or is it snuggie? I'm not sure…) that are made to look like Hogwarts robes but are actually blankets with sleeves. There are a couple different styles - one looks like a house robe and the other looks like a house robe with a scarf. They may look like robes but I assure you that they are blankets.

The clothing appearance is part of each blanket. Return to Quick Navigation. Wizard Chess. Wizard chess is just like Muggle chess except that it is much more violent. Oh, that and the pieces are still traditional chess pieces except that they have a distinctive look that comes from the first movie, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. If you know someone who loves both chess and Harry Potter then this the perfect gift for that person.

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