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Enjoy a horse-drawn holiday sleigh ride along scenic, wooded trails throughout Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. I hold the true secret behind Disney: It's for adults and not kids. Kids are just the bait used to lure adults in. Here are 10 rides that are too fun for adults to. The ultimate planning resource for Walt Disney World annual events and information on Disney holiday events. Coordinates The Walt Disney World, known officially as Walt Disney World Resort is an entertainment complex in Bay Lake and Lake Buena Vista, Florida, near Orlando.

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Parents planning their child's first trip to Walt Disney World often have a lot of questions, as visiting Walt Disney World with kids is uncharted territor.

Space Mountain (Magic Kingdom) - Wikipedia. Space Mountain is an indoor darkouter space- themed steel roller coaster at the Magic Kingdomtheme park at the Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Opened on January 1. Space Mountain is the oldest operating roller coaster in the state of Florida, and is the original version of the iconic attraction that has since been replicated at all of The Walt Disney Company's Magic Kingdom- style theme parks worldwide, except for the Shanghai Disneyland Resort. RCA helped fund Space Mountain's construction and sponsored the ride from 1.

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Best Disney World Rides For Adults

Fed. Ex sponsored Space Mountain from 1. Walt Disney originally conceived the idea of a space- themed roller coaster for Disneyland following the success of the Matterhorn Bobsleds, which opened in 1. However, a number of technological limitations and the Disney company's focus on building what would become Walt Disney World led to the project's postponement in the late 1.

After the early success of the Magic Kingdom park in the early 1. Disney company started looking to build its first thrill ride at the Magic Kingdom. Disney decided that a duplicate of Disneyland's Matterhorn was not feasible at the Magic Kingdom, and instead opted to re- visit the Space Mountain project. Advances in technology since the project's postponement made Space Mountain more feasible, and the ride opened in 1.

Space Mountain has undergone a number of changes since its opening, including complete replacement of the ride trains in 1. It has also seen a number of cosmetic renovations to its entry, queue, and post- show elements, many of which were necessitated by changes in its corporate sponsorship over the years. Themed Party Themes For Adults. Original concept and design[edit]The Space Mountain concept was a descendant of the first Disney "mountain" attraction, the Matterhorn Bobsleds at Disneyland, which opened in 1.

The Matterhorn's success had convinced Walt Disney that thrilling rides did have a place in his park.[3]In 1. Walt first approached designer John Hench with his idea for a new attraction that would be the focal point of a renovated Tomorrowland planned for 1. His "Space Port" would include a roller- coaster- style ride in the dark, with lighting and other special effects.[3] Originally called "Space Voyage" with concept artwork by John Hench, Clem Hall, George Mc. Ginnis, and Herb Ryman.[1] The attraction concept continued to be refined over the coming years by WED Enterprises, and in June 1. Space Port" attraction was called "Space Mountain" for the first time.[4]WED partnered with Arrow Development Company, the same company that had helped design the Matterhorn's roller coaster systems years before.[5] The initial concept was to have four separate tracks, but the technology available at the time, combined with the amount of space required versus that which was available within Disneyland, made such a design impossible.[5] Walt Disney's death in December 1.

Disney World project forced WED to put aside the design of Space Mountain indefinitely.[6] The Magic Kingdom's early success, and its unexpected popularity with teens and young adults, prompted WED to begin planning thrill rides for the new park shortly after its opening in October 1. A new Matterhorn Bobsleds attraction was considered, but it wouldn't fit within Florida's Fantasyland.[7]Ultimately, designers returned to designing Space Mountain. The Magic Kingdom's Tomorrowland had the right amount of available land, and computing technology had improved significantly since the initial design phases.[8] To help cover the cost of developing and building Space Mountain, Card Walker, the CEO of Walt Disney Productions, convinced RCA chairman Robert Sarnoff to sponsor the new attraction; RCA was contracted by Disney to provide the communications hardware for the Walt Disney World Resort, and their contract stated that if Disney presented an attraction of interest, RCA would provide USD$1. The interior of the structure, the queue area, the tracks of the roller coaster, and the post- show each went through a large number of various design changes before the current layout was selected. Originally, the mountain was to be positioned in the southern portion of Tomorrowland, which would be where Disneyland would install their version of the ride in 1.

Instead, it was placed outside the park's perimeter berm, roughly due east of Cinderella Castle, with a tunnel, called the "star corridor", under the Walt Disney World Railroad tracks installed for people to reach it, while Carousel of Progress opened in the originally planned location. This is contrary to the Disneyland counterpart, where people directly enter through the side of the building.

Ride experience[edit]. The "energizing" tunnel leads the trains to the lift hill. After visitors enter the building, the queue opens into a large room filled with small, silver, ball- pit like balls.