Feet Pyjamas For Adults

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Hot pants? 'Self- heating pyjamas' from George at Asda could save money on energy bills this winter. New thermal clothes from George start at £5. By. Martha De Lacey. Published. 1. 3: 2.

GMT, 3 December 2. GMT, 3 December 2. Bedtimes during the brutish British winter usually mean extra jumpers, double duvets, electric blankets and sky- high heating bills. But one supermarket is attempting to reduce the need for all four of these, with a new range of 'self- heating pyjamas'. The thermal togs from George at Asda promise to boost body heat enough that the wearer could turn their central heating down by as much as five degrees - making a potential saving of £3.

Energy Saving Trust. Before and after: The collection from George at Asda, worn by model on right, is made of soft fabric.

The thermal PJs, dubbed 'hot pants', come in a variety of trousers and tops and can be can be worn 2. The collection is made of soft fabric weaved with a 'yarn- based fibre technology designed to pick up the skin's moisture and convert it to heat energy, reflecting back into the skin to heat the body'. Comprised of vests, T- shirts, long sleeved tops and bottoms for adults and children the separates and are available.

George. com. Snug as a bug: George's new 'self- heating' pyjamas claim to be able to boost body temperature, and are available in a range of styles and sizes for all the family. BANISHING THE WINTER BRRRR5. Asda shoppers surveyed sleeping in an extra jumper to stay warm during the big chill. November and February. Christian Christmas Word Games For Adults.

Asda claims families could save over £6. Asda surveyed 1,5. The collection was created in light of a recent Asda survey which highlighted that 5. November and February.'We know they are the ultimate in. Christmas.'Fiona Lambert, George Brand Director said: 'The winter months in the UK are getting colder and more unpredictable with each year that passes.'We often receive requests for products to banish the frosty feeling and keep shoppers warm to help save on energy costs.'Our heat retaining technology is ideal for both day and night and has been years in the making as well as tested in extreme conditions. We know they are the ultimate in affordable thermal technology and provide comfort as well as heat, perfect for the winter months and as stocking fillers for the family this Christmas.'George at Asda's new thermal pyjamas come in sizes 8- 2. Toasty warm: The thermal PJs, dubbed 'hot pants', can be can be worn 2.

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Feet Pyjamas For Adults

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