Doctors Who Treat Adults With Cerebral Palsy

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Dr. David Steenblock – Using Stem Cells To Treat Autism, Parkinson's Disease, Cancer, Strokes, Cerebral Palsy. JUSTIN: Thank you so much everybody for joining us. I really hope you’re having a great day with whatever you’re doing today, that your life is going well and that today is a great day for you. Thank you so much for joining us and a pleasant good afternoon or good evening to you. This is Justin, from extremehealthradio. Southern California, which is an amazing thing. I’m really excited about that.

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Stay tuned for Part 2 on CVI and Cerebral Palsy where I will detail more personal insights and ideas about CVI and visual processing.

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On Friday, we have Marty Gallagher, who is an exercise and fitness authority and he’s going to be talking about lots of his training protcols for fitness and exercise. On the 2. 2nd, we have Magda Havas, who is an expert in the field of electromagnetic radiation, EMS. So, if you have a cell phone, you may want to listen to that show, which may be disturbing. We also have Dr. Mark Sircus, who is the founder and director of the International Medical Veritas Association in Brazil.

CHASA. CHASA. Support for children, teens and adults with hemiplegia, hemiparesis, hemiplegic cerebral palsy, childhood stroke, infant stroke, hemiplegia, hemiparesis. Learn all about cerebral palsy, including symptoms, causes, different types, treatment options, how to get financial assistance, and more. Disorders. All Disorders. NINDS Binswanger's Disease Information Page; NINDS Brachial Plexus Injuries Information Page; NINDS Brown-Sequard Syndrome Information Page.

He is a prolific author, doing work with things like cancer, heart disease and things like that. So, tune into that show. Today, we have Dr. David Steenblock and I’m very, very excited to have him on.

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He is the director of Brain Therapeutics Medical Clinic in Mission Viejo, California and he is pioneer in brain repair, not only working with stroke patients, but also with people who have cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injuries, parkinson’s disease, autism, migraine headaches and alzheimer’s disease. He is doing great work in Mission Viejo, California and he is an osteopathic physician. He sees patients who suffer from chronic degenerative diseases, and, in his spare time, he managed to write a book called The Umbilical Stem Cell Cord Therapy. He runs a website that is easy to remember, called strokedoctor. Thank you doctor for joining us today.

Doctors Who Treat Adults With Cerebral Palsy

DAVID STEENBLOCK: Thank you for having me Justin, it’s great to be here. JUSTIN: Excellent.

So, how long have you been in practice in Mission Viejo? DAVID STEENBLOCK: Since 1. JUSTIN: Wow, and the federales haven’t given you any problems, huh, or have they? DAVID STEENBLOCK: I wouldn’t say that. Anytime you’re doing state of the art, cutting- edge and leading- edge type of medicine, you’re going to be attacked, because it’s like that old Chinese proverb, the soldier at the first stand gets shot down first. So, I have a lot of arrows in my back. If you want to hear and see some really bad stuff about what people can make up in false lies, you can just look me up on the internet at steenblockintroubles and we’ve got lots and lots of troubles.

Why, because I’ve had just one lie after another, after another, and they tried to take me out of practice, because they don’t appreciate me using natural substances. You talk about prejudice and what not in this world, and prosecution and persecution, if you’re doing alternative medicine and trying to use vitamins, minerals, nutrition, amino acids and herbs rather than drugs, you are attacked, and viciously. They have no holds……. Well, take that and bring it down to the state laws and you’ve got people lying constantly to put guys like me out of business, because I’m a danger to the status quo of pushing drugs onto everybody. JUSTIN: I think it’s been throughout history that they have attacked, like Harry Hoxsey, and they dragged him through the mud. I think that website quackwatch is………5.

DAVID STEENBLOCK: That’s the bad thing about not only myself, but probably you and anybody else who has been involved with alternative medicine. Anybody who uses anything that’s not drugs, they’re ……. If you look on his site, there’s virtually nothing about drug companies and all of their ………and all of the people that they’ve killed, 2. If one person gets sick from an iron pill or a vitamin- A, it makes headline news and they say that all nutritional supplements should be outlawed.

JUSTIN: Yes, it’s just amazing.

Cerebral Palsy & Education. As a parent of a child with cerebral palsy, it. Depending on the severity of his or her cerebral palsy.

You may also be concerned about testing. In this section of the directory, you will find information on. Summer Vacation Ideas Adults.

IFSPs, IEPs and. IHPs. Early Intervention.

An early intervention service is one that begins. These services. can include special instruction; physical, occupational, or speech. If your child has motor problems, whether or not. Intervention is vital during this very. At no other stage in life does a child learn and.

Through early intervention, infants and young children with. In addition to giving your baby the best chance. The program can help you deal with the. It can help other family members learn. It can also help you begin to learn. Early intervention can help you begin to focus on what your.

Early intervention. As soon as you know that your baby has a motor. If your baby has.

If your. child’s motor problems are severe, or if he has other related. By beginning intervention early, you can help.

You can also help alleviate the. Early intervention programs for children with. Because your. child depends upon your family for his or her survival and. For. example, you may want you baby to improve his or her ability to suck. Or. once your child is slightly older, you may want him or her to learn.

You may want to. work on your child’s balance while sitting and standing with support. These types of goals are known. Occasionally, early intervention is approached. You may find a program that resembles a preschool or elementary. The. teacher and therapists determine goals and objectives for children. If your child is placed in such a. Remember, you have.

Your. child needs your input and support to make the most of his or her. RETURN TO TOPFamily. Any change within a family has the potential to. When children are involved. This, however, is never the way to go about. Since the unknown. You don ‘t need to get technical, but give them.

For instance, if you. Instead of trying to explain the physiological reasons behind the. They need some extra special exercises to. Their muscles don’t work the same. Try not to tell you. Even if. one answer may be easier for you to explain why your child is. Assuring your children that.

You should. also try to reassure your child that it is okay to feel strongly. Remember, a straightforward approach. Once you have explained your child’s disability. Even once they understand that their sibling is. You. can help this process of understanding along by periodically.

For instance, “Remember when he couldn’t walk? Now he can run on his crutches!” Or, “Isn’t it amazing how she uses. She’s faster than all of us now!” Not only. As a parent, having a new child with special.

Be assured that this is a normal reaction. Having a child with.

For instance, if your family has. Instead of canceling the whole family. This will help to avoid possible resentment by other siblings. Having other children in the home will in the. In the long run, however, having other children in the home.

To begin with, your child’s. Being comfortable. As for your children who are not disabled, studies have shown that. These studies have shown that.

They are also more sensitive and aware of. Furthermore, having a child with cerebral. Children, however, are not the only members in. Grandparents. and other relatives will also need to be told about your child’s. There is no universal way to break the new of your. However you decide to tell.

Like you, they may feel. Your. parents may feel that they are somehow to blame for your child’s. After they have begun to deal with the reality. While this behavior may be unsolicited, it is. Grandparents in particular tend to shower. This should always be discouraged. The adjustment of having a new family member.

While it is important for. Growing up with cerebral palsy is difficult, and an important role. It doesn’t have. to be just you that helps your child with exercises and stretches. The whole. family can be involved in the development of your disabled child. RETURN TO TOPCerebral Palsy: Society & Education. The United Cerebral Palsy Associations estimate.

Americans have cerebral palsy. While this is. only a mere . U. S. population, there are many. One of the biggest problems that arises with cerebral.

As a child. with cerebral palsy, it can be much easier to get the medical help. As an adult, while you. All of these aspects of living with cerebral. Before your first day of school, you have to. Individual Education Plan drawn up for you. And beyond that, these.

Once you have. completed your educational career, your wishes, as with most other. Once you have gone through the process of finding.

Sexuality can be hard for people. This website will explore some of the issues. Waterfront Young Adults. IFSP, IEP and IHP), to transitions to adulthood. Each. section has links to organizations and websites that may be of. RETURN TO TOPEducational Issues.

Education is the cornerstone of our future. It is the key that opens the door to all our future.