Finger Paint Ideas For Adults

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Kid Activities Seasonal: Everything Fall. Games, Art and Crafts, Science, Snacks/Recipes, Poems /Songs, Book List.. Leaf Theme! Updated September, 2. GAMES.. LEAF BLOW GAMEHave a leaf race! In this, the children blow a leaf across a table with a straw. The first one across is the winner.._______LEAF, LEAF, PINECONE The Leaf, Leaf, Pinecone is a version of the classic "Duck, Duck, Goose" with a nature- friendly twist.

This game is best played out- doors, but you can also gather pinecones and play this traditional game inside on a rainy day. Whoever is "it" must not only touch the heads of the other players, saying, "Leaf, leaf, leaf," but must also drop a fresh pinecone in the lap of the child they choose before running back around the circle without being tagged.

The person trying to tag "it" can touch "it" with a hand above the waist or with the pinecone below the waist__________BEAN BAG 'LEAF BOX' TOSS Materials: Cardboard box and bean bags.. Depending on the size of your cardboard box, cut One to large leaf shapes into the cardboard. Paint the cardboard colors of fall- -yellow, red, orange, gold.. PARACHUTE LEAF TOSS (For younger children) Take a sheet, or a parachute. Gather real leaves, fabric leaves, or paper leaves. Place them in the middle of the sheet. Gather around the sheet and have the children lift the sheet slowly and then quickly to see how all the leaves "float".________Large- sized AUTUMN OR SPRING TIC- TAC TOE Take a large piece of poster board and draw the tic- tac- toe lines on it; laminate it if possible.

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    I am always looking for new fine motor skills ideas, specifically when working with adults. I tend to resort to my "old favorites" that I know work well, along with. A must for any Halloween party or Fear Factor Party is to have a spread of scary, gross foods to tantalize your guests' taste buds and to give them a bit o. 1000's of Ideas for Childcare Professionals & Teachers! Take in Nature. Take the art easel out to your family’s favorite nature spot and ask your children to paint what they see. Choose an area such as a forest in the. You always have these great lists of craft ideas. Thank you!

    Cut- two different leaf shapes; then simply play tic- tac- toe.__________HIDE THE LEAF AND SEEK.. While children are out of the room (or if in room have them cover their eyes) hide a leaf. The leaf can be 'real' or draw on cardboard and cut out.) Hide the leaf where the children will need to search- -but not too difficult to find. Instruct the kids to sit down in a pre- designated spot when they see the hidden leaf.

    Finger Paint Ideas For Adults

    After all children are sitting- -the first child to 'spot' the leaf hides it for the 'next game'._______________ART AND CRAFTS  SUN PRINTS with paper taped to window.. MAKE LEAF PRINT ART.. Materials: Colored construction paper (make sure you use paper that will fade), leaves gathered from yard, glue stick, masking tape Optional: picture frames  1. Dab a bit of glue onto the back of a leaf, and attach to a piece of construction paper (If you are going to frame- -you can pre- trim the paper to fit a 5"x.

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    Tape the paper to a sunny window, with the leaf facing out. Leave up for THREE TO FOUR days, or UNTIL YOU NOTICE that the paper's color has faded. Some directions say a week or longer- -I think this time estimate would be more accurate- -you'll know by the fading)3. Remove from the window and gently peel the leaf off to reveal the print. Frame and hang. This version from Parents Magazine, August 2.

    LEAF MOBILE IDEAS.. Glue colorful and different fabrics to both sides of several pieces of heavy paper. Cut out leaves from this. Tie a string on each leaf. Vers Dans Selles Adultes.

    Suspend the leaves from a small branch. Hang them where they might catch a breeze. You can also make the mobile with leaves cut out of construction paper or found outdoors. Preserving the leaves in the glycerin mixture found in the Fall Nature Category would make the leaves look fresh for quite awhile. Preserving leaves is also near page bottom in Science)_____________________LEAF PEOPLEYARN SHAPED .. Can be made into people)Materials: Leaves Thin cardboard Pencil or pen Scissors Tacky glue Colorful yarn Adhesive magnet strips. Trace some leaves onto thin cardboard and cut them out. Basic Science Books For Adults. Coat one side of the cardboard with tacky glue and let the glue dry after covering the shape with yarn.

    Attach a strip of adhesive magnet to the back. You can also us colored foam (green, red, yellow, orange), that is peel- and- stick.

    Peel the backing off and "paint" the yarn right to the foam, much easier and neater than glue. Cut out the leaf shapes and paste them to background paper. You can add heads, arms, and legs.

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    Suggest that children have the leaf people engaged in some activity. LEAF PEOPLE #2 - -Glue a leaf to a sheet of paper and draw features to make them into leaf people and animals.. LEAF PEOPLE #3 Place your leaves UNDER sheets of white paper. Rub the sides of red, orange and yellow crayons on the paper - - Rub over the leaves until leaf shapes appear. Cut out leaf shapes and paste them to  background paper.

    Add heads, arms and legs. It would be fun if the leaf people were engaged in some activity._____________FALL FACES..#4. Cut 4 1/2 inch circles out of construction paper. Collect a variety of fall leaves.

    Glue the circles on paper and glue some leaves around the circles to make hair. Complete the faces by adding facial features with markers or paint. NOTE: Be sure to check out the leaf fox/dog image a couple entries below!!!

    Soooooo cute!_____________ STAINED GLASS.. LEAVES AND MELTED CRAYONSCollect leaves and arrange them on a piece of wax paper.

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