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Check out this interview with Todd Copilevitz, one of the principles of Project Blogger (?), and the marketing firm behind the weblog push for Raging Cow. Steven Levy says that Dr. Pepper is using a blog & six volunteers to sell its new product called Raging Cow.

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Doc Searls is quoted in Newsweek as saying that "It seems ironic that a company would want to manipulate a phenomenon that's so generally bent on exposing things."[snip]Andrew Springate, a director of brand marketing fellow at Dr Pepper/Seven Up, says, in Junk Food News, the Raging Cow is an unpredictable and mischievous mascot that symbolizes the independence and enthusiasm of the brand's target consumers. The Raging Cow's primary utterance is a primal moo![snip]Given these blogs and their links into camsites, it is rather obvious that Andrew and Todd want to hook Raging Cow into the camgirlnetwork. Tony Pierce said we have a lot to learn from cam girls. Perhaps Andrew and Todd were listening. Interestingly enough while these blogs link to cam sites they also link to Christian sites such as the Internet Faith Fellowship Crew so it seems Dr. Pepper/Seven Up have their bases covered in the saint/sinner categories in their weblogging initiative. UPDATE Todd Copilevitz is all over this and accepts my offer to interview him.

There are two parts. I'll post the first part and then take down this notice when I get both parts up. Please note I have edited some punctuation, spelling, and syntax in selected spots. It is all incidental and improves the readability.

Todd Copilevitz - Shoot me the questions. I'll answer what I can, but I have to be mindful.

Fair enough? Me - Too be honest I am not that interested in where the campaign is going. I am however interested in the genesis of it. So hopefully my. questions won't impinge on any of that. If they do feel free to defer. If you are interested in such a later interview?

First question: do you or anyone of the primary architects of this. TC - Several members of the staff have blogs, albeit very odd ones. More to. the point, we've been watching, reading and learning from blogs for more. This wasn't an overnight process. We are constantly. Net, trying to understand where it is going next. How to be. part of it, not a roadblock.

Blogs intrigue me. They hearken back to the first days of the web, when. The link you had to an old. Two bore college guys create a pizza. No biggie. Someone see it, passes it along to me. I wrote. about it and they get famous, kind of. When we started following blogs early last year it was with an eye.

In relatively short order it became clear there were several key. Some are manifesto sites, geared towards a cause. Others were more personal portal sites. But a big section were kids. The degree to which these kids expose their. In marketing we always talk about reaching opinion shapers.

Yet when it. comes to marketing to teens, few companies acknowledge that teens. Think about it. How much. MTV or elsewhere acknowledges the thoughtful opinion of. In blogs we found a strikingly fresh voice, teens of every stripe and. Once we met some of them, and their parents. I was even more blown away by how sharp these guys are.

With that in mind, when this project came along, the guiding principle. In simplest terms, we give them the. If they like it, they'll say so. If they don't, I'm sure. But, we have no role in what they say or how they. What Causes Diabetes Type 2 In Adults.

Me - Can you give me links to these blogs of the staff? TC - Sorry, I've intruded enough on their personal lives during the research. I promised not to pass those around.

Me - How did you choose these individuals as "tastemakers" or as Andrew said. I assume that your task was not to choose the target demographic, or. If so why did you choose this demographic as the source material for your bloggers? TC - As for the teens already selected, I can't go there, except to say we screened more than 3. Once we weeded out the good from the bad, we applied a strict set of criteria to the people we recommended to the client.

DPSU has said previously, this is a drink for 1. Me - What was the criteria that you used to pick the 3.

Any chance of sharing that list? Helping Adults Deal With Anger. What was the criteria you used to winnow down the 3. TC - Here, check this out.

The Dallas Morning News just posted a story from. Me - I would still appreciate answers to my questions but I'll augment those with questions from the Dallas Morning News story. It reads, "With Raging Cow, the company is looking to the Internet to drive its marketing plan. In addition to the Web logs, or "blogs," Dr Pepper/Seven Up plans to run a lot of ads on major sites. Does this mean these "major sites" are not blog sites? Or do blogs get included in the major site category for the purposes of this comment?

TC - No the major sites are not the weblogs. Think of this in phases. For now we're working with the blogging. But at some point the campaign will move into a more vocal.

The question is, how does one form of communication affect the other?