Family Influence On Young Adults

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As young killer appeals for freedom, a family relives decades- old murder. The Sunday night Paul Sarnecki was murdered, he had just locked up his new restaurant near Homestead, packed two of his kids in the car and slipped behind the wheel to drive home.

Family Influence On Young Adults

Another car suddenly pulled into the parking lot with four men and 1. Nakia Huggins inside. It was supposed to be a simple robbery. But Huggins and another man shot the defenseless father to death where he sat, leaving the children — a boy, 5, and girl, 1. Huggins was arrested in five days, convicted a year after the 1. Now, 2. 6 years later, Huggins is trying to make the case in a Miami courtroom that he deserves his life term reduced, with his attorneys and assorted experts arguing he’s a gentler, wiser man than the heedless teen who pulled the trigger so long ago. His re- sentencing was mandated by a Florida Supreme Court decision last year,which followed federal rulings that found the state’s practice of handing out life sentences with no chance of parole was unconstitutional and unfair to juvenile criminals — even young murderers — because it ignored mitigating factors like poverty and abusive childhoods.

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  2. Young adults report perceived influence of Snapchat on relationships. • Snapchat perceived to facilitate both positive and negative relational interactions.
  3. · Some 300 juveniles serving life terms from crimes done years or decades ago could get a chance to argue for reduced sentences after court rulings that.

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The Huggins case, one of some 3. Florida that could be re- examined, has dragged on for months.

In the process, it has exposed a painful side- effect largely left unaddressed in the judicial rulings. The hearings offer hope and a second chance at life outside prison for young offenders who might have been treated unjustly by the criminal justice system.

But they are absolute hell on the families of murder victims, reviving traumatizing memories and demanding emotionally grueling days, weeks or even months of their lives. Lori Sarnecki, Paul Sarnecki’s widow, flew down from West Virginia when the hearings began in early August. One of the first people on the stand, she told Miami- Dade Circuit Judge Victoria del Pino not to extend leniency to a killer she blames for shattering her world and family.“Even though [Huggins is] behind bars, he still has a life,” she said. Paul’s life is gone.”At the end of the fourth day of hearings, Lori Sarnecki, 5. Please, just let’s have peace. Let’s just put a stop to this.

It’s gotta stop … consider the victims,” she said. Echographie Cerebrale Adulte. But please to the court system, I beg you, I beg, please, please consider the victims.

I think I can understand why criminals have rights but what about we, as victims, what about our rights?”By the fifth day of testimony spread out over two weeks, she and other family members would learn final arguments in the case would not be scheduled until the end of September. Since then, they’ve been pushed back yet because of Hurricane Irma to Oct. And to add to their frustration, no matter what decision del Pino makes, practically speaking, Huggins is staying behind bars anyway — at least until the middle of the next decade.

He still has to serve out a 3. Penny Brill, a retired Miami- Dade prosecutor who was the head of the office’s legal bureau, empathized with the survivors of murder victims pulled back into the courtroom .“These families thought they had some closure and 2. Brill said. “The saving grace is the defendant doesn’t get a whole new trial. But on the other hand, the defendant could potentially walk out of jail tomorrow — which is a very hard thing for people to understand.”A series of rulings. Huggins’ case was re- opened as a result of a Florida Supreme Court decision that there must be “individualized consideration” of the offender’s juvenile’s status at the time of the murder. The case — Atwell v.

Florida — built on two earlier U. S. Supreme Court cases that have redefined the way young offenders are sentenced. In 2. 01. 0, the federal high court found that life- without- parole sentences for non- homicides amounted to cruel and unusual punishment, violating the Eighth Amendment. One key for the court were studies showing that the brains of juveniles are less developed than adults, clouding judgment and consideration of long- term consequences. In addition, the rulings found that older state sentencing rules for juveniles failed to adequately account for the powerful influence of poverty or a fractured family upbringing. Two years later, in an Alabama case, the Supreme Court expanded its decision to cover young murderers. Even before he was allowed a new hearing , Huggins had appealed his sentence several times, claiming it was illegal.

He had been awaiting this re- sentencing hearing since Sept. Huggins was convicted of first- degree murder, armed robbery and grand theft exactly one year after the August 1. Sarnecki, a 3. 2- year- old restauranteur and father of three who lived in Tavernier in the Florida Keys. Two men in the car testified that Huggins pumped five bullets into Sarnecki as he started his car and that another man, Daniel Evans, fired once. Treatment Of Acute Otitis Media In Adults here. Huggins, who lived in South Miami- Dade, also confessed his role to police.

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