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One of the hardest things about being a parent is trying to figure out great meal ideas your kids will love. Let’s face it, kids are picky eaters. And. August 30, 2017 8 Comments (NEW SERIES) 3 EASY Dinner Recipes to make with ONE Rotisserie Chicken: BBQ Chicken. The Cozumel Lobster Dinner Cruise is one of a kind. Taking place on a pirate ship, called the Jean LaFitte, the open bar, live music, and lobster dinner will. Experience a better way to cook dinner at home with Plated. Choose from chef-designed recipes and get precisely measured ingredients delivered each week.

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We’ve all been there: You’re home late from work, bordering on hangry—if you don't have a meal in less than 20 minutes, you might go into Hulk mode. You think.

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Our space- saving lunch boxes nest when not in use. Dinner leftovers quickly become tomorrow’s lunch. They’re easy fill, assembly- line style. And clean up is simple with only two pieces to wash.

Quick and Easy Dinner Recipes Your Kids Will Love – Forkly. One of the hardest things about being a parent is trying to figure out great meal ideas your kids will love.

Let’s face it, kids are picky eaters. And, having more than one picky eater can make meal planning an impossible task. Luckily, we’re here to help! We’ve scoured the web for the best dinner recipes that we’re sure your kids will love (or hopefully they’ll at least love some of them!) From unique dishes like tater tot nachos to classic kid- friendly meals like mac and cheese, we have great meal ideas that will hopefully help make weeknight meal planning easier for you! If you’re looking for fun and easy dinner recipes your kids will love, consider these 1. Pizza Casserole. Invented by a kid, this recipe is 1.

Pepperoni and pasta combine to make a mouth- watering meal that will satisfy meal- eaters of every age! Tater Tot Nachos. Talk about a crowd- pleaser! Even if your kids don’t love Mexican food, they’ll go nuts over a plate of tater tot nachos. So will the adults, for that matter! Pizza Quesadillas.

Most kids love pizza, and this is a fun new twist on the old standard that they can help make! Pizza quesadillas are simple to prepare and I guarantee that your kids will love them. Let them pick their own fillings and help instill a love of cooking.

Let the fun begin! Buttermilk Chicken Tenders. My kids love ordering breaded chicken tenders when we go out to eat, so I decided to make my own version so they could enjoy them at home as well. The tenders are soaked in buttermilk, which makes them juicy and moist. Needless to say, my kids love them!

BBQ Chicken Pizza. The next time you make grilled chicken, grill some extra to use for this delicious BBQ chicken pizza the next night!

This pizza is simple and comes together in no time, and you won’t believe how delicious it is. The tangy sauce, the melted cheese and the juicy chicken make for such a flavorful, yummy combination! Bacon Pierogi Bake. In this comforting casserole, pierogies are smothered in a creamy sauce and then topped with gooey cheese, crisp bacon and fresh tomatoes. This is a family favorite for sure! Baked Macaroni and Cheese. My mom always made this Baked Macaroni and Cheese recipe when I was growing up – we never had the boxed kind.

Toss up a salad or steam some broccoli and you have a full meal that is delicious and very comforting. Tater Tots Casserole with Cheddar Cheese. This is a fun dish that is easy to assemble and makes for a hearty meal for a family.

It is a very interesting way of serving tater tots (or fried potato rounds), which everyone loves. Feel free to remove the cheese from this dish — it works with or without it. Enjoy! 9. 9. Tex- Mex white Cheddar Chicken Spaghetti. Unlike most chicken spaghetti recipes, this version doesn’t contain any condensed soups, and it doesn’t require baking in the oven. This spicy, creamy, cheesy spaghetti dinner is a delicious and different weeknight meal. Italian BLTs. The good old BLT gets an Italian make- over in this delicious spin on a classic favorite.

Iceberg is replaced with romaine, Roma tomatoes are used, pesto is added to the mayonnaise, and each sandwich gets a generous helping of mozzarella cheese. You’ll never look at a BLT the same way again! Crispy Oven- Baked Chimichangas. The crispy, crunchy shell and delicious filling of these healthy chimichangas are the perfect weeknight meal for families. You get the same great taste as traditional chimichangas but less fat and calories. Serve your kids a meal that’s equally as healthy as it is delicious!

Rotini with Sauteed Chicken Sausage and Vegetables. This pasta dish makes a wonderful family meal. It’s chock full of beautiful fresh vegetables, whole grain pasta, and Italian chicken sausage, which has 7. I hope your family enjoys it as much as mine does! Pizza Stuffed Peppers.

I think everyone’s mom or family member had a recipe for stuffed peppers they remember from their youth. Maybe not everyone feels this way, but I always loved stuffed peppers.

This recipe is different than my Mother’s, but still very very yummy. Baked Parmesan Fish Sticks. Charm even your pickiest eater with this family friendly fish dish! Healthy, tasty and quick as a wink to put together, this crispy, flavorful meal is perfect for a busy weeknight. Chicken Tacos. Tasty chicken tacos – an easy weeknight meal for busy parents. My kids love these and ask for them all the time. You can switch the recipe to beef or even fish if you start to get bored of the chicken.

Prosciutto Wrapped Turkey Meatloaf Cupcakes. Get the coolest parent of the year award with these savoury meatloaf cupcakes. Topped with creamy mashed potatoes, this meal is perfect for a family on the move. Super Easy Chicken Pot Pie. Chicken Pot Pie is a classic family meal that can now be made in less than an hour. The best part is, it doesn’t come from a box!

Homemade Spaghetti O’s. Skip the canned food section and opt for a homemade version of your child’s favorite instant food.

Layer Dip Burritos.

Beer Margaritas Recipe - Allrecipes. I've been making this drink for years!! YUM!! You must try these changes. Use white tequila, use Corona Extra & instead of the water use 1.

UP!! Big Difference! Absolutely love this recipe - you can't taste the beer and everyone's surprised if you tell them it's in there. I've done several variations - one I like the best is to use the full can of froz.. Like others said, this is a STRONG recipe, but people raved like mad.

I had to email the recipe to everyone that came to the party. Use a mexican beer, as someone else recommended. I accidental.. these are great!

Mike's Hard Lime instead of beer for a lime- ier taste.. If I could give this recipe 1.

I would. Love, love, love Beer Margaritas. I have passed this recipe all over work. I have used both Sprite and Water, either works. Corona Light is the .. I made them first with Sprite as others have suggested and then as the recipe called for and used water.

Water was by far better. It was much too sweet for us with the sprite. They were great. I have made a recipe similar to this before but it didn't call for water and I always thought the limeade was a little overpowering. I tried this recipe with the 1. We made these margaritas with both the sprite and with just water and we prefer the water ones.

With the sprite we found them to be too sweet and carbonated. I will make these again for a party i..

Oven Roasted Pork Chops Recipe. If you find meal- planning a daunting chore some days, fear no more! Nerf Guns For Adults. These pork chops make a delicious, home- cooked meal, and they can be accompanied by just about any side dishes you like.

Throw some potatoes into the oven to roast or bake, or make some rice to go with the chops. A green bean casserole or carrots go well with pork, as do simple steamed peas and broccoli. The simple pork chops are seared then roasted to perfection in the oven. The chops take just 1. A cast iron skillet is the perfect choice for the recipe. If you don't have a cast iron skillet, use another type of oven- safe skillet or transfer the chops to a baking dish to finish.

If you crave a bit more flavor, add about 1/2 cup of sliced onion to the skillet with the chops. Or add a few cups of sliced or quartered Brussels sprouts to the skillet and roast them along with the chops. Brussels sprouts take on naturally sweet flavor when roasted. Apples and pears marry well with pork, too. Add a diced Bosc pear or Golden Delicious apple to the pan if you'd like. Feel free to change up the seasonings. Besides garlic powder and thyme, herbs and spices that go well with pork include fennel, ginger, rosemary, and parsley. If you like a sauce or gravy with pork chops, consider making a pan gravy or sour cream sauce.

Serve the pork chops with potatoes and a side vegetable for a tasty everyday meal. Bone- in chops offer the most flavor but feel free to use boneless in the recipe. Country- style ribs are another excellent option. If the chops or ribs are quite thick, adjust the cooking time accordingly.