Easy Unique Halloween Costumes For Adults

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Halloween Costumes for Kids & Adults - Canada Costumes 2. A stealthy ninja, scurvy pirate, sexy peacock, or huggable bunny — or are you looking for a Halloween costume a bit off the beaten path, like a whoopee cushion?

Easy Unique Halloween Costumes For Adults

Halloween Costume Safety This section is for both kids and adults. The right costume for you or your child can make all the difference for a fun.

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Halloween Costumes for Kids & Adults. Shop Oriental Trading today and find over 4. No matter what you feel like being this Halloween - we've got you covered! Choose from classic costumes like Twister, a classic witch, the Statue of Liberty, Santa, a knight or Cookie Monster. The choices are almost endless and your classic costume is waiting for you today! Looking for unique Halloween costume ideas? Browse our selection of Halloween costumes for kids, teens & adults.

Find sexy costumes for women and funny costumes for men.

Halloween Costume Ideas: for Kids, Adults, and Gene Simmons. Finding the perfect Halloween costume can be a drag.

Some people like funny, or scary, or even sexy and unique. I’m a huge fan of homemade Halloween costumes which are quick and cheap. Sure, you can go and rent or buy one, but why? To help you find that perfect costume this Halloween, I’ve put together 1. These ideas can work for kids, adults, couples, groups, and even for Gene Simmons.

Dress as a decade. Pick your favorite decade and work your wardrobe to fit. Go as the 5. 0s, 6. Here are 5 decades to get you going: 5. This is easy. Grab a black leather jacket, blue jeans, white shirt, and some shades.

Grease your flat- top, fire up the rag- top, grab your dolly, and you’ll be hip to hang. Daddy- O! 6. 0s Express your inner flower child. Wear some flowers in your hair, don some tie dye, and strap on your sandals. Peace! Make love, not war. Do you like Disco?

Disco inferno? Good. Getting some bell bottoms and platform shoes should be easy these days. Exposing the hairy chest is totally up to you.

Can you dig it? Let’s Boogie! Still got some big Bodacious blazers with shoulder pads sitting in your closet? Well dust off those Dynasty duds and get decadent with the 8. Bright colors, teased bangs, and WAY too much makeup. Don’t forget your neon leg warmers. Just don’t gag me with a spoon, dude. Wear plaid. Add more plaid.

Don’t wash your plaid for a week. Don’t shower for a week. Stop shaving. Take a chill pill! NOT! Holidays. Three no- sew last minute Halloween costumes for a buck or two. The trick is an old pillowcase. Read More »Want something else? Try these: 2. Coordinate in a color.

Got lots of pink, black, orange, or green clothing? Dress as a color! Go as an orange, a booger, or as a pink lady. It’s easy, fast, and cheap to go trick or treating in your own clothing by coordinating in a single color. Yes, I own orange pants. Snicker. 3. Wear your wedding gown. The wedding gown, it’s an expensive dress.

Chances are you wore it once. Or got divorced and now have a lot of sequins in your closet. Anyvows, unwrap your wedding gown and get some mileage out of that train. Get some ghoulish makeup and go as a corpse bride. Or, throw on some old running shoes to be a “Runaway Bride”. Sneaky. Got a groom?

Dress your man in a suit or tux, and go as a bride and groom. Great costume for a couple. Bust out the bridesmaid dress. Always a bridesmaid? Got lots of taffeta or satin sitting in your closet?

Wicked. Bust out the bridesmaid gown and walk down the Halloween aisle dressed for doom. Look horrid in your bridesmaid dress. If your dress is more pretty and ethereal, then don some wings and go as a Faerie Princess, a sugar plum fairy, or something pretty. Visit Value Village (or another thrift store).

Who doesn’t like going to Value Village (or some other thrift store) to find some quick, cheap, and easy Halloween costume. Find something, anything, and put together a unique look only you can pull off. Finding something cheesy is usually good for a laugh. Choose a character.

Are you a book worm or a movie buff? Would you love to act out your favorite character for a howlish evening? Get wizardly and go as Harry Potter. Get with the Grinch and become a Who in Whoville! Go as Cindy Lou Who (a great costume for little girl). Feeling like some doom or just want to find the lost Arc? Break out your whip and go as Indiana Jones. Chewable Vitamins For Adults Over 50 there.

Yes, I love Harrison Ford too. Get in uniform. Ever play a team sport or toot an instrument in a band? Slip on your old team uniform and go as a band member, a baseball player, or a football star.

Yes, soccer counts too. Kick it. Let’s play ball!

Be a pun. I love a good pun here on Squawkfox. Here are some fun ideas with puns: Tickled Pink. Luxury Adult Only Holidays. Get dressed from head to toe in the color pink. Carry around a big feather.

A very interactive and fun costume. Ceiling Fan. Write “Go Ceilings” on the front of an old shirt. Add other accessories like poms poms, etc. Don’t forget to cheer! Babysitter. Get a doll.

Fasten the doll to the seat of your pants. This is tasteless, I know.

Deviled Egg. Wear some white clothes. Cut a yellow circle out of yellow fabric and attach it to your tummy. Add some devil horns and a pitch fork. Do I crack you up? Pick a pun and get silly in 5 minutes or less. Pun costumes make quick, cheap, easy, and unique Halloween garb.

Use your closet. The best costumes are the homemade ones you already own. All the materials you need are right at home with you. Find some old accessories, think of a theme, and open an old storage box. You’ll find instant inspiration by using your creativity, and the clothes will already fit! Go as Kiss. Be Gene Simmons. Do you wanna rock and roll all night, and party every day? If you’re looking for a group Halloween costume, then going as the metal band Kiss is a classic.

Just download this free printable Gene Simmons pattern to get the Kiss face makeup right. Get some black boots, pants, and wig out with a teased up wig.