Funny Thanksgiving Mad Libs For Adults

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Adult Santa Letter! Hello! And happi happi HOLIDAYS! It’s here. The 2.

Adult Santa Letter. Yep! I have started a tradition at inkhappi. I had just begun blogging in 2. Adult Santa Letter and it was a big hit so I came back with another in 2. So…Why not another for 2.

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Funny Thanksgiving Mad Libs For Adults

I know I’d like a new version so I can give Santa another letter this year. After all, this really has become a tradition!

I have always loved doing mad libs. Especially when I was 1. I think I could have just as good of a time sharing my mad skills in writing a special custom letter to Santa each year. So here it goes! I hope you will enjoy sharing this with your special Santa! Santa keeps secrets…Here’s the letter that can be adapted to your own style and wishes. You can make it sweet,funny, steamy, naughty or just plain nice! But I don’t think I would let my child use it as a guide for their letter to Santa.

So for all you adults who would like to have some fun with this, feel free to download a copy for your own use. It is formatted to print up on 8.

VERSION OF ADULT SANTA LETTER: Download this print———> > HEREHere are the past two years also and you can follow the links below to get the downloads for those prints! HERE! 2. 01. 2 version can be downloaded HERE! Do you have a favorite? Do you know what you’d like to tell Santa? Have FUN with it! I have been busy getting my new home in order and I can’t wait to share some photos soon. I’m getting my holiday decor up and I will post some pics when I am done! I’m loving the new home.

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